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Andrew Wakefield resigned from Thoughtful House?

I’m hearing this from multiple sources, who are forwarding me this message from the Yahoo! Thoughtful House Group:

Dr. Wakefield has resigned from Thoughtful House

The needs of the children we serve must always come first. All of us at Thoughtful House are grateful to Dr. Wakefield for the valuable work he has done here. We fully support his decision to leave Thoughtful House in order to make sure that the controversy surrounding the recent findings of the General Medical Council does not interfere with the important work that our dedicated team of clinicians and researchers is doing on behalf of children with autism and their families. All of us at Thoughtful House continue to fight every day for the recovery of children with developmental disorders. We will continue to do our very best to accomplish our mission by combining the most up-to-date treatments and important clinical research that will help to shape the understanding of these conditions that are affecting an ever-increasing number of children worldwide.

Responses are rolling in along these lines:

That is aweful! Amazing how hard the cover up of this true pandemic of rising autism is. I believe it is a matter if time before the powers that be get what’s coming for avoiding the reality of it all to save money in mass law suits for their wrong doings….just my opinion.

I wish Dr. Wakefield continued strength in his fight and to know so many stand behind him…..God Bless….


I don’t know anything about this (yet) other than this cryptic announcement, but I can speculate. I also note that there has not yet been a press release on the Thoughtful House website as of yet; so I’m not sure how reliable this information is.

First off, if it is true that Andrew Wakefield has resigned from Thoughtful House, I have to admit that I was totally wrong when I speculated earlier that the notoriety that Andrew Wakefield has garnered is not doing what I expected, namely driving more patients to Thoughtful House. As much as the lunatic fringe of the anti-vaccine movement in the form of Age of Autism and its spokescelebrities Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy cling to Wakefield, viewing him more than ever as a hero, my guess is that the staff at Thoughtful House are a bit less taken in by the cult of personality surrounding him. They need to make a living. Thus, one possibility is that Bryan Jepson and Arthur Krigsman pushed him out. They’re the ones actually seeing patients, after all, and Wakefield doesn’t even have a Texas medical license (nor is he likely ever to get one after the GMC ruling against him).

Even so, if Andrew Wakefield has resigned, it strikes me as odd. He is the face of Thoughtful House, and it is his fame that attracts patients. Few people have heard of Drs. Krigsman or Jepson, but everybody knows Wakefield, at least in the autism “biomed” circles. On the other hand, Wakefield’s notoriety due to the recent one-two punch of his having had an unfavorable ruling by the GMC followed by the retraction of his 1998 Lancet paper might have become a problem for Thoughtful House in that it might have brought unwanted attention from the Texas Medical Board and other local authorities. Although Wakefield is listed as “research staff,” it is very clear that it is primarily his ideas that drive the autism “biomed” woo that is dispensed to patients at Thoughtful House, and the NBC documentary last summer certainly made it look as though he was very much involved in patient care decision-making. Could it be that the Texas authorities have come sniffing around Thoughtful House? I don’t know, but I’d really like to know.

One final other possibility is that there is more information out there that is about to come to light. Perhaps more evidence of research misconduct related to his recent “monkey study,” animal research as unethical and incompetent as Wakefield’s MMR “research” from over a decade ago. I do have to wonder, though, what will be the fate of Laura Hewitson, who by carrying out Wakefield’s monkey study followed the Wakefield cult of personality and anti-vaccine pseudoscience straight out of a promising academic career at the University of Pittsburgh and into academic exile at Thoughtful House.

Whatever the reason for Wakefield’s resignation (if he has in fact resigned), it’s clear that he’s become, if you’ll excuse my appropriating a favorite term among anti-vaccine activists, toxic. Too toxic even for Thoughtful House, which may well have decided, if you’ll excuse me borrowing another favorite term among the autism “biomed” set, decided to chelate itself.

ADDENDUM: It looks as though it’s true. Wakers is toast. Andy Wakefield has been removed from the list of research staff at Thoughtful House.

By Orac

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50 replies on “Andrew Wakefield resigned from Thoughtful House?”

Friday March 1 2007 article in the Austin Business Journal

In 2007 alone, Thoughtful House saw 1,500 new patient requests — or about 60 percent of the center’s current total patient load — and almost a 50 percent increase in new patient requests in the last six months, says Anissa Ryland, director of operations. Thoughtful House’s funding, which comes largely from foundations and private donors, has also been rising steadily in the last two years. From 2005 to the end of 2007, the nonprofit saw a 48 percent increase in private donations and an 84 percent increase in donations from foundations and trusts, Ryland says. In the past two years, the nonprofit raked in $5.5 million in donations.

From Kristina Chew’s May 2008 blog post:

A number of celebrities and “prominent central Texans” are supporters of Thoughtful House. Former Dell Inc. executive Charlie Ball and his wife, Troylyn, are among the founders of Thoughtful House; their son has “struggled with physical and developmental problems.” The co-managing director of Thoughtful House’s board is Jane Johnson of New York, part of the family of the Johnson & Johnson health care products and services company. Johnson (who co-authored Jepson’s book, Changing the Course of Autism) and her husband, Chris, donated $1 million to lay the groundwork for Thoughtful House in 2004:

My surmise:

One or more of the board members/major donors has had enough of Wakefield?

Yes, I heard this was coming some days ago. Apparently, Jane Johnson, Krigsman and Anissa Ryland are among those behind it.

I always wondered what the reaction to the GMC verdict would be. As the Neurotoxicology withdrawal (taking with it a big chunk of Liz Birt’s hard-raised money, which Wakefield still controls) shows, no reputable journal editor will now accept his data. What he did to autistic children is just shocking. And what he’s been saying to people around him over the last few years is now seen for what it was: beyond belief.

Paul Offit has pointed out that, with the vaccine scare Wakefield created, you can’t “unring the bell”. With Wakefield himself there is an analogous phenonmenon. The penny can’t undrop. Once you get it with him, you see it all with such a new clarity that you wouldn’t trust him to truthfully tell you the day of the week.

He has, sadly, another problem too. Last year, he made a complaint to the UK Press Complaints Commission about a story by me revealing that he rigged his research. I’ve been pressing for that complaint to be heard, but his publicist James Moore (who sometimes poses as a journalist at Huffpo) has asked the PCC for it to be delayed until some unspecified date in the future when Wakefield will be “vindicated”. In short, he’s in full flight.

Part of me isn’t surprised by this apparent new development. The simple math of Thoughtful House’s board suggests that there will be at least one or two people of calibre and integrity, who know that all the cranksite stuff about a witchhunt, sinister forces and all that shit, are just that: shit. Wakefield has been nailed, absolutely fairly, properly, but belatedly, with no hidden agendas or vested interests.

Apart, that is, from the public interest.

I don’t know, something is just creepy about this. Is he taking off to some off shore island to enjoy his ill-gotten gains by scamming desperate parents? Or has he really become a serious liability to the scam known as “Thoughtful House”?

