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You knew it was coming…

…Hitler is most displeased with President Obama and what he did earlier this week:

By Orac

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8 replies on “You knew it was coming…”

Man I love these “Downfall” subtitle parodies so much!

And bonus points for the Minnesota/Michele Bachmann references at the end. She is sooooo crazy.

For those of us off the media track, what is the original title of this masterpiece?
I love it!


The clip is from the German film Downfall which follows Hitler’s last days. The scene it shows is where Hitler learns that the Red Army is approaching Berlin and there aren’t enough troops to hold the back, too many have to stay on the other front and fight the other Allies.

Now as for the clip itself…

It seems a little idealistic. I’d never underestimate the power that fear and hatred can breed and just how many pundits will line up to portray anything Obama does as pure and absolute evil, even if he brings down a kitten stuck in a tree, it will still be motivation for a foaming at the mouth rant by Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity.

And yes, nice Bachamann reference. She’s not as much as lawmaker as an escaped mental patient somehow elected as one…

Great parody.


It’s a fragment of Der Untergang, a german movie (2004) about the last ten days of Hitler’s life. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d definitely recommend it.

And yes, nice Bachamann Pelosi reference. She’s not as much as lawmaker as an escaped mental patient somehow elected as one…
fixed it for you

Anonymous @6
So you don’t think Bachmann is insane? Lets see:

She is refusing to fill in the census.
She equates homosexuality with pedophilia.
She has called for revolution against a government she has sworn to protect and defend.
She actually believes she could be the first woman president.
She offered to slit her wrists if health care passed.

There is so much more but with material this good, crazy is the least we could be calling her. Pelosi may have some issues but Bachmann is batshit, loopy, over-the-top insane.

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