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O Most Holy Pancake!

Alright, I’m officially tired of the latest Age of Autism outrage. So, while I wait for J.B. Handley to strike back (or not), let’s move on to lighter subjects for a moment. And what better to cleanse the palate of the vision of cannibals eating babies as a metaphor for those who standup for science than a little pareidolia?

Yes, it’s another Virgin Mary sighting, this time in a pancake:

Now, I’ve seen Jesus on a pancake. Heck, there’s even a site dedicated to Jesus on pancakes. Besides, others have beaten this woman to seeing Mary on a pancake. This is actually a pretty lame Virgin Mary sighting, as Virgin Mary sightings go. To me, it looks more like Emperor Palpatine hunched over and rubbing his hands together, no doubt cackling with glee.

Be that as it may, personally, I like the Holy Griddle of Mexican wrestlers upon which Mary bestowed her holy visage.

By Orac

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25 replies on “O Most Holy Pancake!”

Dang. Now I want pancakes for dinner. I’m sure this says something dreadful about my subconscious but who doesn’t have a dreadful subconscious after all?

That ‘pancake’ came out of a ‘spraycan’! Blasphemy! Has the ability to mix flour, milk, eggs, oil, and leavening together deteriorated that badly???? I could feed ten times the people on what was probably paid for that blasphemous spraycan. And they would be better pancakes too! and if they were pareidoliac pancakes they would be much better pictures!!!!!!

Everyone knows pancakes are the devil’s breakfast food. Now, waffles, on the other hand… wafles is some good wholesome sacred food.

Here in our local paper we have an interesting twist.

Eeeewwwww! I at least had my dog cremated and put in a decorative urn. (Well, it is called a “ginger jar” style.)

you know, if I could come up with a reliable method of making grilled food with images on it, I’d make a killing selling them on Ebay.

Putting the magazine next to it only conveys how terribly unconvincing and unrealistic the “image” is.

-you know, if I could come up with a reliable method of making grilled food with images on it, I’d make a killing selling them on Ebay.-

A simple staining mechanism would do it. Or get an old pan and mark the surface in some way. Magnifying glass on a hot day over already lightly cooked toast.

My god these people are annoying. It’s a freakin’ pancake!!! Just cover it with butter and Aunt Jemima and eat the damn thing.

Aunt Jemima?? Please, for the love of all that’s good, use maple syrup!

Batter Blaster is actually good. I’ve tried it and it’s fast and pretty tasty. The pancakes I make with it, however, usually come out with the image of Tom Brady.

If you turn it sideways, it looks like a turtle.

The giant turtle that carries the world on its back!!!! I have seen the truth!!!!

Or I’m a fan of turtles. As for my own pancakes, I tend to see skulls and/or Donny Osmond.

My pancakes tell me that if I got a shave, I’d look like jesus. Long hair, bathrobe, white skin, and a confused look. And that’s just the talking pancakes…

Mmm … sacrilicious. *salivating*

I didn’t check the comments because I was sure someone would have come up with this. But no? Commenters, I am so dissapointed!

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