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The campaign against the HPV vaccine

You knew it was inevitable. I’m just surprised it took this long. Then, via Stuff and Nonsense, I find this video:

Extra points for using a different scene from Downfall than the usual Downfall parodies use.

It also reminds me. There’s a paper on just this topic that might require a bit of not-so-Respectful Insolence early next week. For now, though, Orac is going to chill with his family. (Ensor will be so ticked off if I don’t visit this year.)

By Orac

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56 replies on “The campaign against the HPV vaccine”

You and Hitler, two advocates of the common good ideology and the belief that society comes before the individual. How appropriate.

Thanks for the link to the video, Orac.

Funny stuff, unlike a certain “fire expert’s” utterly trite and idiotic comments.

Offal: It’s a spoof…and a damn good one. It is a lot more clever than the picture posted on the AoA website showing a Thanksgiving “celebration”.

I hope you spend your holiday down at the fire house…in case any Christmas trees go on fire and the firemen need the advice of a Christmas Grinch who graduated with a degree in “fire science”, from a fifth tier college.

Personally I do not care if someone else gives their child this vaccine. However, It should NOT be mandatory. Besides HPV is preventable. Sexualy activity before marriage is forbidden anyway. If this rule were actiely observed many STDs would be completely wiped out. Four boys have already died this year from gardasil. Not yet up to complete count on how many girls have become paralyzed or died from it yet, but will post the number when it becomes available.

Rick perry wanted this silly vaccine to be mandatory. Good for him. Maybe he will be the first victim and set the example.

We do not need a president who defies the constitution. Then again the last century of presidents have ignored the constitution. Why stop now?

Mandatory vaccination of this particular vaccine is illegal and anyone who says it has to be mandatory should be stripped of the citizenship and deported to the congo immediately. Lets start deporting assholes and dictators. Maybe if we get rid of all of them we can be a free nation again.

Lets start deporting assholes and dictators.

I’m sure your paperwork can be expedited. Enjoy steerage.

What paper work? No paperwork needed except the paper with all the names on it.

Oh no, you again? I am so outta here. You and my stalker chris just cannot seem to get over me. Weird fetish of yours creeps me out.

so long, don;t wait up!

Televisionless Conservative/Medicien Man/All around idiotic morphing jerk who does not know how to use a dictionary:

Look it up. Stop being lazy

You’ve been trolling here long enough to know that the next thing you will be told is:
you made the claim, you provide the evidence.

Showing his Sir Robin bravery again:

I am so outta here.

Don’t let the virtual door hit you on the way out. Good riddance. Then go and buy yourself a Christmas present, a dictionary. Then have someone teach you how to use it.

“Look it up. Stop being lazy.”

You gave an exact number: four. Not “several”, not “at least four”, but exactly four. And you stated that they “died from gardasil”. Not that they died soon after receiving it, not that their deaths are “thought to be linked to Gardasil”, but that they positively died from it.

So you must have a source that allows you to speak with such authority. Sure, I can search — and maybe I’ll find your authoritative source and maybe I won’t. And if I can’t find it, I’ll think you’re just a lying troll making things up on the Internet. Wouldn’t it be better to simply cite your authoritative source so that I and all the lurkers here will be impressed by your expertise?

Sure, I can search — and maybe I’ll find your authoritative source and maybe I won’t.

Here’s a hint: Rob hearts Mike Adams. Like, frottagily. (Weirdly, Adams cites Sane Vax, and Sane Vax cites Adams.) It’s the usual VAERS routine, which is to say, cheerfully omits those pesky IDs in favor of assertions of causality.

So you’re telling me he’s not just a lying troll making things up on the Internet; he’s actually an idiot troll mindlessly reciting things made up by lying trolls?

I can see that.

We should collect a “best of mindless idiot troll.” It can start when he whined that he did not have a television to watch PBS (when he could have used his internet connection to watch it online), bragged he could cure anything I mentioned (then posted links to a supplement sales site), complained the engineers think too much, and on and on.

At least he is mildly amusing in his total stupidity.

@Chris: of course you find him mildly amusing. You’re stalking him, just like Narad apparently is now. Poor m-man, can’t spell or give citations, and must run from you stalkers. Well, I hope that you two have a wonderful holiday, and that your specific invisible gift-giver gives you all the presents your hearts hope for (and give poor m-man a dictionary…)

Happy holiday season to all of the minions of the Great Pharma! (where’s my checks?)

