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Nazi zombies are preparing to invade the United States


Back in December, I pointed out a Norwegian movie that the Hitler Zombie definitely approves of: Dead Snow (or Død Snø in Norwegian). After all, how can you go wrong with Nazi zombies in a remote, snow bound area in Norway attacking the usual bunch of hapless but beautiful young people? I don’t know about you, but that’s all I ask for in a movie, even if I have to read subtitles or put up with dubbing.

Good news, fans of Nazi zombies! After a successful run at Sundance, Død Snø has a U.S. distribution deal:

U.S. rights to Tommy Wirkola’s “Dead Snow” have been acquired by IFC Films. Described as “a genre-bending Norweigan horror comedy,” the film debuted in the midnight section this week at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

Arianna Bocco from IFC Films negotiated the deal with Adeline Fontan Tessaur and Eva Diederix at Elle Driver, which has also sold the film to Germany (Splendid), Benelux (also Splendid), the U.K. (Entertainment One) and Canada (Seville).


Here’s hoping this means Nazi zombies will soon be invading a theater near you or showing up on IFC on cable. As a preview, I note that a bunch of clips have shown up on YouTube, one of which is particularly warped and gory.

Back to medicine and science tomorrow. Until then, here’s the official trailer:

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11 replies on “Nazi zombies are preparing to invade the United States”

Awesome news.

Going to see Outlander tonight – Vikings and a UFO dude battle a “dragon” from Outer Space…

Heartily recommended! Or should it be intestines?
Great movie (if you like the genre), and you don’t have to add “for a norwegian movie”. Quite scary in the beginning but soon goes over the top and a bit further. Much fun and hopefully we’ll se more from director Tommy Wirkola. As other have shown, splatter movies may be a viable path to director stardom.

How did I miss this post? Nazi zombies? What could be better? I have been itching for a good Zombie flick!

Rational Jen said “Click the link on my name for more…”

That was hilarious!!!

It also seems appropriate for Austin. Which is this wonderfully strange city in the middle of a state with a different kind of mind. (The high school civics field trip to the state legislature there was actually quite entertaining, nothing dull about politics there!)

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