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Mike Adams is forced to walk back his violent rhetoric about executing those promoting COVID-19 vaccination

Antivaccine rhetoric opposing COVID-19 vaccines has become more violent, so much so that Mike Adams has now had to walk back his call to execute scientists.

About six years ago, I started noticing a disturbing phenomenon in the antivaccine underground, namely the increasingly violent rhetoric of antivaccine activists. At the time, I quoted an article by an antivaxxer named Dara Berger, who compared the antivaccine movement to that of the antiabortion movement, which perhaps a more apt comparison that she realized, particularly this part:

So getting back to the question of will they [pro-vaxers] ever become violent. Well I think in an indirect way they already have become violent. They are trying to force our children to take vaccinations against our will. They are trying to get our previously vaccine injured children to take more vaccines and don’t care that we feel it will put them in grave danger. They are also trying to force the siblings of this vaccine injured child to get vaccines, even though they may have the same genetic makeup and susceptibilities. Where did this all start? A couple years ago Paul Offit said that he wanted to do away with the religious exemption. He wanted the small percent of unvaccinated children to be vaccinated. Why? So he could make millions of dollars! So what did he do? He wrote a book on the subject that didn’t happen to garner the best reviews. He worked tirelessly with pharmaceutical companies and lobbyists to pay off senators and other lawmakers to get them to introduce bills such as SB 277 in California that stripped away a parents right to decide, by using their child’s education as leverage. In California, you now have to vaccinate your child in order to be able to attend a public school in 2016. Unfortunately, many families need a dual-income and may have to succumb to giving vaccines in order for their children to go to school. They may not have the ability to leave their job and move to another state. And not everybody has the ability or can afford to home school their child. Some of these children may become injured as a result. Vaccine injury is a violent act against a child especially if it is forced and without consent. Vaccine injury can leave a child with permanent brain damage. Anyone who lives with a vaccine injured child knows how absolutely devastating life after vaccine injury can be. And the pharmaceutical company who produced the vaccine offers no help and is nowhere to be found.

Sound familiar? Remember, this is from 2015, not 2020 or 2021. As I noted at the time, whether she recognized it or not, Ms. Berger had directly echoed the rationale used by violent anti-abortion protesters for their actions. They believe that abortion is murder and that stopping murder justifies the use of extreme measures, up to and including violence. As I had been seeing more and more during the debate over SB 277, the California law that had just passed that eliminated nonmedical exemptions, Ms. Berger was likening routine vaccination to a violent assault on children. She even made it explicit by saying that “vaccine injury is a violent act against a child.” Whether Ms. Berger realized it or not, it’s only a short jump from this sort of rhetoric about how vaccination is “violence” against children, causing brain damage and even death, to justifying doing anything to stop it, including a little pre-emptive violence, if necessary, just as some radical anti-abortion terrorists have concluded.

In that post, I also included a number of increasingly violent memes that I had found in various antivaccine discussion forums, as well as various antivaccine Facebook groups and in various Twitter timelines. A few examples:

This is how some antivaccinationists view themselves. And they accuse pro-vaccine advocates as being violent?
Gee, I wonder what Thuggie means by this.
Violent rhetoric about vaccines
This one is self-explanatory.
That’s right. Grannies will resist vaccines, too, if you believe some antivaccine activists.

Unfortunately, the violent rhetoric has only increased over the years. By the time the COVID-19 pandemic hit early last year, the groundwork had been laid with years of rhetoric and memes portraying school vaccine mandates as violence, the forced poisoning of children, as unacceptable violations of freedom and “parental rights.” When the antivaccine movement made natural common cause with COVID-19 cranks, antimaskers, and anti-“lockdown” protesters (as well as QAnon conspiracy theorists) based on their shared opposition to public health measures, the only thing that surprised me was that, inspired by its violent rhetoric, antivaxxers hadn’t (yet) engaged in violent resistance.

Then, yesterday afternoon, I saw an article by Mike Adams on Natural News entitled It’s time to arrest, prosecute, and EXECUTE researches who use human children for covid vaccine medical experiments:

Mike Adam's violent rhetoric
Mike Adams calls for the execution of scientists for “experimenting” on children.

If you click on the link to the Adams’ article, you’ll find that it looks rather different now, although the URL still includes the word “execute.” By last night, when I was writing this article, Adams had walked back his outrageous rhetoric (sort of) with an “update:

Mike Adams walks back his violent rhetoric
Mike Adams walks back his violent rhetoric, sort of.

And as part of the update:

UPDATE: This article is being misconstrued. It does not call for violence. It calls for Nuremberg style trials against those researchers who are using children for medical experiments.

This article is being removed until further notice.

Funny, but as of last night at least, the article was still there, just with the “update” added. It’s basically the same article, other than the “update” and a little wordsmithing. One example is that this graphic for his “Situation Update” is unchanged:

Situation Update violent rhetoric

In another example, the article still claims:

The horrifying crimes against humanity once pursued by the Third Reich are now being repeated in America, but this time under the label of “covid vaccines.”

Healthy human children are being injected with deadly biological weapons — spike proteins that even the Jonas Salk Institute conclusively identifies as the culprit behind vascular disease and blood clots. These children are being recruited into mRNA medical experiments that transform their own bodies into bioweapons factories, churning out spike protein particles that may kill them, all while researchers watch and document the horrifying consequences.

Of course, as I’ve written before many times, even though legally COVID-19 vaccines released under an emergency use authorization (EUA) rather than full FDA approval are still considered “investigational,” from a scientific and practical standpoint it is silly to label them as such any more. After all, they’ve all been subjected to phase 3 clinical trials involving tens of thousands of subjects, and by now worldwide over 1.75 billion doses of these “investigational” COVID-19 vaccines have been administered as of last night, with the US alone closing in on 300 million doses, with an excellent safety profile. Moreover, EUAs are a US regulatory mechanism that doesn’t necessarily apply, even legally, to the rest of the world. Yes, in the US, legally, COVID-19 vaccines still must be referred to as “investigational,” but that’s US law. As for “churning out spike proteins” and “shedding,” those are antivaccine lies. “Shedding” is not a thing, and spike protein is produced at barely detectable levels by the vaccines.

Sometimes, though, antivaxxers realize that they’ve gone too far when the blowback for their words. That’s why, last night as I sat down to write this, I noticed a new article by Adams entitled UPDATE: Natural News apologizes for, and removes, today’s feature article which was misconstrued… full explanation. I laughed as I read Adams disingenuous walking back of his violent rhetoric:

Earlier this morning, Natural News published an article calling for Nuremberg-style trials for researchers who use human children for medical experiments.

The article called for court hearings, prosecutions and punishments against those carrying out these crimes against humanity, in much the same way that Nazi war criminals were prosecuted.

The article was misconstrued as calling for violence against vaccine researchers, even though it specifically emphasized court-ordered prosecutions and punishments and additionally called for due process so that “society” could decide the punishments for those engaging in medical violence against children.

No, Adams’ article was not “misconstrued.” It was quite clear what he was saying. He was calling for executions of scientists, but “court-ordered” executions after trials. That’s the dodge. What most people don’t know because they haven’t been following antivaxxers as long as I and others have is that it’s actually long been a recurring theme in antivaccine fantasies that pro-vaccine physicians and scientists be subjected to “Nuremberg” trials for their “crimes against humanity.” Indeed, let me revisit a man I’ve discussed on a number of occasions before, Kent Heckenlively, who in 2015 wrote a fantasy post I Will Accept Your Surrender, in which he imagined “total victory” by the antivaccine side and magnanimously offered to “accept our surrender”:

And so I’m offering you a way out.  A complete and unconditional surrender.  You can’t ask what we’re going to do to you.  You’re just going to have to trust in our good graces. Maybe sometime in the distant future your children and family might believe you had a shred of courage if you act at this very moment.  But the time for choosing is drawing near.  Choose wisely.

I declined Mr. Heckenlively’s kind offer.

In 2017 Heckenlively made it even clearer exactly what he meant:

Here’s how the Vaccine-Autism war ends.

We win. They lose. The memory of what they have done will cling to their children for generations to come, like the children of Nazi war criminals who were horrified by the crimes of their parents. And what about us? We were the resistance. We were the freedom-fighters. We fought to protect the future. And we will tell our stories.

He even fantasized about pro-vaccine activists as French nobility dragged to the guillotine to have their heads lopped off during the French Revolution and hopes for some “reasonable” (i.e., compliant”) provaccine advocates, whom he contrasts to the French aristocracy before the Revolution:

Not really up on your history?

All you really need to know is that the French aristocrats who lost their heads in the Revolution were unbelievably blind to the reasonable calls for reform and engaged in monumentally stupid acts which ensured their complete destruction.


