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When BP spills a cup of coffee

Sadly, this video rings all too true:

By Orac

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10 replies on “When BP spills a cup of coffee”

Sigh. Working in an engineering environment I see this kind of thing all the time, just without such horrendous outcomes. I’m shocked by the ability of the same engineer to completely downplay something one moment only to turn around and over complicate it the next.

As for the NSFW content. We aren’t supposed to be watching video from work, so I had my headphone on so I wouldn’t get busted.

My 3YO girl wants to watch it again and again. She didn’t catch the swearing, just loved the mess. Thanks for sharing!

Its amazing how comedians can get things perfect and the media, politicians, & BP are still is just pissing time away.

It’s one of those things that I shouldn’t laugh it, but I can’t help it.

This is hilarious! The ineptitude is sickening and sad, but parallels what is happening in the Gulf. Here’s hoping that before any further deep water drilling is allowed, there are regulations put in place that require a stop-kill mechanism on all pipes.

this is hilarious. It also works really well as an analogy to the CDC/AAP’s response to the ever-expanding autism tragedy.

There’s NSFW oil spillng into the NSFW lives of NSFW people. What’s with the fucking twats who think not fucking swearing will be of any fucking help?

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