He is the maverick doctor. According to some, he can do no wrong. How could he be forced out? Is the state of Texas actually looking at the “Thoughtful House” operation? Would having a doctor who is not licensed in any state in the union and under severe scrutiny in the UK be a real liability?

Does “Thoughtful House” have procedures that they would prefer that neither state nor federal regulatory agencies be interested in? Perhaps they only like the spotlight when it brings them business, but not when it brings in folks who ask uncomfortable questions. Questions like why they do invasive procedures on disabled children.

Hey! I am only speculating here. You know, the classic “I am only asking questions.”

Whoa… I posted at the same time as Brian Deer. There is more to this story than meets the eye. For one thing, Liz Birt died almost five years ago. I had no idea any of her money was tied up in this.

Okay, this has become very complicated. Once upon a long time ago there was docudrama made in the UK called “Hear the Silence” (never made it to the USA, and apparently the company went under, so there is no way for us to see it… does anyone have a copy?… even a video tape version! Tell Orac!)… now if that kind of movie would be made now, it would be quite different. It would definitely include the dramatic demise of Ms. Birt, and then the throwing of the wrench into the works by Mr. Deer! With a very sad ending as St. Andy cleans out his Austin office at “Thoughtful House.”

Curiously enough, the withdrawal of the Lance paper and the GMC verdict seem to have done what Brian Deer’s fine investigative reporting couldn’t quite achieve–made Wakefield’s quack status official as far as the US popular press is concerned. I wouldn’t be surprised if Thoughtful House has been fielding concerned inquiries from customers, to the point that Wakefield has become more of a liability than a rainmaker

A moment of silence for all the kids who have been abused, sickened, and neglected because of king idiot and his merry band of jackasses.

A suggestion for the former physician now in flight: there are NSF-sponsored C130s that head down to Antarctica and the research station is always in need of someone to clean the bathrooms. Go and stay.

There is no doubt that this is authentic. The message on the yahoogroup Thoughtfulhouseforchildren is signed “Jane”, with an e-mail address jbjnycgbw@…

Her history of posts to the group suggests that she works with Wakefield, and is involved with making brochures, taking appointments, etc. She also has a son on the spectrum.

I do hope he’s gone. I also hope a fair amount of disgrace follows him wherever he tries to light. It would seem there may be more to this story though. I’ve got popcorn ready.

Coincidentally, I was on my way to give a talk on “applying critical thinking to ASD research” using Wakefield’s research as a case study, and Deer’s masterly take down, when I saw Orac’s tweet. I madly called my friend from the train to get more information, with a bad case of nointerphobia.

Could things get any better this year?

I have yet to see a statement from Jim and Jenny about the withdrawal of the Neurotoxicology paper, has anyone else? The last one I can find was where they were hailing it (and the successive study) as the seminal evidence for vaccine/autism link. They even went so far as to call Neurotoxicology “brave” for publishing it. When I got the news of the withdrawal, it was ~ 2 am here, so I could only share it with a few drunks stumbling down the street (they were unimpressed).

We have also had some reasonable coverage of the predicted collapse of our anti-vax lobby here recently, with headlines such as “Anti-vax group to collapse”. A few months ago, Australian media would never use the term “anti-vax”.

How things are changing.

He has, sadly, another problem too. Last year, he made a complaint to the UK Press Complaints Commission about a story by me revealing that he rigged his research. I’ve been pressing for that complaint to be heard, but his publicist James Moore (who sometimes poses as a journalist at Huffpo) has asked the PCC for it to be delayed until some unspecified date in the future when Wakefield will be “vindicated”. In short, he’s in full flight.

Wakefield obviously doesn’t want yet another blow. Let’s hope the PCC sees through that tactic.


Could things get any better this year?

I am just cheering on the inside! But I can’t help but feel a foreboding, like this is too good to be true. I hope I am just being pessimistic, that would be like me 🙂

Thoughtful House has removed the GMC support statement from their front page and Wakefield from the research staff. You may remove the question mark from the title it seems!

Dear Sirs,

Perhaps you can help me. I am trying to recall the title of a movie in the Naked Gun/Police Academy series. At the end, I think after an attempt on the life of the Queen, the villain is shot, falls off the top of a baseball stadium as a bloody mess, is run down by a steam roller, has his lifeless, now-flattened corpse stamped across by a marching band, and then, if I recall correctly, is pissed on by a small dog.

Does anybody know the title of this work, or have I come to the wrong place?

This seems to be more great news. I hope everything that has come to light recently about Wakefield leads to higher numbers of vaccinated people soon. At the very least though it’s been a good start to the year.

That would be “The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!” although I’m 100% certain that I have no idea if I’m falling for some clever trap by answering this :p

“I know the problems of two people don’t mount up to a hill of beans. But this is our hill, and these are our beans.”

Frank Drebbin @25,
Does that mean we might expect St. Andy to join the French Foreign Legion? Nah, too honorable.

Perhaps this is yet another manifestation of “Too many (blows to St. Andrew’s reputation), too soon”?

I imagine that St. Andrew has become a liability to the “vaccines-cause-autism” crowd and will soon find himself an “unperson”. Watch for the recent “editorials” praising St. Andrew and demonising his critics to disappear down “memory holes” soon, along the lines of those people now claiming that Andy Wakefield’s studies were never used to link the MMR vaccine to autism.

After all, they’ve gotten away with it before. Remember how autism used to be a “misdiagnosis of mercury poisoning” before it was “revealed” that “it’s not just about mercury, it’s all the other ‘toxins’, bacteria and viruses…”?

George Orwell would be so proud…


Alas, poor Yorack….. you’ve lost a favorite whipping boy. What next? And Deer Brian– what will he do without the focus of his obsession? Alack, aday.

“Grandma”, it is obvious you don’t read much of this blog, or even much of Brian Deer’s journalism. Perhaps you should broaden your horizons and actually read something other than the echo chamber of JABS and AoA.

If I was looking for a good example of collective triumphalism, where should I go?

You could google the Hannah Poling case.

‘along the lines of those people now claiming that Andy Wakefield’s studies were never used to link the MMR vaccine to autism.’

That’s a case of exceptional literal thinking, when they choose it. It was actually at the Press release of the study that Wakefield made the claim, not in the research paper. Personally I think only a Red Rizla gets in the way of the truth here. A Red Rizla made of rice paper.
And now Krigsman has walked the plank, too! Any bets on ‘Try me shithead’ Carol Stott?

Has anyone had confirmation that Dr Krigsman has left TH? Their press office confirmed Dr Wakefield’s departure but not so far Dr K’s. Very interesting history to the Dr Stott mentioned. Her name is not listed on the TH site as staff – only in past papers. Apology for repetition if already mentioned but there’s another withdrawn paper – Hewitson, Wakefield and Stott amongst the authors – the primate research project. She’s currently listed as staff at .