The white majority in South Africa knew they were losing to Nelson Mandela’s call for justice and they took actions which averted a catastrophe. Even though the British ended up fighting a war with us, there were voices in England who thought that the whole affair was utter madness. Eventually, their views prevailed. Hell, even some Nazis could see where Hitler was leading them after D-Day and tried to change things by blowing him up.

In case you didn’t get the message, Heckenlively included this image:

Violent rhetoric and the French Revolution
But, no. How could you ever get the idea that antivaxxers are calling for the execution of pro-vaccine scientists and physicians? Perish the thought!

I like to emphasize that there is nothing new under the sun about the antivaccine movement, even during COVID-19. None of the rhetoric, lies, tropes, or disinformation is new. It’s just old wine in a new bottle, old disinformation repackaged for COVID-19. Indeed, Adams isn’t the only antivaxxer who’s gone a bit too far and then tried to walk it back. For example, Del Bigtree, producer of the antivaccine propaganda film disguised as as documentary, VAXXED, has long been fond of this sort of rhetoric. Here he was, for instance, at an appearance in my state in 2016:

Here’s just a taste:

If we do not fight now, then there will be nothing left to fight for. And I think that is where everyone in this room, I pray you realize how important you are in this historic moment. We will never be stronger than we are right now. We will never be healthier than we are right now. Our children are looking like this, a generation of children, as we’ve said on The Doctors television show this is the first generation of children that will not live to be as old as their parents. Are we going to stand…are we going to sit down and take it? Or are we going to stand up and say: This is a historic moment, that my forefathers, those from Jefferson all the way to Martin Luther King, the moments where people stood up and something inside of them said I’m going to stand for freedom and I’m going to stand for it now. That is in our DNA. It is pumping through me, and I pray that you feel it pumping through you, because we must look back. Our grandchildren will look back and thank us for having stood up one more time and been the generation that said, “We the People of the United States of America stood for freedom, stand for freedom. We will die for freedom today.

Yes, Mr. Bigtree tends towards the overly dramatic, and at times he’s let his violent rhetoric get away with him. Here he was in 2016 again:

As Matt Carey pointed it out to me, this was the relevant segment, which is starts at about the 44 minute mark in the full video:

Basically, Bigtree was saying “now’s the time” for guns:

…but now we’re watching the most powerful lobby in the country and in the world poisoning our children. And our government is helping them. What are we going to do about it? We have the power. But we have got to stop being afraid to talk about it. If you’re afraid to talk about it, your Twitters, your Facebooks, I don’t want to bring it up at my PTA meeting, I don’t want to at lunch or at Thanksgiving dinner, then I can imagine those same conversations were happening in Nazi Germany among the Jewish people. Let’s not talk about it. I don’t want to bring it into my reality. It’s still 20 miles away. I’m still allowed in this theater, not that one. All I have to get is this little star. All I have to do is to sign this little thing saying that I’m not going to vaccinate because I think they’re dangerous—and they are dangerous. I’m just going to sign this paper. I’m going to let them put me in a log. At some point, they have gone too far.

Do you think it’s a good idea to let the government own your baby’s body and right behind it your body? That is the end for me. Anyone who believes in the right to bear arms. To stand up against your government. I don’t know what you were saving that gun for then. I don’t know when you planned on using it if they were going to take control of your own body away.

It’s now. Now’s the time.

As Carey noted, at best this rhetoric was irresponsible. At worst it was a call for violence (even though I strongly suspect that Bigtree (and probably Adams too) is a proverbial chickenhawk, someone who talks a big game but doesn’t back it up). I bet that Bigtree probably doesn’t even own a gun himself. Even though Adams does brag about owning guns, I bet that he, like Bigtree, would probably run at the first hint of violent confrontation. On the other hand, what worried me (and still worries me) is that some of those listening to people like Bigtree and Adams might not run and would be the enthusiastic instigators of violence.

As I note now yet again, this is the sort of thing I’ve seen many times before. Indeed, Adams does it on purpose. You might remember how he called scientists who support genetically modified organisms “Monsanto collaborators” and wrote this in 2014:

Interestingly, just yesterday German President Joachim Gauck celebrated the lives of those brave Nazi officers who attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler in 1944. (1) Their attempted Wolf’s Lair bombing failed, but it was an honorable attempt to rid the world of tremendous evil by killing one of the people responsible for it.

This official ceremony sends a message to the world, and that official message from the nation of Germany to the rest of the world is that “it is the moral right — and even the obligation — of human beings everywhere to actively plan and carry out the killing of those engaged in heinous crimes against humanity.

This fundamental philosophical truth is now enshrined in history by the highest office of the nation of Germany herself, the very nation where mass government propaganda spearheaded by a highly-charismatic political leader drove the population to commit genocide in the name of “peace.”

Not surprisingly, at the time a lot of people were alarmed by Mike’s rhetoric, which seemed like a direct call to kill scientists involved in genetically modified organisms. In the context of the rest of Mike’s screed, which ranted against “Monsanto Collaborators,” likening them to, of course, Nazi Collaborators,” it sure sounded that way:

“Nazi collaborators” were individuals and corporations that promoted the power and reach of the Nazi party, publishing pro-Nazi propaganda and attacking anyone who criticized Adolf Hitler or the Nazi regime. Collaborators included many scientists, academics, publishers and of course politicians, all of whom played key roles in furthering the genocide that saw over six million Jews heartlessly slaughtered by the Nazi regime.

Today, a number of once-independent media sites are selling out to corporate interests and quickly becoming Monsanto collaborators. This is readily apparent by noticing which media sites attack Dr. Mercola, the Food Babe, Jeffrey Smith, the Health Ranger or anyone else fighting against the scourge of GMO genocide against humanity. These attacks all have one thing in common: they are orchestrated by paid biotech muckrakers — people I call “Monsanto collaborators.”

And, of course, Adams likened glyphosate pesticide to—what else?—Zyklon B, pellets that released the cyanide used for the mass murder of Jews.

In 2014, as now, Adams was quickly forced to walk back the rhetoric behind his not-so-veiled call for violence against GMO advocates, just as Bigtree denied that his “time for guns” quote was advocating for violent resistance to vaccine mandates, all while disingenuously bobbing and weaving and claiming that his words had been taken out of context (they had not) and that he had been “standing up for the Second Amendment” (as if that made it better). They intentionally go up to a line with their rhetoric, cross it a bit, and then say, “Whoops! I didn’t really mean actual violence! I just got carried away.”

The problem is, not everyone gets the message. For instance, in 2019 a man named Austin Bennett followed and shoved California State Senator Richard Pan:

And when those sympathetic to the antivaccine movement tried to dismiss Mr. Bennett as nothing more than a crank:

And, yes, Mr. Bennett is a buffoon and a fool, but buffoons and fools, drunk on anger stoked by the rhetoric of people like Mike Adams, can cause harm. Just this week, in fact, a woman named Virginia Brown took it to another level:

Members of the Blount County Sheriff’s Office arrested Virginia C. Brown on Monday morning after deputies working at the site saw her drive an SUV through a closed cone course and into an enclosed tent where several health department and national guard personnel were working, according to WSMV TV.

Workers at the tent told officers that Brown’s vehicle almost hit seven people in the tent, according to the Blount County Daily Times.

Witnesses said Brown yelled “no vaccine” during her ride, and several witnesses told deputies they thought that the driver was going to kill them, according to a sheriff’s report.

A deputy who witnessed the incident eventually performed a traffic stop on Brown, WVLT TV reported. He arrested her and drove her to the Blount County Detention Facility. She continued making anti-vaccine statements on the way to the facility.

Brown claimed she was only going five miles an hour. The sheriff’s office said she drove her car through the tent at a “high speed.”

My only surprise is that there haven’t been more and worse incidents like this. Further, what doesn’t surprise me is that Adams’ “apology” is really a “notpology,” as he makes excuses, first whining:

We now live in an era when anyone calling for a merit-based society founded is accused of “hate speech,” while anyone calling for court-ordered punishments and sentences against people found guilty of crimes against humanity is accused of “calling for violence.”

As a result, Natural News and myself are being viciously attacked for daring to call for prosecutions against those who use human children in medical experiments.

Like all cranks, Adams likens justified criticism of his words to “vicious attacks” and tries to deny that he called for violence. He called for state-sanctioned violence. Sure, it was a fantasy, given that pro-vaccine scientists have done nothing wrong and are not deserving of punishment, much less the death penalty, but Adams’ violent rhetoric gives you insight into the mind of antivax conspiracy theorists:

We specifically do NOT call for violence against anyone, as our goal is to end medical violence against children. To end this medical violence, we believe that courts must prosecute those responsible for carrying out medical experiments on children. We do not believe in vigilante justice, and I have emphasized repeatedly that violence is the wrong approach to solving these problems. I have also repeatedly emphasized that I call for myself and others to honor the court decisions on such prosecutions.