Four boys have already died this year from gardasil.

This timeframe also appears to be a screwup, suggesting that our pal is rather more guilty of laziness than those at whom he would point a finger. The five total male VAERS HPV death entries are 403759 (no detail), 405821 (asthma, Lipitor, sudden death during hockey), 421582 (“Information has been received from a nurse practitioner concerning a patient’s nephew … who she ‘thought’ was vaccinated with a dose of GARDASIL”; this one’s really screwy), 437999 (Gardasil causes hanging), and 442402 (no detail).

You’re stalking him, just like Narad apparently is now.

There’s nothing that says True Patriot like saying “I’m so outta here” and slinking right back in, Rob.

Ah. The gain on my morph detector apparently needs to be turned down. Sorry about that.

Perhaps we should just call m-man “Brave Sir Right-Wingnut Robin.” I am getting tired of typing out many of his various troll names, though the total idiocy he portrayed in his first known appearance as the “Televisionless Conservative” was priceless. Though his claim that engineers think too much revealed his true intellectual capabilities.

(MI Dawn, my morph detector was more well tuned, I knew you were not the morph)

Though his claim that engineers think too much revealed his true intellectual capabilities.

Oh, dear, that did remind me that the appellation “Mississippi’s Finest Junk” was long in currency in radio circles for MFJ Enterprises.

Besides HPV is preventable.

Yep. All you have to do is not have sex willingly or unwillingly, ever. Sure beats getting a shot!

I’m sure MM can tell us all how to avoid the risks inherent in human sexual relationships. I’m guessing his strategy involves sitting in a basement alone and unloved, trolling science blogs.

Kidding aside, I’m not gonna take advice on sex from someone who can’t even deny himself the comparatively meager pleasure of willful ignorance. That’s “preventable” too, after all.

Incidentally, Medicien Man seems to be staunchly against the EPA and FDA because they prevent commercial pesticides and detergents from being as harmful as he’d like them to be. (Of course, if a minuscule amount of one of those chemicals turned up in a vaccine, he’d be shrieking about it nonstop. But eating or breathing it in much larger amounts? Meh. Only sissies worry about stupid stuff like that.)

It’s not the first time I’ve noticed that combination of extreme paranoia re: vaccine ingredients plus tough-guy indifference to the contents of insect spray or ground beef. I suppose the unifying principle there is “gummint bad!” (Or rather, “gummint bad except for the death penalty, foreign wars, police suppression of dissent and attempts to legislate sexual morality”).

It makes my brain hurt.

Hmmm … Don’t know what happened, but the video link now goes to a flash mob video of Darth Vader conducting the “Carol of the Bells.” Cute, but not the intended target. Stuff and Nonsense still has the correct link, which is:

Since no other commenters seem to have noticed the mismatch, I surmise that the link was correct when posted, but has been corrupted by a sinister force.

It is fine now. I noticed that if you let it run until it ends, it will start another on the playlist.


The EPA has forced companies to taking key chemicals out of detergents that makes them a detergent. Phosphates have been removed. it was thephosphates that actually got things clean.

of course Chlorox will do that too.

However, i have decided to ignore FDA and EPA tyrant overlord commands and do things my own way. I make my own insect poison now and I guaruntee it is far more effective than anything you will ever pick up on a store shelf becuase my stuff is not regulated by some dickhead in washington. It is amazing waht certain chemicals can do to fire ants and termites.

Gasoline and diesel fuel along with boiling water anc chlorox are far superior to FDA and EPA regulated fake insect killer.

As far as getting things clean again, screw the FDA. Some people are able to make their own Lye soap if they so choose. That is one thing about living in the rural areas. One can ceertainly take advantage of edlderly know how and innovation and defeat unwanted government intervnetion.