Regarding Dr. Krigsman, this is the latest message from Jane Johnson:

“Dr. Krigsman’s decision to relocate his clinical practice to a facility outside Thought House reflects his belief that the complexities inherent in a referral-based practice can be best addressed by his working independently. We will continue to refer patients for GI evaluations
when appropriate, and we look forward to continuing to work with Dr. Krigsman on research projects. We are grateful to Dr. Krigsman for his dedication to Thoughtful House and for the work he does on behalf of the children we serve.

Just to be clear, this is official.”

Have any of you seen the ten part interview on Dr Joseph Mercola’s website of Dr Wakefield?
Have any of you read the 250 page report that Wakefield wrote regarding the safety testing of the MMR vaccine?
Have any of you pre-ordered Dr Wakefield’s latest book titled “Callous Disregard”?
I have and all of you should before you judge this man who truly cares about the welfare and well being of autistic children all over the world.
Shame on this web site and shame on Brian Deer. Surely Mr Deer you are a paid minion of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Cris, shame on you for assuming that everyone is unaware of these things.

If you did a small amount of searching on this very site you would see that the interview was discussed. Wakefield has been discussed so many times and has been found wanting. Wakefield having a book or a report does not change the evidence against his work or the ethical problems related to it. I could write a 250 page report about the existance of faries but that would not make me correct.


Have any of you seen the ten part interview on Dr Joseph Mercola’s website of Dr Wakefield?
Have any of you read the 250 page report that Wakefield wrote regarding the safety testing of the MMR vaccine?
Have any of you pre-ordered Dr Wakefield’s latest book titled “Callous Disregard”?
I have and all of you should before you judge this man who truly cares about the welfare and well being of autistic children all over the world.

Wow, you are clever, Cris. Get me to buy Wakers’ book and view his propaganda in the interest of balance.

No thanks. I’m not going to line that quack’s pockets anymore than I have to.

Good point, I am not going to buy Wakefield’s evidence. If he wants to do science he can write some journal articles. If he publishes in a halfway decent journal I can read it for free. A book does not have to be reviewed, someone just needs to be willing to publish it.


Have any of you pre-ordered Dr Wakefield’s latest book titled “Callous Disregard”?

No, but I own a copy of Autism’s False Prophets, which probably has a more accurate narrative of the events. Though I did go to the Amazon page and vote for these tags:
un-scientific hoax(43)
scientific fraud(41)
anti-intellectu alism(40)
medical fraud(40)
callous disregard of facts(13)
junk science(13)

Have any of you seen the ten part interview on Dr Joseph Mercola’s website of Dr Wakefield?
Have any of you read the 250 page report that Wakefield wrote regarding the safety testing of the MMR vaccine?
Have any of you pre-ordered Dr Wakefield’s latest book titled “Callous Disregard”?
I have and all of you should before you judge this man who truly cares about the welfare and well being of autistic children all over the world.

Of course it’s extremely unlikely that Wakefield’s upcoming book will contain anything that will convince a rational, unbiased audience that his actions were ethical and justified. If such evidence existed, surely it would have come out in the GMC hearing.

But even if we granted for the sake of argument that Wakefield’s upcoming book might contain something matching that description …

… why is Cris under the apparent impression that merely pre-ordering the book somehow conveys that knowledge?? Reading the book, yes, but what led Cris to believe that he actually became more fit to judge Wakefield just by clicking the “pre-order” button on Amazon? (I believe the answer to that is “wishful thinking.”)

Hmmm, so is this a case of someone under the pay of Big-Wakefield? Big-antivax?

To use a line from Cris’ post
Surely Cris you are a paid minion of the anti-vaccination industry.

Not that I am serious about that but it seems that this behavior is more in line with someone actually shilling for something than Orac’s behavior. I mean, it directly asks us to pre-order something.

Have any of you seen the ten part interview on Dr Joseph Mercola’s website of Dr Wakefield?


Have any of you read the 250 page report that Wakefield wrote regarding the safety testing of the MMR vaccine?

Yes. It was a load of bollocks.

Have any of you pre-ordered Dr Wakefield’s latest book titled “Callous Disregard”?

Why on earth would I want to enrich that quack? If he’ll send me a review copy I’d read it. Otherwise, forget it.

I have and all of you should before you judge this man who truly cares about the welfare and well being of autistic children all over the world.

“Cares about autistic children”? He sure has a funny way of showing it, subjecting them to unnecessary invasive medical procedures and all sorts of quackery.

Shame on this web site and shame on Brian Deer. Surely Mr Deer you are a paid minion of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Pharma shill gambit.

Very lame.

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Extend Human Lifespan by up to 30% or more! Coenzyme Q10 has been found to Double Life
Span in Experimental Animals with Activity Level of the Oldest Animals equal to the Youngest!

Using their false guise as “the friend of the people” and the “peoples’ protector,” the capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires also intends to use the Surgeon General to front the false propaganda campaign attacking dietary supplements and the Democratic control of Congress to try to abolish the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, which has allowed the U.S. masses to extend their life span and quality of life through taking dietary supplements. In addition to waging both economic and biological warfare against the masses in order to reduce the population by bringing people to an earlier death (see below), the capitalists intend to implement the Codex Alimentarius, a United Nations protocol adopted by many countries including the United States and all countries of the European Union, which abolishes in some cases and severely restricts in others the right of people to take herbs and dietary supplements, especially megadoses of antioxidants, which have shown to be beneficial in cancer, heart disease and to extend lifespan of experimental animals up to 40%. As mentioned above, Coenzyme Q10, is documented to double the mean life expectancy of experimental animals, with the activity level of the oldest animals equal to that of the youngest. (Coenzyme Q, the Immune System and Aging by Emil G. Bliznakov, 1981 Elsevier/North Holland Biomedical Press.) Coenzyme Q10 is found in all cells of the body; low amounts are associated with aging and disease states of bioenergetics from congestive heart failure (CHF) to several types of cancer. Hundreds of scientific papers are deliberately hidden by publishing them all together in such totally obscure journals such as the Clinical Investigator and Molecular Aspects of Medicine, but only rarely in mainstream medical journals. Both CHF and metastatic breast cancer in women, e.g., are completely reversed with megadoses of CoQ10! This is covered up and downplayed even by the dietary supplement industry because after any ban on antioxidants, etc. they want to sell a lot more than just CoQ10! (See below.)

The Codex Alimentarius Bans Dietary Supplements!

The so-called World Trade Organization (WTO) has adopted the Codex Alimentarius and in 2004 abolished virtually all dietary supplements in the Europe Union (EU) through the European Food Supplement Directive, although it is still supposedly being fought in the courts primarily by fake “opposition” in those EU countries by pathetically going through the motions. WTO regulations specify that no member country can have a law which is in conflict with a WTO regulation, and on that basis and the recently concocted false claims based on entirely fraudulent “studies” and “reports” (see below) the United States government intends to try to abolish the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), approved by Congress under unanimous popular demand and to arbitrarily ban and/or severely restrict virtually all dietary supplements in the United States under Obama! In the United States the Democrats were initially chosen by the capitalists to try to overturn the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 because their constituency trusts the Democrats slightly more than the Republicans due to the Democrats’ previous historical support of the New Deal and Social Programs, support which polls document has largely eroded and which exists now largely for demagogic purposes of deceiving the masses as Obama’s daily demagogy demonstrates. In 2003 the Democrats introduced the so-called Dietary Supplement “Safety” Act (S.722), the purpose of which is to essentially act as a first step to gradually render void the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA).

