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Amazing how cute kitties can explain everything…even the BP oil spill

Somehow, this doesn’t seem all that far from the truth, except that kitties are cute.

The last line, however, is, sadly, all too prescient-sounding. In fact, I’m not sure that it’s even funny because the truth hurts. I guess cute kitties make it easier to take. I wonder if they ever remade A Few Good Men with kittens.

(Warning: One NSFW word near the end.)

By Orac

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9 replies on “Amazing how cute kitties can explain everything…even the BP oil spill”

In a year or two or three, when the lawsuits pile up and BP begins fighting every demand with armies of lawyers, people will be shocked, SHOCKED!, that BP is trying to weasel out of its stated obligations.

I’ve seen this movie, I know how it ends.

@The Gregarious Misanthrope #1

Ive had just about enough of your weasel bashing, Sir!


Right now I wish we could have a “Hitler responds to the BP oil spill”.

(Coincidentally, yesterday I perused,”Asking Awkward Questions with Baby Animals” and “Breaking Bad News with Baby Animals”!) The clip confirms what I’ve always suspected: tabby kittehs are *slightly* less evil than the other varieties.

Right now I wish we could have a “Hitler responds to the BP oil spill”.

Loss control materials are occasionally “crap”. I remember putting in a list of them in a database once upon a time and chuckling because “walnut shells” was on there.

The petroleum engineers assured me that was only the tip of the iceberg. Golf balls are used as are things like fishing nets to stop things from coming out of the hole.

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