Nevertheless, we apologize for not stating our positions more clearly, and we have removed the article in question. We plan to restate this in a more meaningful way that will not be misinterpreted.

Got it? The only reason Adams is facing “vicious attacks” is because his words were intentionally and maliciously “misinterpreted.” He’s basically saying, “I don’t apologize for calling for the deaths of provaccine physicians and scientists, just that I didn’t state my position ‘more clearly’ and in a more ‘meaningful’ way such that I was easily ‘misconstrued.'” It’s incredibly disingenuous, and if you don’t believe me, get a load of this:

Those who speak out against this practice are targeted and threatened, as we are being threatened now. There is a war being waged on humanity, and those who are working to protect innocent lives and stop the injection of spike protein bioweapons are being targeted and criminalized.

As the publisher of Natural News, I want to protect innocent life, halt vaccine violence against children, and restore health freedom in America. This is why I am being targeted, and this is why Natural News is being silenced.

Those responsible for crimes against humanity should absolutely be arrested and prosecuted by the courts, as I have consistently called for. Nevertheless, I believe I can do a better job of explaining this concept so I will work to choose my words more carefully in order to contribute to a better understanding of what’s at stake here and the importance of due process for all those involved in these crimes.

According to Mike Adams, he’s being “persecuted” for opposing vaccine mandates and was only calling for lawful “prosecution” of pro-vaccine physicians and scientists for “crimes against humanity.” Meanwhile, the comments after his notpology are overwhelmingly supportive of his previously violent rhetoric. Their general message is that Adams has nothing to apologize for and was absolutely correct to call for executions. One even said, “Never apologize to the enemy!”

I’ll conclude by pointing out once again that I realize that the sort of rhetoric coming from the likes of Del Bigtree and Mike Adams is largely performative. Obviously, I don’t believe for a minute that Bigtree is going to take up arms to stop school vaccine mandates or that Adams is really going to seriously call for the execution of scientists. With their histrionic rhetoric, Adams and Bigtree are in essence doing no more than just preening for their audiences and firing up their followers. However, it’s not at all difficult to imagine someone like Austin Bennett or Virginia Brown taking someone like Del Bigtree or Mike Adams seriously. Is it so difficult to imagine that rhetoric like what Mike Adams is promoting could provoke some antivaxxers to violence? After all, it hasn’t been the pastors and politicians likening abortion to murder who have attacked and killed physicians who perform abortions. It’s been those who listened to them. Indeed, I’m a bit worried for A-list vaccine advocates, such as Dr. Richard Pan, Dr. Paul Offit, Dorit Reiss, Dr. Peter Hotez, Dr. Vincent Iannelli, and many others. I’m even a little bit worried for myself, although I’m probably just not big enough of a fish to attract that much attention.

After all, if you really, truly believe that abortion is murder, then violent means to stop it can easily seem justifiable. Similarly, if you really believe that provaccine scientists and physicians, along with government public health officials and pharmaceutical companies, are truly injecting a toxic experimental gene therapy brew into millions of people, including children, in a massive unethical human experiment that is killing lots of people, then a violent response can seem justified. You can see it in the sort of rhetoric that flows freely in antivaccine forums and in various memes, examples of which I’ve posted. Basically leaders of the antivaccine movement are playing with fire in the form of violent rhetoric in the explosive warehouse full of antivaxxers and QAnon supporters. I fear that one day that combination is going to result in a disastrous explosion.

ADDENDUM: Big surprise! Today Adams claims that the reason he took his article down was because he had been warned that it was exactly the sort of thing the “deep state” was looking for as a pretext for a “false flag” operation to blame antivaxxers like him for violence:

The most relevant call came from someone I did not know, and whose number did not appear on my phone. It was sheer chance that I even answered it. As I explain in my Situation Update podcast below, this person identified himself as a supporter of my site and said he works for the federal government. What gave his claim credibility was the fact that he knew my number and he was able to initiate the call from a source that did not reveal his phone number to me.

He said he became aware of my article calling for war crimes tribunals against vaccine researchers, and he warned me that this is exactly the kind of article the deep state is hoping to see published because they are planning to carry out a false flag violent attack to blame “anti-vaxxers” and gun owners.

He urged me to take down the article and podcast immediately, which I was actually already in the process of doing because of previous phone calls and previous conversations with other people that I won’t get into. Importantly, he explained more…

Hilariously, somehow Adams has apparently never heard of tools that hide a caller’s number from Caller ID. On my iPhone, there’s a little toggle in the preferences for the Phone app to “hide caller ID.” Really high-end nefarious next level stuff there!


First, he said that the false flag operation is perhaps just weeks away. He explained that the ATF, with Chipman to be in charge, will be ready to move against AR-15 rifles, and they need a big “event” to achieve that. At the same time, the vaccine industry is desperate to find a way to criminalize and shut down all anti-vaxxer content online, since banning it on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube still hasn’t been as effective as they hoped. So they figure they can “kill two birds with one stone” and stage a violent false flag attack of some type that will depict anti-vaxxers as violent gun owners pursuing murder and mayhem. With the obedient media ready to push whatever narrative they’re handed, this story can be told with tremendous effectiveness, resulting in a nationwide outcry to criminalize and shut down both “anti-vaxxer” speech and to confiscate all AR-15s nationwide.


In this call, I was told that if I continue to talk about war crimes tribunals, Natural News would be completely taken down and removed from the internet. My guess is that the people involved in gain-of-function research have come to realize they will really face war crimes prosecutions as more truth unfolds, and they are using every tactic possible to threaten those who might remind fellow human beings that running mass medical experiments on humanity is a crime against humanity.

So Adams is admitting defeat (for now) and making a strategic retreat:

Thus, I am reluctantly going to have to hold off on the war crimes topic until the public is ready to hear the truth as the post-vaccine death count explodes due to Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) or other similar effects. Once vaccinated people start dying en masse, it will become obvious that the one thing they all have in common is the covid vaccine.

But by then, of course, the depopulation agenda will have largely succeeded. Once the masses are killed off by the vaccine, they can’t really rise up and demand an investigation, can they? It seems the depopulation pushers have already won.

Because of course. Of course Adams had to shut down his “truth telling” because “they” are currently too powerful. Funny how that gives him an easy face-saving way to retreat, when what really likely happened is one of two things. Either Adams got cold feet when he saw the intensity of the pushback against his violent rhetoric, or, as I said above, this was all performative and he had his face-saving “retreat” ready to go ahead of time. I suspect the latter.

By Orac

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113 replies on “Mike Adams is forced to walk back his violent rhetoric about executing those promoting COVID-19 vaccination”

It’s like “Don Quixote Syndrome,” with them living in this fantasy world where they are “heroes” and somehow their actions will result in this “victory”

They are delusional as the character in the story, tilting at windmills.

Heckenlively’s the guy who says that parents who like having their kids protected from disease should surrender unconditionally to him and his lunatic friends, right? Or do I have him confused with another nutbar? You can’t tell the disease-spreaders apart without a scorecard anymore.

That headline is incredibly dangerous. The pizza parlour incident in Washington DC showed this and I doubt Adams is so stupid as to not to realize it. I suspect that in many countries, including my own, Mr Adams would be explaining himself to the Crown Prosecutor or equivalent. And I doubt the Crown would be amused. Hmm, perhaps we can invite him for a speaking tour?

I saw the DeRanger’s article yesterday as well.
Mikey clearly called for pro COVID vaccine scientists and doctors to be executed.
I think it is time for the Texas AG (or whomever) to require Mikey submit to a psych exam seeing as how he is a handgun concealed carry licensee and as far as I know violent mental cases are disqualified from holding one.
Mikey has a provable history of violent fantasies against his perceived enemies and I’m sure some psychiatrist could generate a few dozen papers just from Mikey.
This is why debunkers should never take these dangerous lunatics as ‘harmless’… One day they will snap as their mooring to reality is very tenuous.

Have fun.

Agree with the whole attention grab by Adams yesterday being performative. I wouldn’t be surprised if Adams had all his walk backs created at the same time he created his original post and then methodically posted up the walk backs to show how he’s really just a nice, passionate, caring but misunderstood guy hiding in a compound somewhere in Texas.

