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Children of death?

Fetid, filthy, pus-filled cup? Your goblet of death? Green Hitler? Children of death?

Mixed metaphors, anyone?

Yes, there’s a reason why the occasional Alex Jones rant amuses me. It shouldn’t, but it does. On the other hand, the fact that he has quite a fan base for his short wave radio show, his websites, his Internet videos, and his podcasts is rather disturbing to me. Still, there is entertainment value to be had:

I particularly like the exceedingly pregnant dramatic pauses he uses.

You know, come to think of it, I just noticed something. Take Glenn Beck, take away his charts and turn him up to 11–no, 20–and you have Alex Jones. It’s a difference in degree, not kind.

By Orac

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34 replies on “Children of death?”

He’s already been on May 25, 2010-

Alex Jones is hilarious. I love how he says completely ludicrous things as though they’re absolute fact.

“The globalists has openly admitted to depopulating the world. We have the documents.”

Is he for real?????
I kept expecting him to call Monbiot to a willy-size contest.
“SEE my huge WEAPON! KNEEL before my vastly ineffable POWER!!111!! ADMIT that you are as a CRAWLING WORM before me!!!!!”

He aims to insert all his conspiracy theories into his rants and failed…missing 9-11, fluoridation, Branch Davidian among others.

He labels himself as a libertarian and I bet the doctors/senators Paul are not commenting on this fellow-traveler.

I haven’t heard this type of ranting in years…last time being in a locked ward of a psychiatric center or at a court “committal” hearing.

It’s like I’ve been telling people for a while now – Alex Jones is Glenn Beck without a major media outlet. He’s the reason why we need to bolster funding for mental health treatments.

The show *has* to be the *ne plus ultra* of crap-tastic because Alex got none other than Mike Adams as a second hour guest host ( see NaturalNews, last week).

A word to the wise: while I am fully educated ,trained, and experienced in the realworld to deal with nightmarishly abysmal nonsense, those who are *not* should proceed cautiously, limiting your exposure to sites/ shows like PrisonPlanet, InfoWars, Rense,, NaturalNews, GaryNull/ Progressiveradionetwork, Mercola, to the following :

undergrad & less than age 25: 1 hour a week
grad students/ others under age 35: 2-3 hours a week
all others: do not exceed 4 hours.

Don’t bother to thank me, that’s what I’m here for.

Denice Walter,
Safety regulations are a good idea, but I’m already well in excess of your recommended limit.

What I need a limit for is anger. It’s not so much the insipid nonsense as it is hate speech aimed at people who know better than the host that bugs me. Something about the way bigots of any kind (New Age, Animal Rights, Conservative)insist on dehumanising everyone they disaggree with and publicly call for vicious violence while denying they’re doing it makes me so mad it’s probably dangerous for my health.

When arguing with people, I know for sure that I’ve encountered an idiot when they reference Alex Jones. Could we invoke a Scopie’s Law-style rule for him?

@ Scott Cunningham -But you see, anger can be channelled into constructive -or at least, less destructive- activities: for example, communication & organisation with like-minded individuals ( yoo-hoo!) or perhaps some aerobic activity ( I like to hit tennis balls against a wall when I am furious- I feel better and it helps my game!).

I try to remember that while there is much arrogance, intolerance, stupidity, avarice, and fraud in the world, *eventually* all the crap will come out in the wash like the detritus that it truly is. The groups you mention *do* believe in ridiculous or horrible things, but here we are *discussing* it like the rational, enlightened beings that we would hope to become. All of the woo and pseudo-science regularly eviscerated here by our esteemed host is not hidden under a rock, festering ( deliberate mixed metaphor), but examined and dissected. And discussed.

So, hang in there, don’t drink too much ( or too little)- have confidence – things will change. The garbage that irks us now will be replaced with new garbage. On to the next.

I am pretty sure he doesn’t believe any of it, it is just an act which pays him reasonably well. Not as lucrative as the gigs of Glen Beck, Ann Coulter or Limbaugh, but I am sure he makes a reasonable living from it and the competition isn’t as stiff for his niche in the whackosphere. Of course it takes a special lack of self respect and morality to pretend to be mentally ill in order to take advantage of people who are mentally ill.

It appears that Alex Jones is an AGW denialist. Is he “left” or “right”, or does he inhabit that place where the extreme right runs into the extreme right behind the asylum.

I made the mistake of reading the comments. The most depressing ones were the ones that criticized his delivery, but basically agreed with his message. If the primary advocates of your politics are incoherent foaming at the mouth lunatics, maybe you should question your views? Oh well, Alex Jones and his followers will get their comeuppance when the old ones awake and they are the last ones eaten.

I completely understand the entertainment factor. I regularly listen to AM radio (Limbaugh, Lars Larsen, Beck, & Michael Savage0, and find it absolutely hilarious. Of course, let’s not forget the Coast to Coast that also comes on late at night.

