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Foolish Jedi, don’t you know that Darth Jobs always prevails?

The Force remains strong in Darth Jobs, even after antennagate.

I actually love my iPhone 4 and haven’t had any problems with it. Even so, I found the above video about Steve Jobs’ infamous Reality Distortion Field to be hilarious, even though it comes from Taiwan and I can’t understand a word of it. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that Jobs’ power derives from the dark side of the Force.


Here’s the same video with English subtitles.

Well, it’s not the greatest as far as English subtitles go, but you get the message I think.

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8 replies on “Foolish Jedi, don’t you know that Darth Jobs always prevails?”

I also love my iPhone 4 and have had no problems and no dropped calls.

Did you also have the 3GS? I currently have(and love) the 3GS. I am wondering if there is any advantage to getting the 4G. I won’t be up for renewal for another couple of months, so I am waiting for some justification, to talk myself into it! 🙂 I have had cell-phone since they first came on the scene. the iPhone is the first cell-phone I have actually loved. It has an integrative function far and above any other phone I have ever owned.

I have a 3GS, my wife a new 4. Her 4’s camera is terrific, a major improvement, and the legibility and visual ‘pop’ of the screen are truly remarkable. Other than that — and those are VERY nice improvements — at this point I remain quite happy with my 3GS. (As phones, we don’t notice any significant difference for good or ill. We have good AT&T reception where we live, and poor to below average at our vacation home. No difference between the phones in that respect.)

I’d love to have a 4, but not enough to buy one to replace my 3GS at this point.

While many people claim the Apple fans are cult members (if so then I’m one), I personally think the iPhone 4 is the best phone I’ve ever had no dropped calls and much better reception. I can make and receive calls in my basement, never was able to do that with my old iPhone. I know some bloggers are having real problems with their phone when the bridge the gap on their phone.

FWIW: my iPhone 4 is “naked” no case or skin of any kind and I can’t get it to drop a call no matter where I touch it or how I hold it (I’ve seen the YouTube videos).

I think this entire “antenna-gate” episode reflects extremely poorly on the media / bloggers much more so than on Apple.

I’ve had an iPhone since day one and my 4 is amazing. Even used it in Canada over the weekend without a bit of trouble, no dropped calls, nothing. The camera and video camera are incredibly sharp and clear and the display, it’s like the difference between a regular tv and HD. It’s that clear and sharp. lol I could write ad copy for Apple. And like Bob says, when it was naked (I like to put cases on my phones) I couldn’t even get it to drop a bar except by squeezing it so hard it creaked.

Yup, MPrime, the iPhone 4 screen is insanely good, absolutely crazy good, shockingly good, the text & images really pop. There are so many good things I could write about this phone (like I said, its the best phone I’ve ever had). I was just talking about the reception.

I would just like to say Orac, that you and the rest of sb have ruined me as a writer on things tech/computer.

Years ago, i would have been far too impressed with Consumer Reports little sub-five minute video, or other such things.

Now i find myself saying “But they didn’t release all the test methodology or raw data. How can we know what they really found? How can we properly evaluate their findings if we can’t see all the info? How can you base anything on a heavily edited video of a finger touching a phone that cuts to a signal strength gauge? that tells us nothing”


“Look, you can’t just say ‘it loses bars’, because bars are meaningless. there’s no standard unit of measurement for bars, there’s not even a standard for what each bar measures! it’s all just made up marketing bullshit!”

See? Just look what you’ve done.

Oh, and thank you.

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