S.722 defined “adverse dietary supplement experience” as “an adverse event that is associated with the use of a dietary supplement in a human, without regard to whether the event is known to be causally related to the dietary supplement.” (!) This employs clumsy false post hoc ergo propter hoc reasoning and was done in order to provide the basis for the false claims later reported by the FDA American Association of Poison Control Centers in the New York Times (see below). Because of the widespread public protest against that pending legislation and in order for the FDA to build up a “data base” of false reports (see below) actual passage of that legislation was put on hold until the Democrats again took control of Congress. After the Democrats’ “victory” in the 2006 Midterm elections, the Democrats, in order to insure “bipartisan support” and easier passage by the Fascist Usurper Bush (see further below), chose Republicans Peter Roskam (R-IL) and Charles Grassley (R-IA), backed by Durbin and McCain, to start the ball rolling by introducing bills (H.R. 1249 and S.762) in order to try falsely classify DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) as an anabolic steroid and controlled substance, which according to definition in the U.S government’s own Medline Medical Dictionary, it is neither.

In January 2007 the FDA American Association of Poison Control Centers released a completely fraudulent Big Lie so-called “national data base” entirely constructed of whole cloth, which falsely claimed “1.6 million adverse reactions (!), 125,595 poisonings (!) and 230 deaths (!) due to dietary supplements from 1983 to 2004” (!) (See: The New York Times “Science Section”, January 16, 2007 and CBS Nightly News with Miss Goody Two Shoes, Katie Couric, January 15, 2007), when the reality is that there have been NO DEATHS WHATSOEVER directly caused by taking dietary supplements alone!

Only on February 2, 2007, 2 weeks later, did an obscure “Correction” appear on the bottom of page F6 of the New York Times so-called “Science Section,” stating that the previously reported number of “poisonings” referred only to reported “exposures” (!) and that the “National Poison Control database “does not even have a category for poisoning incidents!” “Exposures!” (!) That sounds almost as bad! The database then claims that all it does report is the category of “exposures and adverse reactions for various dietary supplements, which are not defined nor verified as being caused by dietary supplements!” This is the actual contrived, fraudulent “definition” in the S. 722 legislation! (See above.) The entire incident—releasing the initial Big Lie report designed as a provocation to terrorize and confuse the maximum number of people and raise the fear level of dietary supplements, which is then followed by the obscure retraction (“correction”) which few people see, is a standard media technique used to brainwash the masses used in all areas of politics in addition to dietary supplements.

Actually the lone death due to vitamins intake up to 1994 was due to Vitamin A due to eating Polar Bear liver—not vitamin pills! In 2003 it was covered up by the media but later blipped briefly that the death of Baltimore Orioles pitcher Steve Belcher, which was supposedly due to taking the herb Ephedra was actually due to heat stroke when he collapsed with a core temperature of 106 degrees Fahrenheit in Florida. Belcher had a previous history of heat stroke in high school, which heightens the probability of reoccurrences; he was overweight, unfit and unacclimatized. He also had pre-existing hypertension and liver problems and had a family history of sudden death from exercise (his half-brother died at age 20 of an aneurysm while playing baseball). He had not eaten solid food for 2 days to try to lose weight and took 3 capsules every morning, which could not possibly have raised the core body temperature to 106. This fraud is all the U.S. government could come up with up until 2003 to attack dietary supplements as “dangerous” and now we are asked to suspend disbelief in yet another Big Lie with their false claim of 230 deaths due to dietary supplements! The truth is that dietary supplements alone have caused NO deaths whatsoever!

Such information on claimed “deaths” due to “dietary supplement poison” would have been released on the spot whenever they occurred if they had actually occurred, but they did not occur, and the U.S. government knows that they did not occur. There is a zero mortality rate for dietary supplement versus prescription drugs which kill over 100,000 people in the U.S. alone every year due to known “side effects.” But the Codex Alimentarius is NOT really being implemented merely for drug company profits or control, but for political/demographic objectives to bring an increasing number of the population to an earlier death by depriving the masses of dietary supplements which keep them healthy and extend their life in that part of the world where there is no overt starvation, but where a significant percentage of people are forced to eat McDonalds and other fast food garbage. On the other hand no diet alone, restriction diet or otherwise, will double lifespan. (See further below.) Media focus on caloric restriction diets is for the sole purpose of diverting attention from megadoses of antioxidants, especially Coenzyme Q10, combined with interval training and no meat in the diet and the daily inclusion of oatmeal, an approach which can indeed double lifespan.

The legislation known as the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) attracted the greatest citizen/constituent input of any legislation for that year, and since. That input by the U.S. population overwhelmingly supported the right of Americans to take dietary supplements without undue interference and regulation of the FDA and or control by the pharmaceutical industry or any other government agency. Prior to and in support of passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act in 1994 this writer, a physician and medical researcher by training, sent all 535 Members of Congress a copy of a review paper he authored on antioxidants based on the review of over 330 papers and abstracts. Library research by this writer revealed 2 bodies of literature in one! The overwhelming majority of research papers for over 50 years have supported the use of antioxidants in heart disease, cancer and longevity. However, a tiny number of papers all written by the same small group of individuals ruthlessly attacked antioxidants. The conclusions asserted in this latter group of papers were clearly unsupported, faulty on numerous bases, unquestionably biased and false and deliberately fraudulent. Vitamin C and Vitamin E, were demonstrated in the overwhelming majority of papers to be able to increase mean life span by up to 30% or more and Coenzyme Q-10 doubled mean life expectancy in one paper, as mentioned above This writer has been taking megadoses of antioxidants ever since he has been 14 years old and today looks over 20 years younger than his 68 years. Based on his findings and comprehensive review of the literature on antioxidants and his own personal experience in 2004 this writer requested and was effectively denied the right to appear before the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions and Commerce Committee and give testimony concerning that legislation sponsored by Senators Durbin, McCain, Clinton, Harkin, Feinstein and Schumer.

Campaign Uses Multiple Fraudulent “Studies”
To Falsely Discredit Dietary Supplements!