Josh Coleman has made threats against pro-vaccine celebrities (and Coleman physically attacked a person who was taking down one of his illegally hung freeway antii-vax banners in 2020) and Del Bigtree said that pediatricians must go down at an anti-vax rally in Phoenix in 2019 as part of his whipping his minions into a frenzy. And of course rabid anti-vaxxer Dr. James Meehan has called pediatricians murderers and accused us of vaccinating as part of Satanic rituals and James Lyons-Weiler wants pediatricians jailed for vaccinating as well.

What a great group these anti-vax ringleaders are.

Um, who exactly “viciously attacked” and “targeted” poor Mike Adams before he cleaned up his article’s headline a bit?

Or is he putting himself up on a cross as a pre-emptive move?

Unfortunately, Adams is not the only violence-mongering crank. Almost a week ago, Jürgen Konings, a Belgian soldier with right-wing as well as Covid-19-denial sentiments, went to his army base, managed to pick up a veritable arsenal of heavy weaponry including rocket launchers, and then vanished without a trace. He left behind two farewell letters, in one of which he vowed to kill virologists and politicians, mentioning Marc van Ranst (one of Belgium’s leading virologists) by name.
Van Ranst has been in hiding since, as Konings still has not been found, despite a massive search effort in three countries. Also see

And there are a lot of people, defending him, who consider him not dangerous at all, but just a victim with untreated PTSS, because of his missions abroad.

You’re right on that one. Just like his neighbours who describe him as a friendly man. He might be, but still he treatens virologists and seems to be part of some right-wing extremist group.

“Whoa. This sounds like something that would only happen in the US…”
Alas, no. Luckily, this crank has not physically harmed anyone yet, but some years ago, a pediatrician was almost stabbed to death by an antivaccine woman who blamed this doctor for her son’s autism. She (the doctor) never fully recovered, and hasn’t been able to work since.
When proponents of e.g. vaccination and Covid-19 countermeasures are systematically and relentlessly demonized, it is just a matter of time until one of the more militant believers will start hurting people, regardless of their nationality (although taking up guns is indeed rather typical for the US).
I think that social media play an important and rather dubious role in this, making it very easy to organize themselves in groups of like-minded people and then quickly spread their nefarious ideas, helped by algorithms that almost literally suck people down the various antivaccine and conspiracy rabbit holes.

I usually listen to part of his audios but missed yesterday.
Readers should realise that this episode is merely a heightened version of what he spews forth every day. There is usually an hour or more of audio – this background instructs followers to oppose the “violence” of vaccines/ SBM, invokes hatred of liberals, city dwellers, Big Tech, the government and media. EVERYDAY!

A few days ago, he was thrilled that Texas wants to allow carrying guns without a license! Over the past several years, he brags about his guns, his expertise with weaponry and his connections to experts in that area. He and his comrades practice to prepare for the eventual revolution or riots by Antifa and the Woke movement who will attack and take their goods. He says that he always “carries” even when he goes to Whole Foods to pick up organic items he can’t grow himself. He has presented “how-to” guides about guns and home defense on his video channel, Brighteon.

Actually, I’m starting to view his and Null’s broadcasts as recruiting/ programming: indoctrination into a specific worldview that frightens listeners by invoking disaster porn: the world is becoming very dangerous, everyone is out to destroy you- your health, your lifestyle, your property, your freedom, the environment etc. More and more these lunatics sidle up to more obviously rightist groups and Q types. Both do find ways to weasel out of being labeled as violent because they are ONLY talking about self defense from the bloodthirsty hordes. People should leave cities behind and become self-sufficient preppers, living in the countryside amongst likeminded patriots/ nature lovers Null sounds less gun-centric but supports the right to bear arms..

Interestingly, their frequent targets include wealthy people and corporations: WHICH THEY BOTH ARE! Rational Wiki lists Mikey’s many, many business ventures- he owns a ranch outside of Austin, warehouses and distribution facilities ( Cedar Creek, Texas) and Null sells about 15 millions USD annually according to business sites and has two estates – perhaps 50 acres each- in Florida and Texas. He may have left his NYC digs ( including his health food store) but still has operations in that sinkhole of inequity- he calls Blue states “evil, corrupt, criminal”.


“Disaster porn” sells because the world IS becoming very dangerous, with multiple threats to our health, our freedom, the environment, our lives. It’s just that the pornographers are among the threats, and are — to use one of DeRanger’s favorite tropes — planting false flags for their followers to attack — figuratively or maybe even literally — the wrong people.

Which is to say that if Adams’ screeds are sidling up to QAnon, it’s because they come from the same place. If anything, I suppose Adams was there first, but his approach wasn’t as suited to viral spread as the game structure of Q.

I should add that I think that these prevaricators are even ramping up their rhetoric as more people accept Covid vaccines and we can see the results: less cases, less deaths, locales opening up for business, more optimism Not a good scenario for fear mongers..

US News and World Report:

US on track to vaccinate 70% by summer

“US on track to vaccinate 70% by summer”

Actually, its 70% of adults, so about 52% of the population.
But hat’s lots better than here (Australia) where we are looking at only 5% vaccinated.

The ABC’s (the Australian one, not that North American Johnny-come-lately 😉 ) vaccine rollout page (People Vaccinated section) says that 14.6% of Australians are partially vaccinated, and 1.9% are fully vaccinated. Australia has only approved the two-shot Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines, so partial=1 shot, full=2 shots. The ABC uses data from the Our World in Data Web site for that section of their page, and is a few days behind official Australian numbers.

It’s still a pretty dismal performance for a vaccination program that started in February, even allowing for the fact that they changed the age eligibility for the AstraZeneca after the reports of the clotting side-effect became known.

The daily vaccination rates have picked up somewhat since the recent outbreak in Melbourne (currently about 55 cases), but at current rates, the 40 million shots needed to vaccinate all adults won’t be reached until July next year.

@ BillyJoe:

You know, I see these numbers quoted both ways so I merely reproduce headlines I see at MSN, etc.
“70% by summer” may mean adults although now 12-15 years old are permitted
“70% by July 4th” is what Biden says ( in dialect?- he’s from Delaware)

Around my neck of the ( non-) woods. most of the jurisdictions are well over 50% of adults and even higher numbers of seniors ( a few towns nearby have numbers in the nineties for them !) Things have really changed since March.
The US Vaccine Progress Tracker gives percentage of the population which is now at 51%. This site is a valuable resource and goes into detail with graphs showing great regional differences and whether people are totally immunised or just having got the first shot of two.


To explore the analogy further, imagine if vaccinations were only given at a few locations, perhaps only one clinic in a few states. It would make them an easy target for the anti-Vaxers who perceive vaccinations as a threat to their health, and as a nefarious plot. The fact that most OB/GYNs, due to death threats, don’t offer abortion services as a part of their medical practice, has allowed the practice to be marginalized and locations where it is offered blockaded, vandalized, threatened, and service providers killed. Vaccinations shouldn’t go down this path, and abortion services should return to routine medical practice. It’s just another indication that the far-right fringe is allowed to exercise far more control over our society than they deserve.

“the far-right fringe is allowed to exercise far more control over our society than they deserve.”

Voters don’t agree with this sentiment, or don’t care enough to vote differently..

Has less to do with what voters want and decades of efforts by Republicans to slant the system in their favor.

I agree with you that their rhetoric is performative, but I do think they know, at this point, that there are many unstable people among their followers – they cater to that – and I don’t believe for a moment they do not know they are taking a real risk that one of their followers will act.

“Who will rid me of this turbulent priest” is not a new tactic, and there is a long history of where it’s going, and if they try to deny they know that, I just don’t believe them. They know. They are willing to cynically take the chance, and they will not be sorry if one of the people they’re targeting is hurt over it. They are at the least reckless, in legal parlance, towards violent results from their actions.

I think the important point you make is the “unstable people among their followers”. When I see violent rhetoric called out just for being expressed, I always feel a qualification that “venting” or “woofing” — play-acting of bad-assery — is pretty generic human behavior. What matters is the context, including first of all, the authority or power of the speaker. If i say, “will no one rid me of those troublesome raccoons”, the critters toppling my trashcan have nothing to fear because no one is listening to me. Henry II, OTOH, had armed minions trying to court his favor..

In my own real-life experiences — in anti-war protests, labor activism and the like, — i witnessed a certain level of performative militance which was pretty clearly metaphorical from folks who were pretty clearly harmless — because they were pretty clearly sane, however pissed-off. i even did a bit of that myself briefly, putting a jokey positive reference to the New Years Gang — the small group that had tried to bomb the Army Math Research Center at the University of Wisconsin but mainly damaged the Physics labs in the same building, killing a PhD researcher who was working after hours — on a t-shirt. This was 10 years after that bombing, in a quite different environment, and while I thought it was fairly obvious my tongue was cheekward, I was no doubt engaged in a bit of epater la bourgeoisie. I had been doing guerilla theater comedy stuff, and my peers clearly recognized my t-shirt as theater. Those who responded with a “Right On!” had grins on their faces or a wink in their eye. No one, I repeat, no one, took the shirt seriously.

