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Don’t worry about those giant intelligent crabs…

Yet another reason why I love The Onion:

Because giant, highly intelligent, acid-spitting crabs pose no danger to society.

Of course, certain antivaccine advocates seem to think that this parody has something to do with vaccines, which just goes to show how far down the rabbit hole they’ve gone when they think that a parody like this speaks to the truth of their cause. It also reveals a bit of their mentality in that they so easily liken life-saving vaccines to giant, acid-spitting, highly intelligent crabs.

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15 replies on “Don’t worry about those giant intelligent crabs…”

I’m not sure which part I found funniest, the baby crab that solved the Rubik’s Cube, or the queen crab that will be paraded down Times Square with all the crowds and flash photography. Hilarious!

Hilarious! But:

Of course, certain antivaccine advocates seem to think that this parody has something to do with vaccines

Linky, please? I’m just a glutton for brain-scorching stupidity.

Of course, certain antivaccine advocates seem to think that this parody has something to do with vaccines

That is probably the anti-science tone of the comedy (more of a parody of the anti-science mad scientist creates mutants movies, note to AoA: These are not documentaries). Remember, they have trouble seeing complexity in anything. Their answer to complexity is that it must be a conspiracy – nothing could be so complex that it wouldn’t be immediately clear to them, unless it is due to a conspiracy. Everything beyond the Teletubbies level is a conspiracy to some of them and maybe that is giving them too much credit.

Then there is the whole DSM-IV multiple diagnosis disorder problem they seem to have.

Not enough! I want them to go on and on. I want to see the whole story. This was just a tease.

Well..maybe if the next time I get a vaccination the stuff in the syringe gets up and solves a Rubik’s cube, MAYBE I’ll start to give some credence to this “let’s worry about the vaccines more than the vaccine-preventable diseases” stuff.

With a nod to Robster, it is unfortunate that Kwell is no longer available. With the potential for an infestation by those crabs, one needs the strongest medicine.

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