In order to provide a false pretext and provide a fraudulent momentum to try to ban megadoses of antioxidants and restrict the use of DHEA and herbs and other dietary supplements taken by millions of people the capitalists have carried out in the last several years a series of large heavily hyped but mostly deliberately uncontrolled deliberately fraudulent studies on older populations with multiple organ disease, which did not use properly significant amounts of antioxidants and other dietary supplements. These studies heavily-hyped by the capitalist media were deliberately contrived Frauds—not “flawed” or “Dangerously Dumb” as falsely claimed by the loyal, fake opportunist so-called “opposition,” such as Julian Whitaker, Gary Null, Stephen Sinatra, William Falloon, etc. terms which are deliberately designed to attribute good faith to those medical Fascists who carry out such deliberately fraudulent extremely large and virtually totally uncontrolled Studies.” These fake opposition figures from Julian Whitaker to Gary Null to the obsequious William Falloon of “Life Extension,” who have written well-documented articles and even books supporting the use of dietary supplements, are all part of the capitalist system and all want their piece of the pie if the U.S. government actually succeeds in banning dietary supplements. These scoundrels who go through the motions of “opposition” are just as guilty as the politicians and drug companies, who want to ban dietary supplements. Gary Null, Julian Whitaker, Stephen Sinatra and William Falloon are millionaire capitalists themselves or their front men and calculate that they will still be able to sell whatever useless items the capitalists still might permit to be sold if the government succeeds in banning megadose antioxidants and other dietary supplements!

Despite the fact that the dietary supplement industry has deliberately omitted all mention of the primary political/demographic (population reduction) motive for the capitalists’ attacks on dietary supplements, Life Extension and Health and Healing have published excellent referenced refutations of the various fraudulent “studies” attacking antioxidants and other dietary supplements. For example see: The capitalists are attempting to set the stage to ban dietary supplements one after the other on the bases of these contrived, clumsily fraudulent so-called “studies,” which have attacked virtually every major dietary supplement with the Big Lie conclusion that they are either useless or even dangerous! See above! See also the ridiculous Wall Street Journal, March 20, 2006, full front page/2 page broadside in the B Section falsely labeled “The Case Against Vitamins.” Even more absurd was the fraudulent claim that “Low-Fat Diet Does Not Cut Health Risks Study Finds,” front page New York Times, February 8, 2006, where the studies participants maintained a 29% fat level in their diet while controls maintained a statistically insignificant 35%. (!) Talk about fraudulent studies!

The Escalating Drumbeat to Falsely Discredit Dietary Supplements
Continues With the Attack on the So-Called “Dirty Dozen!”

On August 2, 2010 the capitalist dictatorship launched a massive high profile media attack against 10 different herbs plus Germanium and Colloidal Silver. The truth is that herbs are rarely-to-never taken without knowledge of their effects gained either from books on herbology or alternative medical practitioners. In addition, herbs are taken in small amounts and despite the claims of morbidity from taking the herbs on the “FDA’s “dirty dozen” list there have been no deaths. On the other hand, as mentioned below prescription drugs actually kill over 100,000 people each year in the United States alone!! Yet the FDA continues to grants approval to these poisons masquerading as medicines. In the TV advertisements the drug companies are now required to list the side effects of their phony death dealing so-called “medicines.” Those who read what appears there on a backdrop of supposedly contented patients (tra la la!) should be rightly scared half to death.

The truth is that the herbs improve the health of a vast number of people without the side effects of prescription drugs which are far worse and which often include suicide and other fatal side effects. GERMANIUM, for example, extends lifespan and does for a fact strengthen the immune system. COLLOIDAL SILVER is effective for a wide range of ailments. Naturally the FDA wants to ban it. KAVA is an excellent anti-anxiety and sleep medication (with no fatal side effects!) But already KAVA is banned in Europe is due to the implementation of the Codex Alimentarius there. Europe also bans megadoses of antioxidants, etc! (See above.) YOHIMBE is an excellent aphrodisiac but it as a competitor of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. The side effects of Yohimbe are inconsequential in comparison to the side effect of the prescription drugs which can cause PRIAPISM, an erection lasting more than 4 hours which is due to clotting of blood in the penis. This can in result in permanent loss of function and in rare cases necessitate AMPUTATION!!!! Priapsim does not occur with Yohimbe. The capitalists are in control and have simply banned the competition based on a false pretext. The capitalist dictatorship wants to reduce the overall population in the United States and naturally wants to eliminate anything such as dietary supplements which genuinely makes people healthier or live longer. Reducing the population was a primary objective of the so-called Obama Healthcare Overhaul which cut over $500 billion from Medicare/Medicaid, turns all of healthcare over to the insurance industry and does not take full effect until after 3 years when most of those who passed it, against 58% opposition of the American people (!), will be long gone. Note that Medicare took effect THE VERY NEXT DAY after it was passed by Congress because it genuinely improved peoples’ health! “Obamacare” is designed to increase healthcare rationing to such a degree that people have their healthcare requests for tests and treatment denied so often and to such a degree that eventually they do not even attempt to see a physician when they are sick, but wait until they are at or near death. (See above.)

The attack on the so-called “dirty dozen” health supplements means that the capitalist dictatorship is intensifying the attack on dietary supplements and megadose antioxidants and may decide to use EXECUTIVE DECREE to enforce compliance with the Codex Alimentarius as in Europe where there was no DSHEA. The Obama regime has already used Executive Decree to permanently end the Social Security Cost of Living Allowance in order to abolish the FUNCTION of Social Security, which is to keep older people alive. Note that a Federal District Court easily overturned Obama’s stem cell Executive Decree which supposedly opened up more stem cell lines for research. News reports made no mention that the ruling would even be appealed.

Although the analysis of dietary supplements might appear to be a small issue in comparison with the other matters analyzed here it is significant in that it demonstrates that capitalism is fundamentally based on war and mass murder and crime at every level and will leave no stone unturned in expression of that dialectic and furthermore demonstrates that only a Socialist Revolution in the United States can permanently end such threats to peoples’ security at every level and guarantee a world with a sustainable future unlike capitalism, which guarantees a world with no future. Under capitalism all news is bad news. Today we live in a bureaucratic, military police state, a step short of Fascism known as Rule by Decree, which is a form of Bonapartism, as in Napoleon Bonaparte. Capitalism is presently in its Final Stage of Permanent War and State Terrorism. Today 95% of New Yorkers and presumably the majority of Americans agree given the choice that we need a new system based on human need not private profit. That means Socialism, and because of the one-way dynamic (development sequence) of capitalism, which is entirely independent of the wills of the capitalists and politicians themselves and which leads to Fascism, barbarism and finally the end of civilization, capitalism cannot be turned into Socialism. This means that capitalism cannot be reformed. Therefore we need a Socialist Revolution in the United States. The capitalist dictatorship rules by a combination of force and deception. Therefore, a Socialist Revolution can only be carried out by first disarming the capitalists and simultaneously exposing their primary weapon of deception, the Presidential “elections” and all elections by extension under capitalism, all of which perpetuate the number one Big Lie of capitalism, namely that capitalism can be reformed, which it cannot because of the above-described dynamic. Disarming the capitalists is thus the precondition for carrying out a Socialist Revolution in the United States as it was in Russia in 1917! Disarming the capitalist dictatorship is accomplished by calling for MUTINY in all U.S. armed forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, etc (the U.S. has a military presence in 130 countries) as in Vietnam, the real reason and the ONLY reason the Vietnam War ended in 1975! Because it was not led by Communists the immediate evacuation of all U.S. forces from Vietnam in days and hours quelled that mutiny.. Today the call for MUTINY must come from stateside and can only take place if it is organized by a genuine Communist Party, which must be built. Organization is dealt with elsewhere.