But then we weren’t in a cult, I was just a jester, not a leader of anything.

Theater is gonna happen. What distinguishes theater from material instigation is not the language spoken, but the relation between the speaker and the audience. The responsibility of the speaker then depends on things like their perceived persona and who they choose to address. We shouldn’t be too hard on performers if the random kook takes twisted inspiration from them — blame Marty Scorcese and Paul Schrader for John Hinckley Jr., and the like. But for Del Bigtree and especially Mike Adams, who don’t acknowledge any degree of theatrical artifice they might be indulging and are trying to appeal to kooks, the legal designation of “reckless” is probably understated.

In his notpology the Unhealthy Deranger states:

“As the publisher of Natural News, I want to protect innocent life, halt vaccine violence against children, and restore health freedom in America. This is why I am being targeted, and this is why Natural News is being silenced.

Wait, what?
We’re all familiar with Mikey’s tantrums as regards being repressed and his taking hyperbole to 11 when attempting to defend the indefensible. Dog bites man…nothing new here..move along please. However, the quote above implies that some authority has caused him to remove and revise his call to violence. Now that’s journalism: man bites dog!
Why the different response from poor old Mikey this time? Inquiring minds want to know who is so effectively targeting, silencing, and clearly scaring him….FCC? FBI? Orac The Omnipotent? Hotez’s Hellions? Navy Seals Against Coronaviruses?

Mikey took down the article because HE WAS WARNED! ( NN today)

It seems someone got his personal number and called from an unlisted phone, telling him that he was from the government but was a fan of Mike- that article was EXACTLY what the Deep State wanted he said! It seemed to invoke violence just when the* government itself planned an actual false flag attack* which they would then blame on anti-vaxxers and gun rights advocates.

Why do Mike and Gary always get secret messages, secret phone calls, secret papers, secret data from shadowy sources? .
I never do
but I do have a number that doesn’t show up on caller ID.

Shades of Baron von Munchausen?

Most of my mysterious phone calls are from Windows to tell my I have a virus or from ‘my internet service provider’ to tell me that my account is about to be suspended. Unless I immediately dial 1 and give them my bank details.

Geez, I shoulda bet money on my prediction from 9am today. And if someone asks him why he took so long to explain what happened, he might say something like he had to get his compound on high alert and secure (he daren’t say lockdown) before making the announcement lest he turn into another Waco or what not.

If Orac’s thesis here is that the violent rhetoric of the COVID-antivaxers is inherited from the pediatric-antivaxers, I think there are problems with that analysis. Put simply, I would argue instead that COVID antivax is a far-right crank phenomenon that inherits its ethos of violent aggression from that political subculture. I shall suggest this matters because if we want to understand the COVID-antivax movement in order to counter it, it’s a mistake to see it just as “same as it ever was” continuity with the antivax past, as that would blind us to important ways in which it’s very different.

Now, these are not perfectly distinct ideal-type categories, so there’s going to be some overlap, but I’m talking about the central tendencies. The old antivax is a primary issue for its champions — e.g. Del, Heckinlively, RFKJ — the sun around which every other question orbits. While many leaders are men, women are over-represented in the rank and file rank. These folks are largely well-educated, at least upper-middle-class, and mostly not all that political in a conventional sense. Thus we find them in locales that vote Blue, like Sonoma County, CA, and in areas that vote Red, like Orange County, CA. But while their surface political affiliations may differ, underneath those we find a lot in common — a certain sense of privilege, strain of narcissism, etc. Now, in general, these are not the kind of people who own guns or are inclined to actual violence. It’s no surprise that the frustration of their imagined martyrdom leads them to fantasies of retribution and bad-assery, largely shared within their peer group as value-affirmation and catharsis. While Austin Bennett pushing Dr. Pan or the Vaxxed bus crew harassing Paul Offitt in a coffee shop are disturbing, their also… well, kinda wussy. The Jenny McCarthy warrior meme could have come from The Onion. The Thug Health memes and Heckinlively’s LOTR analogies are similarly more chuckleworthy than genuinely frightening.

The new antivax, OTOH, is a secondary issue for its champions — Tucker Carlson, MTG, Berenson, the Birchers — just one satellite orbiting around a wingnut conspiratorial mindset. It’s a sign of loyalty, of “freedom’, of ‘owning the libs’. It’s much more macho, not just in the leadership, but in the rank and file. It’s overwhelmingly Red geographically, less educated, lower in class status and privilege. It’s also well armed. Adams may (or may not) be a chickenhawk who’s only in it for the grift, but there’s something i find genuinely chilling in the way the rhetoric on display all over that page echoes that of QAnon, Stop-The-Steal, January 6th insurrectionists, Oath Keepers, 3%ers, Proud Boys…

If I’m right about this so far, two contrasting things might seem to follow. 1) There is more danger now, because the new antivaxers have an even more apocalyptic mindset in general, and more demonstrated violent tendencies, 2) That danger is limited somewhat by the fact vaccines are a secondary concern, and not the central focus of the inflamed passions. But it’s extremely difficult to draw causal connections between a certain vibe of militance that might be expressed in a social movement and actual violence that may erupt on the fringes, to gauge how much danger of the latter is presented by the former, or to imagine how or where that violence might occur.

On one hand, we might compare antivax to anti-abortion, since Orac noted the rhetorical connection. The central fact about the “abortion is murder” thing is that the vast majority of activists who shouted that didn’t really believe it literally, because they didn’t engage in or support violent means to stop it. The group who did (mostly) take it literally, the self-styled Army of God, which was implicated at least tangentially in the assassinations of a number of physicians was a very small collection of mostly seriously disturbed individuals. They were definitely right-wing, but also obsessed with abortion to the point of obscuring pretty much any other concern. But given their belief that violence was not just justified but necessary there was a certain logic in how they went about it, e.g. which doctors and clinics were targeted, Paul Hill’s willing martyrdom, etc. In addition to the generic animus against abortion providers supported widely in conservative media, one of the victims, Dr. George Tiller, had been a specific focus of anger for Bill O’Reilly on his top-rated cable show on Fox, labeled as “Tiller the Killer”. So you could see this as an example of murderous violence bubbling up in a predictable way out of the larger tendencies of a pretty significant social movement. OTOH, also on the right, you have the far more heinous Oklahoma City bombing, which didn’t connect back to or sit atop any wider movement comparable to anti-abortion, and targeted not ‘the guilty”, but everyday office-workers and a daycare center. And to harken back to the days of the crazy ultra-left fringe. the political figure the SLA targeted for assassination — which they carried out with cyanide tipped bullets no less — was the African American Superintendent of Schools in Oakland, CA.

I’m trying to think this through, rather than having some firm conclusion I’m arguing for. I guess my tentative conclusion is that point two above is undermined the historical examples. antivax may not be the central issue for the gun-toting, health-freedom crowd, in contrast to the antiabortion right, but it only takes a few kooks to go far enough down a rabbit-hole, and those rabbit holes can be weird enough that people who would seem to be secondary or tertiary or even farther removed from their central angst to become targets of their rage. So, yeah, I’m worried about folks who have been outspoken public advocates for the COVID vaccines, especially Peter Hotez because he’s been on TV so much. I’m less worried for Offitt, Reiss, and Pan than for Tony Fauci, as I’m not aware of wingnut media targeting them. Which is to say in part again that I don’t see the old-school antivaxers who have obsessed about those individuals being much of a danger. But could some nutjob latch onto one of them anyway? Sure. Orac wrote: “Leaders of the antivaccine movement are playing with fire in the form of violent rhetoric in the explosive warehouse full of antivaxxers and QAnon supporters.” I’m suggesting there’s one too many “antivax”s in that formula. I’d just say that leaders of the antivaccine movement are playing with fire in the form of violent rhetoric in the explosive warehouse of QAnon supporters and far-right militias.

i don’t know who was in the room when Del gave that speech about guns. It was 2016, so I imagine it might have been kinda Thinking/Drinking-Momsish, but it was in Michigan and anti-vax had been moving right by then, so… maybe some of the same kind of people who hatched the scheme to kidnap, “prosecute” and execute Gretchen Whitmer could have been there.