We can make our won soap and our own poison. We don’t need your input. We can think and do for ourself, no government necessary. Now, if we could dig our own well, produce our own electricity, and become even more self sufficient, we would have it made. Future projects to work on…

Your version of government is more DICKtatorial than any conservative government ever was. The death penalty is biblical. Foreign wars I do not agree with either unless the enemy starts it in which we must react and finish it. Police suppression of dissent? I guess you must love Tea Party dissent too or do only the lefties get to say soemthing? As I recall tea partiers were not crapping on cop cars, breaking windows, lighting fires and getting in the way of commerce. If the marxists would act civilized they wouldn’t get the hell beat out them everyday. The police suppression is reactionary. Legislate sexual morality? Why not? You try to regulate vaccines and treatment for dseases caused by sexual immorality, so why just prevent it in the first place? Would you stick your face in a radioactive pie? I bet you would. No you wouldn’t You would do what was necessary to stay away from the danger. Same thing applies here.

Ad for your gay “marriage”, you can have it. However, you cannot force a minister to do the ceremony in a church. Deal? Remember seperation of church and state? Or do you just use that when it is convenient?

Now, if we could dig our own well, produce our own electricity, and become even more self sufficient, we would have it made.

You can’t dig a well? Wow, I’m impressed.

It is fine now. I noticed that if you let it run until it ends, it will start another on the playlist.

I should have been more specific; sorry.
By “video link” I meant the link at the words “this video.”
That link goes here:

The embedded video is often slow to load, so I am in the habit of following the link if one is provided.

@Chris, the missing link and overly proud stalker

Why would I need to know how to dig a hole when I can get people like you to dig it for me? Can you say FLUNKIE? You are alreay missing a chromosome, you might as well get in line for digging a hole. I can donate you a chromosome if you would like to grow a hairy butt while digging a hole for me.

You are a real idiot. For a guy who claims he is all Randian, it is pitiful that you do not know how to use a shovel (and you have just provided proof that you have never read Atlas Shrugged, what a poser).

And I do not need a Y-chromosome, which is just a broken X-chromosome. I actually know how to use a shovel, and ways to hook up a system to rotate a magnet to create electricity through either wind or water. Pity that you are too stupid to understand basic physics, and engineering.

Because, as you say: we engineers think too much, which is why we know how to do the stuff that you don’t. Even how to use the Internet to watch PBS shows online, something you complained about as “Televisionless Conservative” (and you still did not understand how to do it even after I gave the web site link!).

OK … “Medicien man” claims “Four boys have already died this year from gardasil”. There are three reports from 2011 about males and death and Gardasil in VAERS. So he’s already 25% wrong.

1 – a patient’s nephew, a 17 year old male consumer who she “”thought”” was vaccinated with a dose of GARDASIL … died of sudden cardiac arrest playing lacrosse.

2 – 18 year old male. On 27-JUL-2011 the patient committed suicide. The cause of death was asphyxiation by hanging.

3 – “Initial soreness and swelling. Death 10/20/2011.” (that is the complete report!)

Three males who may or may not have been vaccinated with Gardasil died of something. There is no indication of a link between the death and the vaccine, except chronological.

I know how to use a shovel, but I choose that I pay you do it for me. I just created a job. Or I could be a socialist on you and force you against your will to dig my hole for free then tax you for using your own shovel. Would you prefer that? maybe we should tax you for not having a Y chromosome. A new tax for government to make more money to waste on more schemes to tax people to make more money to create even more ways to tax people. See where this is going?

I say we create a mouth tax. Everytime a liberal says something about evolution or environment we tax them $1.00. We should be able to pay off the national debt by midnite tonight.

Speaking of making government more money we could tax corporations and individuals who hire illegal aliens. Say $2,000,000 fine per day per each one hired?

Nah I would handle the illegal alien crisis much different. i would just stop all exports going to mexico until Mexico paid us back taxes for all 20 million illegals living here. Say $30 trillion? No back taxes, no aid. take it or leave it.

Illegals do break the law. they are tax evaders. If we had a system in place that wipes out income tax and simply has a national flax sales tax, no one living and breathing could possible be a tax evader without stealing every meal and all clothing.

On December 16, 2011, Janny Stokvis, SANE Vax Inc. VAERS analyst reported four new HPV vaccine deaths (3 Gardasil and one unknown manufacturer) have been posted to VAERS. View the chart located at for reports up to November 14, which shows the increase in reported deaths and injuries since August 2011.

In the past three months almost 1,000 adverse reactions have been reported – and still only reflect 1 to 10% reporting.