In the background is also the matter of Vaccinosis. Vaccinosis is a clinical syndrome which results from multiple, repeated, bivalent or polyvalent vaccination and is expressed in 2 ways: 1.) Cancer, where the immune system is weakened, and 2.) Autoimmune Disease, where the immune system is damaged in a way that causes the body to attack itself. An example of the latter includes autism in children. While vaccination against Polio and tetanus, along with Rubella vaccination especially for girls so they do not develop German measles during pregnancy, all may be justified and have not been generally associated with an increased amount of autoimmune disease or cancer, Autism in children is indeed associated with the increased vaccination of children for childhood diseases (especially with polyvalent vaccines) including mumps, measles, chickenpox and whooping cough, which heretofore always provided immunity for life in an era when there was virtually no autism! And the increased amount of autism has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with “previous failure to diagnose or previous misdiagnosis” of that condition, which is a deliberately concocted pretext by the perpetrators of the increased rate of autism: the capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires and the pharmaceutical companies. That is clearly the case today with multiple and polyvalent vaccinations of children and everyone else for every conceivable organism except the organisms which cause pandemics which the U.S.-led Biowarfare criminals want to employ to reduce specific populations (AIDS) or the population in general. The H1N1 “Swine Flu” and the H5N1 Bird Flu are examples. The coming next wave of the so-called “H1N1 Swine Flu,” will probably be a variant of the 1918 Spanish Flu Virus and has nothing to do with swine except for those employed by the U.S. Department of Biowarfare. In the fall of 2009 the capitalist dictatorship decided to put a temporary hold on this second wave of Swine Flu due to the fact that U.S. masses which are targeted for large-scale population reduction (extermination), showed that they did not even trust their dictatorship enough to be vaccinated against the common flu, much less the Swine Flu. The fact that the overwhelming majority of parents now understand that the so-called “childhood vaccinations” for Mumps, Measles and Rubella are the direct cause of autism in genetically susceptible individuals also has helped build a healthy fear of unneeded vaccinations! So, it was decided to try to accomplish the population reduction by using the Economic Crisis/Depression as a weapon to wage economic warfare against the masses to bring down the living standard and reduce the population in accordance with the requirements of Globalism—competition worldwide among the capitalists for the lowest salaried workers. They accomplish this through false claims of “required austerity to correct the budget deficit,” rather than simply instituting a Progressive Tax Structure and using the standard capitalist solution of Keynesian Deficit Spending to create jobs which stimulate DEMAND, the engine of the economy. The capitalists are doing everything possible to reduce demand in the economy by laying off and freezing salaries of government workers and supposedly relying on “Supply-Side/Bush-Obama Tax-Cut Economics,” explained by Ronald Reagan’s economic czar David Stockman as a sham with the objective of diverting money from social spending. In addition, U.S. Taxes are collected on only the first $106,800 of income rather than taxing ALL income with no exceptions. The top tax rate for millionaires and billionaires is only 27.9% but they do not even pay that. They pay the capital gains tax rate of 15% and sixty-six percent of U.S. businesses pay no tax at all. They’ve drained us dry!

The Reconstructed 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic Virus with Slight Adaptations
Is On Hand Ready to be Released as the “Second Wave of the Swine Flu!”

The virus which caused the H1N1 1918 Spanish Flu has recently been dug up, sequenced, restructured and tested and found to be suitably virulent for reduction of the so-called “population demographic.” See Terrence M. Tumpey et al, in the October 7, 2005 Science: “Characterization of the Reconstructed 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic Virus.” The capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires has decided to temporarily delay “the next wave” of Swine Flu and have also decided to put “on hold” a world Avian Flu (Bird Fly) Pandemic at the present time, preferring for now to employ economic war alone to bring the masses to an earlier death while denying that as the obvious motive for their actions! But those population reduction options are still on the table for the future! In the meantime the U.S. government deliberately continues with these life-shortening multiple and polyvalent vaccinations for the very same reason that they are have designed a World Pandemic Swine Flu Virus—to bring people to an earlier death—to “solve the overpopulation demographic” in the capitalist way. See Materialist Analysis of the Obama Regime, Part I. It should be noted that routine Smallpox vaccination was halted in 1972 when it was claimed the risks of complications from the vaccination outweighed the threat of the disease. In 1982 Anthony Fauci, head of NIAID and Director of the U.S. Department of Biological Warfare, and presently the world’s Number One Biowarfare Criminal, who has also insinuated himself as the Editor of Harrison’s Textbook of Internal Medicine in order to censor all articles on basic medical practice. At this time he is still editor. Fauci also blocked development of the Panicalli/Paoletti Recombinant Vaccine for genital herpes in 1981 under the false pretext that the risk of meningitis from the vaccinia-based recombinant vaccine was “so great” its use was contraindicated. But the vaccinia-based Smallpox vaccine had been used previously to vaccinate hundreds of millions of people worldwide for generations and eliminated the scourge of Smallpox with very few side effects and very few fatalities.

The U.S. government has meanwhile gone to great lengths to prevent development of an effective AIDS vaccine, first permitting work to be carried out only on vaccines which use the AIDS envelope lipoprotein. The U.S. government (NIH) refuses any funding of an AIDS vaccine which utilizes the viral RNA itself under the false pretext that the vaccine might infect people. This is despite the fact that deleting the SOR gene makes it impossible for the virus to replicate and would permit use of virtually all of the AIDS RNA to be used in the vaccine, minus the SOR gene. This would make an extremely effective recombinant vaccine but BioWarfare Criminal Anthony Fauci, & Co. and the U.S. Department of Biological Warfare do not permit that to occur. The field of AIDS vaccine “research” has been deliberately misled by various red herrings and presently degenerated into multiple dead ends such as the most recent studies of “new neutralizing monoclonal antibodies.” Previously the “intelligence community” has sidetracked research with the V520 vaccine which contained a weakened adenovirus (an adenovirus—a cold virus—seriously!?) which supposedly “produced T cells to kill HIV-infected cells.” Right! That “vaccine” and others like it were a ridiculous joke and resulted in total failure but it was good for a several year delay!

To take it to the ridiculous, on February 22, 2006 the falsely named Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s immunization advisory committee has now recommended (by unanimous vote—no disagreement is tolerated in this club!) that all children between 6 months and 5 years old should be vaccinated against influenza. That means every child in this age group may be compelled to undergo flu vaccination every year! Look for an enormous increase in autoimmune disease and cancer in those who receive these vaccinations, which of course are to be added to the other vaccinations they are now sometimes forced to receive as mentioned above! See below. The claim that 153 children in this age group died in 2003-2004 from flu is a false argument for vaccination when they do not describe the circumstances of those deaths and other complicating factors, which could have contributed to the fatal outcomes, and when they know that a far higher percentage will go on to develop life-shortening autoimmune disease and cancer as current statistics also reveal! Which happens to be the population reduction objective of the ever-hardening capitalist dictatorship! Recall that the so-called Center for Disease Control is where the capitalists brag in the March 23, 2005 Wall Street Journal that they have created their human-to-human strain of the H5N1 Bird Flu virus and the Reconstructed 1918 Spanish Flu virus.

