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Hitler discusses the evidence for the chiropractic treatment of infant colic…

Given my long known weak spot for Downfall parodies (even though they are an Internet fad whose time has come and probably already gone), how on earth did I miss this?

PodBlack Cat shows me that, believe it or not, Hitler was a chiropractor. He’s been asked to talk about the use of chiropractic for infant colic (you know, the same thing that Simon Singh got in trouble in the U.K. for criticizing), but there is a most unfortunate (and hilarious) complication:

Best line: “Christ, there is more evidence that Elvis is still alive!” Well, maybe not. There are lots of good lines, and I had a hard time deciding on just one; so watch the video.

By the way, this is not safe for work. Of course, in this case I’m not sure exactly what that means, given that the subtitles that have nothing to do with the original scene have been placed over the footage. That’s rather the point of these parodies. So even if your cubicle mates can understand German, they won’t be hearing the F-bombs that Hitler so liberally drops in his rant. So, I suppose it comes down to how sensitive you are to NSFW material.

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27 replies on “Hitler discusses the evidence for the chiropractic treatment of infant colic…”

I liked the invisible fairies who were too shy to take part in scientific experiments.

Says it all right there.

My fav line, This s*** wouldn’t even convince a homeopath…. 🙂

I’ll have to use that wild dogs are better controlled line too.

Heh – I had posted something about this one too (Chiropraktischer Untergang), and I see that by a serendipitous coincidence Podblack and I posted on the same day.

Even more strangely, there is another Fuehrer mash-up on Youtube dealing with chiropractic (link at my post). However, it is one posted by one “faction” of the UK chiropractors, seemingly to tell us why they don’t like their own regulatory body which is largely made up of more “mainstream” chiropractors.

“Internecine warfare”, anyone?

So just out of curiosity, are other Chiropractic treatments valid? I know some people who swear by it…but that means nothing.

@7 as I understand it, Chiro is as good as physical therapy for lower back pain, but that’s about it as far as real efficacy goes.

If Chiropractic does nothing more than keep people away from killer pharmaceuticals produced by a for-profit, powerful advertising and lobbying industry, it is a worthwhile profession.

So I gotta ask…what is the name of the original movie? Cuz it doesn’t look like The Producers to me…


The movie is called Downfall in English, or Der Untergang in the original German.

My favoured Anglo-German term for what is happening to the UK Chiropractors at the moment is


(see here for the derivation)

@Phoenix Woman: That’s an AWESOME link. I sent it to my work email so I can pass it along to some of the medical directors I work with. Thank you.

“Christ, there is more evidence that Elvis is still alive!”

Well, Elvis was alive in 1945, after all, so the evidence that he was alive at the time of this scene was pretty good…

This parody had a lot of excellent lines. My favorite one is “I have seen wild dogs that are better controlled!”
Absolutely hilarious.

Hmmm… clicked on video, got to its youtube address. Checked for video responses and saw they numbered a big fat “0”.

Brian, you are going to have to be a bit less cryptic. Since there are several of spoofs of this particular movie clip, you should post the actual youtube URL.

We had TWO colicky babies. With the first one we tried everything to stop the average of 12-14 hours/day of crying. What she finally responded to was homeopathic treatment. The second colicky baby didn’t respond to anything but CHIRPPRACTIC. The difference was shocking. He would be screaming for HOURS and then we’d take him in there and during the adjustment, huge amounts of gas would come out. I’m not a new-age type but when in a crisis, chiropractic was a godsend.
Funny video though… 🙂


It doesn’t occur to you that releasing the gas was what helped, and that this has nothing whatsoever to do with chiropractic? Anything else that helped him pass the gas would have done the same. With much less cost.

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