So, i guess my conclusion is that violent antivax rhetoric, while hardly new, has a new unprecedented level of danger because it has a new articulation to genuinely dangerous people. However, i suppose it may be possible to lessen the danger to vaccine advocates if we could find a way to decouple vaccination from the larger movement of Trumpian right. That might happen, as Denise suggests, as the success of the vaccines and their connection to life-returning-to-normal becomes more apparent with time. We can hope, anyway.

but it only takes a few kooks to go far enough down a rabbit-hole, and those rabbit holes can be weird enough that people who would seem to be secondary or tertiary or even farther removed from their central angst to become targets of their rage.

As someone who was in a similar conspiratorial state of mind at the time, this television mini series was just about the most diabolical, insideous plot imaginable (Control Factor, 2003)

So oh well, at least the Nashville Christmas’ Most Helpful, Agreable, Snazzy, Chatty Bomb guy saved us all from the 5G at the last second. Dun dun dun. Or, did he?

@ sadmar:

These guys have changed: I know about Mikey since 2007-8 ( courtesy of Mark Hoofnagle) and Null well before that. They were much more back-to-Nature, laid back but anti-Big Business, government , anti-establishment, vocal yet less overtly hostile Then everything changed and the rhetoric became much more inflammatory after the crash in 2008. I figured that they lost revenue as the country slid into a near depression. There was great hatred for government bailouts and other drastic actions and for Mr Obama himself.

It seems that both of them have got even crazier and right wing since then, Although Null primarily sold to a largely urban, liberal crowd via Pacifica Radio ( he’s only on one station now, NY), he displays hatred for city life and what most of us would call liberal causes. His rants about the Woke, college kids, Cancel Culture etc sound like they could have been broadcast by Tucker- whom he often replays.

At some point after 2008, Mike became a prepper ( he sells supplies for them) and gun aficionado. He discusses his ties to former military, police and militia -like groups.. They do training in Texas for the Apocalypse or Red Dawn, whichever comes first.

Did these guys discover that it’s easier to sell the righties than the lefties? .Because of their internet activity, they reach outside of their own local areas but both live in Texas ( Null is in FL and TX)

It may well be the rightwingers is easier to sell to, to scam, but I think it’s also that the rightwingers is more likely to buy a variety of scammy crap. So you might have some lefty buying goofy Goopy gunk, but much less likely to turn the catalog page and buy the prepped rations, the gold, the crappy insurance policies, the even-scammier-than-Bitcoin crypto currency, etc.

I became aware that there’s a natural health thing on the far right by running across the Michael Savage radio show a few times. He actually started out as an author of natural-food / natural-cure books — including The Complete Book of Homeopathy: The Holistic & Natural Way to Good Health before shifting to politics, and he’d reference that stuff on the radio from time to time. You also hear supplement ads on other ‘conservative’ radio shows often enough. But I’ve wondered why someone like Adams would veer so far off to right-wing cuckoo-land, as that would seem to risk driving away a lot of potential customers.

JDM’s hypothesis makes sense, though. It’s also true that the “largely urban, liberal crowd” has a lot of options for buying supplements and other natural health stuff locally. So maybe an internet seller like NN is just going to draw more business from rural areas, and Adams’ rightward drift parallels the drift of rural America generally into grievance-based conspiracy theory. So maybe it’s both — the wingnuts are what’s left after the chains and mom and pops take their bites, and can be upsold into compensating revenue streams that the typical metropolitan Whole Foods shopper can’t.

Mike has had a long term, on-off relationship with Alex Jones, even guest hosting Info Wars. There is an article by Kelly Weill in The Daily Beast ( 2019) that discusses Mike’s descent into right wing CTs over the years. Rational Wiki on NN lists his businesses/ websites as does HealthWyze..

What irks me is that these guys rant about greedy, rich, self-serving doctors like Drs Offit, Fauci, Gallo, Hotez, Orac, Novella, Barratt- when they themselves are rolling in money
Mercola is worth 100 million ( RI), Mike has a shitload of businesses and websites, Null lives in huge estates and has been grifting for over 50 years ( Wikipedia, Rational Wiki), Even, Dr Oz, whose monetary gains are partially legit because he has worked as a real surgeon not just a media star/ alt med woo provider, lives in an elaborate estate on the cliffs overlooking the bridge and skyline ( see Dr Oz’s house in Cliffside Park) also a smaller place in Palm Beach.,

It makes perfect sense that Mike would be warned by a shadowy anti-Deep State government informant. He’s also got contacts in the F.B.I. and probably the Dept. of Agriculture’s Bovine Methane Research Division too.

The tentacles of the Loon State are evahwhere.

Here’s a must-see video clip with an example of the new antivax at the end. The body of the clip cuts between bites of Paul Ryan’s belated Trump-hesitant speech the other day and bites of Matt Gaetz and MTG from one of their rallies, then the CNN interviewer asks one of the rally attendees about MTG and her Holocaust comparison. The answer is, uh, out there…

Funny that it’s the “Daily Fail” publishing this and that the study was published in a biophysics journal instead of a molecular biology or virology journal, isn’t it?


They said they tried to publish their findings but were rejected by major scientific journals which were at the time resolute that the virus jumped naturally from bats or other animals to humans.


My guess is that it didn’t pass muster among peer reviewers who knew the topic.

Another paper
Dallavilla T, Bertelli M, Morresi A, Bushati V, Stuppia L, Beccari T, Chiurazzi P, Marceddu G. Bioinformatic analysis indicates that SARS-CoV-2 is unrelated to known artificial coronaviruses. Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci. 2020 Apr;24(8):4558-4564. doi: 10.26355/eurrev_202004_21041. PMID: 32373995.
Actually artificial viruses has smaller sequence similarity to SARS CoV 2 than natural ones.

@ Sophie Amdsen

Once more you cite a newspaper article. So what? Have you ever heard: “if it bleeds, it leads.” Newspapers sell by playing up controversies, exaggerating them. I could give you a list of recent peer-reviewed journal articles that support the natural hypothesis; but I know you would neither read them or even if you attempted to, not understand them.

However, what you and many other morons fail to understand it that, though the evidence is quite strong that it was a naturally occurring virus, if it was a lab leak, so what? The U.S. has been conducting gain-of-function research for decades and has had numerous lab breaches. I wonder what your position would be if it had been a possible U.S. lab breach?

However, whether it was a lab breach or a natural occurrence, especially given almost all epidemics and pandemics have been natural, the fact remains that the world and especially the U.S. was ill-prepared. So, if, despite the strong evidence so far, if it was a lab breach, doesn’t change the fact that we were ill-prepared and that President Trump made matters worse. Despite your immense stupidity, I promise you that a naturally occurring virus or an accidentally released one from a lab can do the same amount of harm.

Devoting time and effort to “prove” it was a breach of lab in Wuhan has nothing to do with making the world safer it is simply a political attempt to denigrate the Chinese. After all, they are beating us economically, huge trade deficit, so get at them any way we can.

See, one of the differences between people like you and me is that I don’t have a vested interest in whether COVID was natural or a lab breach. But I also rely on numerous studies, not newspaper articles or what politicians say. And what bothers me most is the vast suffering, hospitalizations, long COVID, and deaths, the vast majority that could have been prevented if the world, and especially the U.S., had been prepared and had leadership that was concerned for people, not their malignant narcissistic self.

Nice hearing from you again. Keep making a fool of yourself.

I read the original paper. Big point was that SARS CoV 2 has four lysines in row, and that must be artificial.There is a paper about lysine rich repeats:
Pavlovic Djuranovic S, Erath J, Andrews RJ, Bayguinov PO, Chung JJ, Chalker DL, Fitzpatrick JA, Moss WN, Szczesny P, Djuranovic S. Plasmodium falciparum translational machinery condones polyadenosine repeats. Elife. 2020 May 29;9:e57799. doi: 10.7554/eLife.57799. PMID: 32469313; PMCID: PMC7295572.
(Plasmodium falciparum causes worst type of malaria and triple adenosine codes for lysine.)
You notice that Plasmodium falciparum proteins can have seven lysines in row. Theory is that this causes immune response against irrelevant epitopes.

A top professional soccer player (for Juventus and the Dutch national team) is passing up Covid-19 vaccination because, y’know, autonomy.

“I have not taken a vaccination, it is not mandatory,” he told the outlet. “I think you should be in charge of your own body. The risk of infection is always there. I try to come into contact with as few people as possible outside the Dutch national team.”

One of my key strategies to avoid infection is staying away from members of the Dutch national soccer team, which fortunately is fairly easy in my area.

It appears there are 6 members of the Dutch national soccer team, who don’t want to be vaccinated.
There is not really much of a chance to meet a member of the team, because I avoid soccer mostly, especially in large gatherings.