In a Clumsy Act of Desperation to Try to Intimidate the Masses to Accept Vaccination
The Capitalist Dictatorship has Launched a Full-Scale Big Lie Media Attack Against the
First Researcher who Documented that Munps Measles and Rubella Vaccines Directly
Cause Autism in Genetically Susceptible Children! Methinks They Protest Too Much!

Methinks They Protest Too Much! The epidemic of autism began in the late 1980’s and by 2007 Autism was found in every 150 children (!), according to ABC News, November 1, 2007. The New York Times, December 18, 2009 reported that figure has now increased: approximately so that one in a hundred 8-year old children now have autism, Asperger’s Syndrome or pervasive developmental disorder, otherwise known as autism spectrum disorders (ASD)! The most bizarre response of the capitalist dictatorship to “bar Dr. Andrew J. Wakefield from practicing medicine in Britain,” (Associated Press, May 24, 2010) and the full-scale media attack launched through the discredited British Medical Journal (January 6, 2011), with a FOX journalist backed by the full BMJ editorial board absurdly alleging “elaborate fraud” simply reemphasizes Wakefield’s importance and the widespread recognition that the mumps, measles and Rubella vaccinations of children ARE INDEED THE PRIMARY CAUSE OF AUTISM! In February 2009, 12 years (!) after its publication, the capitalist dictatorship and the pharmaceutical companies finally forced the retraction of Andrew Wakefield’s 1998 article in the British medical journal, The Lancet. That article first conclusively documented multiple developmental disorders in children directly associated with receiving primarily polyvalent vaccination for mumps, measles and rubella, including: autism 75%, disintegrative psychosis (one child), possible postviral or vaccinal encephalitis (two children) plus all had ”intestinal abnormalities ranging from lymphoid nodular hyperplasia similar to that found in Crohn’s Disease (an autoimmune disease) to aphthoid ulcertion.” Note: One child had received monovalent measles vaccine. [Citation: “Ileal-lymphoid hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive developmental disorder in children,” The Lancet, Vol. 351, Issue 9103, February 28, 1998.] Wakefield’s only error was in not waiting a wee bit longer and publishing a study which included a much, much larger number of patients. Today there are 1.8 million children with autism in the United States and a comparable number as a percentage of the population in the UK and wherever the MMR vaccines are administered, with an annual increase of 20% in new cases in the US! Dr. Wakefield has published over 140 original scientific articles, book chapters, and invited scientific commentaries. His website,, lists multiple much larger epidemiological studies which found the very same result: cause and effect with the MMR trivalent vaccine and autism in children and demonstrate that Dr. Wakefield’s results are 100% “repeatable” in spades! His website also lists 48 organizations dedicated to getting the truth out about autism with their contact information.

The smear campaign against Wakefield is designed to make it appear as if he is the only person who has made the direct cause and effect association between childhood vaccinations in children and the sudden appearance of autism in children, when in fact that is the opinion of the overwhelming majority of those individuals who have objectively examined the issue, as well as the finding of multiple other clinical research studies which found the very same result. See above. The truth is that the parents of the children who have been handed a diagnosis of autism along with the MMR trivalent vaccination of their children made the association without any assistance whatsoever from Dr. Andrew Wakefield whose paper and others merely confirmed their already firm beliefs! The medical establishment is in complete unethical alliance with the drug companies and the capitalist dictatorship itself obviously, as documented above and herein and of course lines up against Wakefield and the parents and their children! The false claim that childhood vaccinations such as MMR do NOT cause autism is another textbook example of the Big Lie Technique and readers should review the explanation of the Big Lie Technique provided above. Note that it probably did not take too hefty a bribe or too many threats or harassment, all of which were indubitably utilized to cause 10 of the original 13 authors of Wakefield’s original paper to now “denounce” both that paper and Wakefield. Note: that all 13 authors of that paper fully supported the paper, its methods and its conclusions at publication! Note that there was no “conflict of interest” because Wakefield declared to the Lancet that he was employed by the group of parents who sued vaccine manufacturers for alleged vaccine damage of their children. The claim by Richard Horton, then editor of the Lancet, that he had “not been told” has as much truth as all of the other false allegations and Big Lies being presently lodged against Wakefield, who has the credibility in this issue. Not his accusers!

The capitalists’ so-called “intelligence community” believes that it may be able to intimidate parents to accept the TOTALLY UNNECESSARY VACCINATIONS of their children by “taking down” Dr. Andrew Wakefield. But that is NOT going to happen! No matter what they do they can NOT destroy Wakefield’s credibility! The capitalists’ so-called “intelligence community” has pulled out all the stops in targeting Dr. Andrew Wakefield, using a Rupert Murdoch (Fox News, NY Post, Wall Street Journal, London Times, etc.) stooge who has been assigned since 2003 to try to discredit Wakefield! The hugely discredited British Medical Journal, January 5, 2011, began the attack by publishing a false but heavily hyped hatchet job on Wakefield by a journalist, which was later synopsized in the New York Times (January 6, 2011), etc. and reported on CNN on January 7, 2011 (Anderson Cooper 360!) and of course Fox News! The capitalists believe that if they can intimidate and brainwash parents to accept the MMR vaccination, then that can be used to try to further intimidate the U.S. masses to get “vaccinated” against Swine Flu, or vaccinated for whatever they say whenever they say, which is an important step in getting the masses to accept their own widespread slaughter as part of U.S. Biowarfare operations. The reason for this is that even by using highly infectious and lethal organisms (see above) the Department of Biological Warfare cannot infect everyone but “vaccinations,” which themselves can contain other diseases or potentially can cause conditions other than vaccinosis, can reach many more people if the population is thoroughly brainwashed and accepts them. Simultaneously the U.S. Department of Biological Warfare and U.S. pharmaceutical industry, which work closely together and are actually a revolving door, are presently organizing the drug store chains to carry out a “Get a Flu Vaccine Shot” campaign being carried out e.g. in Walgreens and Duane Reade and right out onto the city streets in a HARD-SELL SCARE CAMPAIGN!