But ya gotta love that mental picture of George Monbiot and A Coulter as bosom buddies.

MA “Appears to be an AGW denialist” ? Sort of. In the spittle flying, faux passion field of New World Order (Brit Royal family/ Bloomberg/ you name the evil family) run by an assortment of communists, fascists, soc!alists, masons and assorted Elders of Zion/secret corporate conspiracy types. Maybe lizard people? Don’t know. Don’t care.

At the end of the video, the next one in the youtube queue is an Alex Jones rant on Justin Bieber, of all things. IMHO, it’s even better than this one.

Alex Jones has carved out a niche catering for the extremely paranoid, extremely stupid demographic of the libertarian / survivalist movement. Sanity, critical thinking, evidence are all notable by their absence in his shows.

@Jack, it goes further than that. Anyone who calls supporters of a mainstream / popular view “sheeple” loses right there. It should be a rule the same as Godwins. Btw Godwin meant Alex Jones lost instantly in the clip as soon as he started making comparisons to Hitler.

@ Midnight Rambler: Silly me, I stand corrected…I am in awe that you found these videos.

I’m still waiting for the New World Order and the collapse of the dollar and no armed Obama Youth Army has come pounding down my door.

@Militant Agnostic
You’re partly right–sowing paranoia is quite lucrative. I used to be an employee of Alex’s (in a domestic capacity–I had nothing to do with Jones Productions)and I can assure you he and his family live comfortably. As to whether or not he “believes” his own schtick, it’s hard to say. I’ve spent a lot of time around “normal” Alex (as close as he gets, anyway) and he’s a big affable goofball who is exceedingly fond of Star Wars-related humor and lame jokes. Though I no longer accept him as a credible news source (and yes, I was once a True Believer), I will say that he treated me fairly as an employee and always made an effort to be friendly.

However, when he switches into “Alex Jones” mode he turns into the guy you see in the video above. It’s almost like flicking a switch–he completely and totally disappears into the role. I don’t think it’s a consciously crafted act, the way Glenn Beck’s is. I think it’s more like, there are two very distinct sides to his personality, and one of them gets lots of money, validation from fans, and attention (particularly from famous people–like our dear friend Dr.Jay, Alex basks in the limelight, even if it means sucking up to people like Charlie Sheen). He has no incentive to seek help to deal with his bizarre mental schism–in fact, it would be to his financial detriment to do so.

I hesitated to even leave a comment (if one of Alex’s minions traces it back to me I will promptly be accused of “stalking” him, which I’ve managed to avoid in the 5+ years since I worked for the Jones family) but I felt like my experience could provide a unique insight. And, oddly enough, I have to give Alex credit for my eventual arrival at skepticism. Seeing a public figure with his mask off can be quite illuminating.

lilady @22

Silly me, I stand corrected…

Never underestimate the insanity of a capital L Libertarian (or a congresscritter).

@ han: Great story!

From where I sit, *usually* it’s the other way ’round! A person has terrific social and communication skills and is used to calmly “deal with the public” by a large company or not-for-profit, i.e work with “difficult people”. Out of the office or off of the phone, the mask comes off and the shrieking begins and long strings of creatively co-mingled expletives stream forth ! I know a certain “international business” dude like this ( actually, I am also *somewhat* like this)- We can joke about it.

Alex, on the other hand, seems more like a paid performer, playing a part for cash. While I would doubt the motives of someone who spreads ruinously stupid rumours about, I wouldn’t necessarily call it pathological, although it could be. If he can “turn it off and on”, he has some control. I believe that some woo-meisters *do* believe their own rap- it’s not all for the money because they heed their own advice obsessively.

It’s funny that you, by revealing a more sane/ nice side of AJ, could be thought of as somehow threatening- bad for his image, I guess.

I just might have to become a regular follower of Mr. Jones. Just as I started laughing uproariously at his bombast, I heard “Laugh all you want…!!” at around the 5:00 mark, which made me laugh even more. I don’t listen to AM radio or TV, so I’ve not had the “pleasure” of this type of blather.

Did this lunatic actually manage to say ANYTHING in those seven minutes plus? (Beyond “yooze R badd, i Iz gud”)

Holy Shit.

All you SubGenii out there — he’s essentially ripped off Ivan Stang’s schtick and turned the volume up to 11. A classic Rogue SubGenius if ever there was one, and laughing all the way to the bank, just like Jimmy Swaggart — who I’ll bet was another influence on him.

All you SubGenii out therex — xhe’s essentially ripped off Ivan Stang’s schtick and turned the volume up to 11. A classic Rogue SubGenius if ever there was one, and laughing all the way to the bank, just like xJimmy Swaggart — who I’ll bet was anotherx influence on his

After a couple of minutes I lost track of what he was ranting against. Did anyone else?

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