In other anti-vax news…

I tried to listen to Del’s latest ranting ( @ highwire talk from Thursday) and was surprised to see a substitute host, Dr Jim Meehan ( another anti-vaxxer) and a brief appearance from Del himself ( first few minutes):
there are many rumours ( a video?) about his health he said so he will reveal that he couldn’t walk, apparently got blood, in a hospital, has no cancer or Covid and that doctors helped him, He will reveal all soon. No , he wasn’t poisoned ( This isn’t Russia, you know)
He didn’t look absolutely terrible, perhaps a little yellower but it could be make-up/ spray tan. Take a look, docs/ observers.

No other mention on the net that I could find

apparently got blood

In which direction?

He didn’t look absolutely terrible, perhaps a little yellower

To wit.

He probably drank the alkaline water. He’s probably emmitting a hazardous level of bromide. Sometimes, you can smell’em.

Yes, inability to walk is generally treated by transfusion of at least two units of packed RBCs.

“doctors helped him”

The joy of having Del as a patient would probably only be exceeded by taking care of RFK Jr. or James-the-objective-pro-vaccine-rational-scientist-Lyons-Weiler, who is building bridges back to his old employer, the University of Pittsburgh, by declaring how glad he is to no longer be affiliated with this “monstrosity of an institution” (something to do with the U. of Pittsburgh working with Planned Parenthood).

In other news of the bizarre, a noted Friend of the Blog, Dr. Hooman “Always nice!” Noorchasm, has taken to referring to his opponents in a kindly manner as “delusional”, “floridly ignorant”, “floridly malicious” and “full of shit”. Think B4U speak, Dr. N.*

*I better be nice, or he’ll send me one of his famous Open Letters.

You’ll know when Bigtree is really ill because his competitors / fellow-fraudsters will be all over the case like flies on dog-poop — offering their pious thoughts for his swift recovery while hinting that he would have stayed healthy if only he’d followed their Alt-Med advice, and preparing to fight over his slice of the gullibility demographic the moment he’s not there to defend it.

That’s what happened with the late Ian Crane, anyway (leading UK Conspiracy Impresario).

The medical industry has been violent for years–it’s shocking how many parents are entirely unaware their newborn child was injected with a vaccine. Sure, it’s covered somewhere in the admission forms, often in language that’s ambiguous or buried, but regardless, the reality is a lot of parents just don’t know. The medical industry is well aware of that, and naturally could implement a policy of specifically asking the parents for consent; but they don’t want to because they know a lot of parents would refuse the shot for their precious newborn.

Even worse, there are many stories from parents who specifically declined the Hep B vaccine, even in writing, but it was covertly administered by nursing staff anyway–a criminal assault. How many times has this happened but the parents never found out? There is widespread agreement that the only way to protect your newborn from a Hep B shot in a hospital is to physically watch your baby at all times until check out.

How about cleaning up your own back yard?

I back-flowed brown, flakey Dijon mustard into my pp once. I thought of you as it came back out. You gonna do my cieling cat for me or what?

“Even worse, there are many stories from parents who specifically declined the Hep B vaccine, even in writing, but it was covertly administered by nursing staff anyway–a criminal assault.”

“Many stories” but no links. NWO makes this crap up.

IIRC it was CIA Parker who introduced this particular brainfart to the AntiVax Canon, when she deduced that her infant must have received a HepB vaccine despite her own refusal. Because her baby had colic, therefore it must have had encephalitis, therefore there had been an unacknowledged vaccination, therefore HepB vaccines cause this manifestation of encephalitis, unknown to medical science.

Of course this “unwanted but enforced vaccination” narrative became another shibboleth, another lie that antivaxxers could pretend to believe in the absence of evidence, and thereby display their loyalty to the cause.

No details from NWO? I continue to be impressed by the infinite capacity for laziness in antivax circles. They can’t even be arsed making up the “many stories from parents who specifically declined the Hep B vaccine, even in writing, but it was covertly administered by nursing staff anyway”. They content themselves with inventing and regurging this higher-order fabrication — that “many stories exist” — confident in the knowledge that no-one in the Antivaxosphere will bother to check.

“I wasn’t paying attention, and that doctor protected my infant from an incurable and potentially fatal disease!”

“The fiend!!!!!”

Your thinking really explains why there is problem with informed consent when it comes to the Hep B for newborn babies. You feel comfortable and even justified in substituting your own judgment for the parents’. FYI, that’s assault.

If there were a criminal assault, there would be a criminal complaint. Can cite any ?

@ NWO Reporter

You write: “You feel comfortable and even justified in substituting your own judgment for the parents’.”

Actually, in law parents don’t have absolute rights over children. For instance, Courts have ruled that children with cancer be given treatment when withheld by parents for religious reasons. Regardless of your moronic ignorance of the effectiveness of vaccines, Hep B is a risk for newborns. So, it is my judgement; but that of decades of research on vaccines, something you have no knowledge of and I would be are not interested in getting. Just the same, I highly recommend one book: Lauren Sompayrac’s “How the Immune System Works, 6th edition”, available on

Read it and maybe, just maybe, you will understand how vaccines work; but I doubt you will read it and if you do, doubt you will understand it. It assumes a high school level of education.

Why don’t you just crawl back under your rock.

Um, a parent not paying attention”when being briefed on care and giving consent would explain those faux “assault” cases you haven’t documented.


A recent UN report makes an extremely STRONG case that pandemics, some much worse that the current, will be occurring with ever more frequent intervals. So, even if, despite the strong evidence against, it is found that the probability is high the current pandemic originated from a lab breach, the fact that we were completely unprepared and given current U.S. politics, probably won’t be much better prepared in the future bodes poorly. Rather than having one national public health policy, we have every state, within states often every county and city, partly doing their own thing. And we have a politics based more on partisanship, especially currently from the Republicans, than any compromises based on the welfare of the American people.

I highly recommend the UN report:

IPBES (2020). IPBES Workshop on Biodiversity and Pandemics: Workshop Report.

IPBES stands for Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services.

I also recommend: Engber D (2021 May 26). If the Lab-Leak Theory Is Right, What’s Next? We know enough to acknowledge that the scenario is possible, and we should therefore act as though it’s true. The Atlantic.

He makes the same case I do, namely, that whatever the current source, we weren’t prepared, etc.

@ NWO Reporter

I am all for informed consent; however, if a parent were to not consent to a vaccine, what is their “informed” consent based on? Social media, intuition, etc. Informed doesn’t require a degree in immunology, etc; but some basics and having followed antivaxxers for many years, their “informed” is based on a lack of understanding of the basics of vaccinations, often paranoid conspiracy theories, and reinforced by other ill-informed or those who profit from anti vaccination lies, e.g., Joseph Mercola, etc.

Having followed your comments on this blog, it is obvious that you are a prime example of someone who isn’t “informed!”

And I repeat, parents do not under law have absolute decision rights when it comes to their children.

Dr. Harrison,

Your arrogance knows no bounds, does it? If you can’t fashion a good argument AGAINST vaccinating children — especially a newborn — you just don’t know nearly as much as you should about vaccination.

If you can’t fashion a good argument AGAINST vaccinating children — especially a newborn — you just don’t know nearly as much as you should about vaccination.

Youare right, ironically.

@ NWO Reporter

Your asinine stupidity knows no bounds! If informed consent is required, then explain to me what parents who refuse base their “informed” on.

As for my not knowing meanly as much about vaccinations as I should, compared to who? You?

Obviously you can’t defend your position, just post comments to provoke people; but they backfire by showing just what an unpleasant moron you are.

“Ho…ooo…ly cow!”
(A Cubs fan from the 1970s & 1980s as well as a Yanks fan.)

News relating to antivax that matters (i.e. not NWOR), WaPo reports today on another lawsuit:

A group of 117 unvaccinated staffers from Houston Methodist Hospital filed a lawsuit Friday seeking to avoid the hospital’s coronavirus vaccine mandate, saying it’s unlawful for bosses to require the shots. The staffers join a growing list of employees challenging compulsory immunizations at businesses, colleges and other workplaces essential to the country’s reopening. Vaccine mandates have faced mounting resistance from anti-vaccination groups and some Republican politicians… The lawsuit against Houston Methodist was filed by Jared Woodfill, a Houston-area attorney and conservative activist. It appears to mirror a legal strategy used by a New York-based law firm, Siri & Glimstad, that is closely aligned with one of the country’s biggest anti-vaccination organizations but unaffiliated with the Houston litigation.
The complaint, filed in state court, says Houston Methodist’s vaccine mandate violates a set of medical ethics standards known as the Nuremberg Code, which was designed to prevent experimentation on human subjects without consent. The code was created after World War II in response to the medical atrocities Nazis committed against prisoners in concentration camps. “Methodist Hospital is forcing its employees to be human ‘guinea pigs’ as a condition for continued employment,” the complaint states. It adds that the mandate “requires the employee to subject themselves to medical experimentation as a prerequisite to feeding their families.” Elsewhere, it falsely characterizes the coronavirus vaccines as an “experimental COVID-19 mRNA gene modification injection.”
The lead plaintiff is Jennifer Bridges, a Houston Methodist nurse whose public opposition to the hospital’s vaccine mandate has attracted hundreds of donors on GoFundMe. She told The Post this month that she has willingly submitted to “every vaccine known to man,” but believes the coronavirus vaccines need further study. Other plaintiffs include receptionists, technicians, administrative workers and nurses at the hospital, which is part of the Texas Medical Center, one of the largest medical complexes in the world.