Articles in various medical journals pretend to be concerned about “what possibly could be the cause” of such an increase in autism, but then cite no credible reason and disavow childhood vaccinations as the obvious cause! (Scientists Remain “Baffled by Increase in Autism!) Right, sure! Also, the truth is that the mercury preservatives in vaccines may aggravate autism, but are definitely not the main cause. It is the polyvalent vaccinations themselves. This was proved when the so-called “intelligence community” organized groups of parents to insist that it was “that mercury (alone) in the preservatives” which caused autism. This is an example of straw man disinformation. When it was easily proved that eliminating the mercury from the vaccines did not decrease the astronomical increase in autism, which has continued, then the whole argument that vaccines cause autism was supposed to collapse “like a straw man.” But it did not collapse and the focus properly fell on the vaccines themselves not the mercury! Today it is widely recognized that vaccines alone cause autism in children, especially multiple, bivalent and trivalent vaccinations! In another desperate attempt to discredit the truth and reality the capitalist dictatorship is trying to make it appear as if the entire case rests on one person and one research paper, WHICH THEY REFUSE TO REPRINT so that people can not make their own choice. Instead the media prints long screeds and rant of a journalist (!) not a physician or researcher, attacking the original Wakefield paper and the lead author, which are published in the British Medical Journal, January 5, 2011. (!) Oy! This is yet another clumsy attempt to employ the straw man method of trying to falsely discredit obvious cause and effect. Supposedly by attacking Wakefield, the primary author of the first paper, who is a well-known proponent of the association of childhood vaccinations and autism, then the reality of cause and effect will supposedly just disappear and collapse like a straw man! It does not disappear and it will never disappear!

Note that autoimmune disease is also very easy to observe in cats and dogs. The pharmaceutical industry recommends vaccination on a yearly basis usually consisting of a combination trivalent vaccinations for feline distemper (panleukopenia), rhinotracheitis and calicivirus, etc. and most veterinarians sheepishly and unethically comply with this horrible and murderous “advice.” The majority of cats begin to develop either cancer or autoimmune disease like clockwork. For example, a high percentage of cats begin to develop symptoms of autoimmune disease such as hyperthyroid disease, inflammatory bowel disease, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or cancer or feline leukemia and die when they are about 11 to13 years old or even before. Dogs and cats should have only ONE such vaccination and no repeats! (Note that monovalent vaccines for cats are virtually impossible to obtain.) And the overwhelming majority of Veterinarians many of whom know about vaccinosis, go along with yearly vaccinations because 1.) yearly combination vaccinations bring in customers, 2) they get paid for treating the diseases caused by vaccinosis (!) and 3.) they are simply unethical and take their lead from the capitalist system itself which is doing the same thing to humans, where the result of increased profits of the pharmaceutical industry parasites and decreased human life span is also the objective, not simply a consequence! The recent February 12, 2009 false “decision” (!) by the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C. that vaccines don’t cause autism is just more cover-up of cause and effect, which has been firmly documented and continues to be documented every day: childhood vaccination is the chief cause of autism in those who are genetically susceptible. A good reference to learn about Vaccinosis is Pitcairn is the well-known Veterinarian/author who has worked in research and private practice for years. Also check vaccinosis on your search engine.

William H. Depperman, Coordinator
United Front Against Racism
And Capitalism-Imperialism
New York, N.Y. 10003
Revised January 8, 2011

@William H. Depperman

Your link: is invalid.

I’ve read through every comment on this page, as well as every comment on every other news outlet and also every article written by Deer and by Wakefield.

This whole thing is exaggerated and blown out of proportion by every party – not surprising. Everyone needs to get a life (including myself).

It will take a substantial amount of evidence to convince me that a vaccine is linked to autism. It will also take a substantial amount of evidence to convince me that vaccines can be guaranteed to be safe for everyone. I have read a substantial amount of research on the subject and all of it is unconvincing. There are too many questionable variables in any controlled study and too many factors to derive any statistical significance.

I seriously doubt that the whole vaccine scare can be pinned on Wakefield. Seemingly, the media is to blame, the Lancet is to blame, and the UK government is also to blame for taking away the choice of single-dose vaccines from parents.

It appears that Wakefield played a very small roll in all of this in his pitiful “early report”, which did not include a hypothesis or conclusion and was apparently only meant as a precursor to an *actual* study. His subsequent advise: to take the single-dose vaccine in place of the MMR, was over exaggerated by media, just as is this latest stream of reports ostracizing him for his insignificant faulty “early report” which should have been taken with a grain of salt to begin with. He is just *one* doctor. Every doctor is entitled to their opinion based on their expertise. I’m sure there are many other doctors who would advise the single-dose vaccine to their patients, but they don’t have the whole frig’n international media broadcasting their opinions!

The media and everyone else pro or anti-Wakefield are nothing more than zealots. This whole controversy from the get-go is a complete joke and waste of time for the entire world.

In summary, Wakefield is nothing, and never was. I resent the media for making such an initial cry over nothing. I resent Deer for continuing this bull-shit. It should have been left to die a silent death.

And it all culminates into one very ironic outcome. Now that Wakefield has gotten so much attention, thanks to Deer, he will now become a great celebrity and hero. LOL! Litigate against Deer? Ha! What a joke! Why would he? He has Deer to thank! Do you *really* think the whole population is just going to swallow this latest ring of media exaggerations without questioning? I don’t think so. Plenty will sympathize with Wakefield and his appeals to the public. You’ve now created more awareness of Wakefield and his followers than he ever could have hoped for. His book will now sell like hot-cakes and he will have more supporters than he ever could have imagined.

Nobody but fringe health nuts ever took Wakefield seriously until now… it was easy to disregard his “12 child early report”. But Wakefield is no longer so easy to ignore, thanks to Deer – blowing the perceived significance of this whole thing out of proportion and giving the impression of some kind of “conspiracy against a novel report”.

Deer and the Health authorities have really screwed themselves over this time. In the end, they will be begging Wakefield to reassure the masses of vaccine safety. Wakefield’s supporters are 100 times more anti-vaccine than Wakefield himself (who doesn’t appear to be outright against vaccines). His followers will really stir up a controversy now that they have attracted the attention they’ve been wishing for for all these years.

After all this conspiracy bull-shit: “Wakefield is trying to cash in!”, “No it’s the pharmaceuticals protecting their interests!”…. I don’t believe any of it. The only parties to blame here are Deer and the rest of the media; otherwise, none of this ever would have amounted to shit all.

I seriously doubt that the whole vaccine scare can be pinned on Wakefield. Seemingly, the media is to blame, the Lancet is to blame, and the UK government is also to blame for taking away the choice of single-dose vaccines from parents.

Right, and when public transportation usage in the American South drops, it’s the fault of the US government for taking away the choice of segregated buses. C’mon! Before Wakefield faked his evidence against the combined vaccine, no parents (barring the very, very few with an actual medical reason) had a reason to “choose” single vaccines, since they “offered” significant inconvenience with no compensating benefit.

Did “the whole vaccine scare” start and end with Wakefield? Of course not, but that’s a fallacious way to frame the debate, as “either Wakefield was solely responsible, or he shares responsibility equally with the media and the Lancet and the UK government who made the huge mistake of going with a perfectly reasonable decision that Wakefield would subsequently forge evidence to portray as an unreasonable decision.” Get real! Wakefield has been the driving force behind the MMR scare for over a decade. The media, the Lancet, and even the UK and US government have made their own mistakes which played into Wakefield’s wrongdoing, but it was Wakefield and his fraud that did the dirty deed.

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