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This may be a few months old, but I only just saw it the other night. Seems like it would work:

My only question is: Where is the other major monotheistic religion?

By Orac

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14 replies on “Harness the power of religion”

You don’t even need Islam. You just need for the first monotheistic sect to split, and let the bloodbath begin.

We like to focus on the Abrahamic religions because we’re more familiar with them and they tend to be more relevant to politics.

You should have uploaded the Medieval Sex Ed segment from the show, much more relevant to your blog.

“Leave the Science Fiction to the Scientists and leave the Science to the Priests”

Uhhh this isnt a few years old, this is from the Dimitri Martin show and the show itself only started last summer, so at the most a year old.

If you find this amusing, you are not insolent. You are ignorant.
The prejudice is so deeply ingrained that the authors even acknowledge as factual the self-serving propaganda depicting the same Islam they are mocking as a victim who reacted.

Ha! Cute! Religion kills so many. That’s why I prefer atheists. They are peace loving creatures that would never harm a fly. Just ask Stalin or Chairman Mao.

Hey Alan, in your weak attempt to try to make us think you’re cool, you forgot to do your research. This is a clip from “Important Things with Demetri Martin”, a show that only premiered in February of this year. So unless you worked out the bugs in your time machine, something tells me you DIDN’T see this years ago.

Just so you know for the future, nobody is impressed by people who pretend to be unimpressed with something that they claim has been around for years.

I wonder why this is only about Muslims and Christians. What about the jewish that have carrying out an ethnic cleansing in Palestine, or the Hindus who are an equal participant in the clashes with the muslims there.

If men are so wicked with religion, what would they be if without it. Benjamin Franklin

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