The story reports Houston Methodist has a staff of 26,000, so over 99% are vaccinated.

filed a lawsuit Friday seeking to avoid the hospital’s coronavirus vaccine mandate, saying it’s unlawful for bosses to require the shots.

@ Sadmar

As I see it, any staffer refusing the vaccine is basically saying he/she doesn’t really believe in medical science. In that case, they shouldn’t be working at a hospital that patients turn to because it subscribes to the best of medical science.

Yeah, at will employment called and said “get bent”.

The number of things you can be legally fired for is near infinite (the number of things you legally can’t be fired for is very limited). So I don’t see how they have a leg to stand on.

“The complaint, filed in state court, says Houston Methodist’s vaccine mandate violates a set of medical ethics standards known as the Nuremberg Code, which was designed to prevent experimentation on human subjects without consent. “
I saw this late yesterday and noted that teh Nurmberg Code was being invoked and started laughing at the idiocy.
I was encouraged that the hospital group was not backing down.
I’m assuming this will be thrown out before it gets too far for being too ridiculous to waste any court time on…
Dorit could enlighten us but there’s just so many hours in a day to counter stupidity.
Have fun.

[…] After expressing anger at Dr. Hotez’s article, the article called for the reader to contact Dr. Hotez and provided his contact information. Although the article called on followers to “be polite” and not to engage in “threats of violence”, Mr. Adams has to be aware that his followers are aggressive, uncontrolled, and do engage in threats, and his own language is clearly designed to rile them up (on the tactic of riling up followers and then denying the intent to violence, which is one Mr. Adams uses repeatedly). […]

“my puppy died, late last fall; he’s still rotting, in the hall”

Just typing words.

How long will it be before you include actual Blake 7 memes in your posts? I suspect that, while knowing how to set the clock on a VCR, you done fallen behind the times; as Lollalita Latex suggests.

Some important context.
There is already attacks and protesters with guns targeted at public health officials including Fauci.

Leading to the

Largest mass exodus of public health officials in the US. This is potentially crippling the US public health system for years…

Largest mass exodus of public health officials in the US…Buh bye. Hopefully there will be many more to follow.

@ cuckoo4cocopuffs

Let’s also close down fire departments, public health inspection of restaurants, etc. In fact, several years ago there was an article about a man who refused to pay the local fire department assessment, his home caught fire, the fire department showed up; but did nothing. Yep, until the next major pandemic idiots like you will ignore what public health, etc. do. Out-of-sight out-of-mind. If the Republicans hadn’t voted against refunding the National Strategic Stockpile and President Trump had listened to public health a significant number of Americans who died would still be alive.

In my state we have a taxpayer revolt. We had the best infrastructure in the nation; but now potholed streets, broken side-walks, non-working traffic lights because no one, like you, understood that it was taxes that paid for what made society function well. We close down public health and I can almost promise you that the next pandemic will kill far more people. And, in fact, a recent report from the UN makes a strong case that pandemics will be occurring with ever increasing frequencies. Read it MORON:

IPBES (2020). IPBES Workshop on Biodiversity and Pandemics: Workshop Report.

IPBES stands for Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services.

I also recommend: Engber D (2021 May 26). If the Lab-Leak Theory Is Right, What’s Next? We know enough to acknowledge that the scenario is possible, and we should therefore act as though it’s true. The Atlantic.

The latter article explains just how unprepared we were.

So you don’t want clean water? You don’t want restaurants to use sanitary food handling practices?

My goodness you’re short-sighted.

Sometimes sources out themselves…

Mikey wrote and spoke about how liberal cities are now collapsing and cites criminality, drug activities and zombies in NYC’s Greenwich Village**. So I checked local news ( NBC etc) to find out what really happened:
it seems that warmer weather brings out young people who have noisy parties, behave raucously and carry on in Washington Square Park annoying residents so the city will shut the park two hours earlier on weekends. No mention of arrests, injuries or attacks by the undead. People must leave at 10 pm. That’s it.

This area has a long history as a mecca for artists, writers, activists and students including the Left, Gay Rights, Feminists, Civil Rights, Punk etc. There are expensive restaurants, rooftop bars, trendy shops, elite hotels and exclusive universities; news is often made when an actor, model or news person buys a home there for millions. Tourists from around the world have visited to observe Bohemians and the most Nouvelle Vague close up..

Mike, like Null***, has a history of disparaging city life and dwellers: the GOOD, decent people live in the country, Cities are corrupt, filthy and decadent. No one says it but I wonder if there is a hidden dog whistle whenever they say “city” or “urban”? it would be fitting alongside their increasingly rightwing politics.

In brief, if your source of information -supposedly well educated**** – can’t pronounce the subject of his rant and tells you tales that no other news source verifies, you know that you are being misled.

** which he pronounces as Greenwitch MANY times
*** although he lived in NY for decades
**** see his bio at Health Ranger

On the other hand:

The New York Times loves hyping stories about corruption, violence and drug abuse in the heartland. For quite awhile they were focusing on West Virginia, but have also turned their attention to the Midwest and far West.

Maybe Iowa and Wyoming are really latter-day Gomorrahs….

No one says it but I wonder if there is a hidden dog whistle whenever they say “city” or “urban”

For those who want to hear it, the dog whistle will be there.

@ Joel writes, “The latter article explains just how unprepared we were.” By “we” you are referring to yourself and other public health officials? TINW. The average citizen will most likely be unprepared for the next pandemic.

@ cuckoo4cocopuffs

I was quite prepared, even owned N95 masks. So, ASSHOLE, you shouldn’t make claims without evidence. As for public health officials, yep; but why? Because the average stupid citizen like you votes over and over to cut funding. We had a Strategic National Stockpile, huge warehouses filled with PPE, oxygen, ventilators, antibiotics, etc. and the funding was cut, partly because of the Tea Party Movement. We had a shortage of trained people to do testing and contact tracing, etc. Then people voted for Donald Trump who systematically ignored warnings, ignored the public health experts, and the vast majority of experts have made a strong case that if we had been prepared and if Trump had listened to public health experts that the number of dead would more than likely have been less than 100,000 rather than approaching 600,000; but according to a well-done study by University of Washington, actually over 900,000 dead because of Covid.

And given the short term memories, distrust of government, and lack of understanding of science that a significant segment of our population has, we will be unprepared for the next pandemics. I use the plural because good research predicts ever more pandemics with shorter intervals between and some may be far deadlier than Covid.

You really are one moronic ASSHOLE.

ALERT! ALERT! The industry that makes its living developing vaccines predicts an ever increasing demand for more and more vaccines! Stop the presses! Lol.

You think that Joel is an industry making vaccines ? Multiple LOLs.

@ NWO Reporter

I have NO vested interest in vaccines. Never worked for a pharmaceutical company. Never received any funds from them. And my small 401k is in a large fund mixing stocks and bonds, so probably a small percentage is pharmaceutical stocks. Given over 3,000 companies in fund, I’ve never checked.

However, given I have read and studied infectious diseases for over 40 years, studied how vaccines work, looked at the benefits/risks, looked at the history of vaccine-preventable suffering, hospitalizations, disabilities, deaths, and economic costs, I do support more vaccines. I could think of several off-hand, e.g., Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, MRSA, etc. Lyme only for those where prevalent, same for West Nile.

As for: “The industry that makes its living developing vaccines.” Yep, they make a profit, so if you are against making a profit, are you against companies researching treatments for cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc.? The profit companies make on vaccines is far less than the costs to people, medical and hospital costs, etc. from the diseases.

So ALERT! ALERT! For rational people, let’s hope that more effective safe vaccines are developed.

[…] Worse, dating back to even well before the pandemic, the rhetoric coming from the antivaccine movement had been becoming increasingly violent and apocalyptic. Even so, calls for executions of scientists and physicians are nothing new. The earliest example that I could recount (and certainly nowhere near the earliest, I would bet) came from 2006. Meanwhile, since COVID-19, the violent rhetoric of anti-public health activists appears to have intensified. […]

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