On December 16, 2011, Janny Stokvis, SANE Vax Inc…. [copypasta]

I posted the VAERS IDs for you four days ago, shitbrain.

So I am four days late. better late than never, terdbreath.

I posted a better version late or not. Do me a medical favor. Stick your arm up your butt, grab your uvula and pull real hard.

Copypasta? Is that new dish at Olive garden now? I’ll take the copypasta and send you a hot bowl of pucker pudding.

I posted a better version late or not.

No, you posted the same assertion as before, which was quite clearly ascertained at the time. (And really, you should credit the Health Warrior for the lift with… what do they call them, “evolution marks”? No, that can’t be right. “Quotation marks”?) Maybe while you’re hiring people to dig holes for you, you could put someone on staff to read for you as well.

Nevertheless, the item was posted, you have the data, and now your lips are poked out and all pooch mouthed becuase I gave the data you requested. maybe you should hire a staff to read for you as well since you failed to read the data that you yourself requested. Health warrior? Better a health warrior than a vaccine witch.

Nevertheless, the item was posted, you have the data, and now your lips are poked out and all pooch mouthed becuase I gave the data you requested.

The link in that which you copied and posted doesn’t even provide the data for your claim. This is why I had to look it up in the first place, you moron.

Medicien [sic] Man:

You are being too kind telling us all your secrets for social success. Instead, you and your ilk should secede from society, where [@28] you can dig your own wells, make your own cleaning products, use petroleum on your food source as pesticide, implement the death penalty, and avoid all vaccines. Then after a few generations, when we have regressed back to our reptilian state and your collective are the new Illuminati, you can lord it over us. We’ll leave you alone if you reciprocate. Deal?

@46 Modern tyrant government does not allow for such freedoms. Any attempt in secession and individual sovereignty and they put you away or put you down. Unless you are Amish or Islamist.

@ narad

Read further my son. The information is on the website. If thou readest provided testament, thou shalt learneth a thingeth or three. If thou shalt refuse, thou art a moron. Henceforth thou shalt be called Narad the Nimcompoot and shalt have the stench of fresh fartly aromas about thine presence for all eternity.

Actually, there are plenty of uninhabited islands out there for the “secession-minded,” though I would beware the malaria bugs…..

Read further my son. The information is on the website.

Yah. Unfortunately, it’s not where you said it was. That is, four days after being told where it actually is to start with. Given that there’s nothing left to find, and that you apparently can’t be bothered to, you know, read the “sources” that you provide well after they’re no longer needed, I’m not seeing any particular reason to do anything.

You, on the other hand, might want to get some ventilation for that soldering station.

Oh, but I’d totally like a QSL. What HF phone privileges do Technicians get in the walkie-talkie era?

@48 I agree. Better to get naturally immune to malaria than have to take Bill Gates’s new vaccine every year for life.
Still, the IRS would still find me and tax me for whatever I was surving by on that iland. There is no escape from those people. If you owe back taxes (unconstitutional) and you die, they will contact a minister and hold a seance, call your spirit forth, then imprison your spirit until you agree to work off your debts. There is no escape from tyrant government.

@ Narad- Soldering station? What the hell are you talking about now? Maybe your farts are more toxic than I thought. Maybe the EPA should ban you from public. You contribute to global warming/cooling/climate change – whichever the “scientists” figure out is happenng.

Better to get naturally immune to malaria than have to take Bill Gates’s new vaccine every year for life.

Kewl, an advocate for chronic parasite exposure. You could raise mosquitoes in your well. If you were able to dig one, that is.

QSL? Is that the new designer drug or something?

What HF phone privileges do Technicians get?

ATT nationwide mobile to mobile and free texting.Weekends half off.

I never liked walkie-talkies. I just screamed across the building at someone when I needed their services. Damn Uniden.

Narad are you seriously on something? What is all this talk of radio mess? I never even mentioned a radio. I bet your dream was to beome a late night comedian on AM radio wasn’t it? What happened? Did they fire you for farting in the microphone?

what is a swampjack? Is that a jack used for lifting boats when they sink in the swamp?

Too late for what? It’s never too late.

Sometimes its too early.

Hate leaving the idiots the last word. Sometimes I weep for the future with types such as MM out there. I fervently hope that his type doesn’t exist in my country but I know they do. Here’s hoping for a more sane 2012.

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