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Welcome back, PalMD!

Good news! After an extended and distinguished stint as a coblogger on, blog bud PalMD has decided to resurrect his own blog, the place where he got started, White Coat Underground. The only difference is that this time he’s doing it as a member of the ScienceBlogs collective.

Head on over and say hi. Tell him Orac sent you.

By Orac

Orac is the nom de blog of a humble surgeon/scientist who has an ego just big enough to delude himself that someone, somewhere might actually give a rodent's posterior about his copious verbal meanderings, but just barely small enough to admit to himself that few probably will. That surgeon is otherwise known as David Gorski.

That this particular surgeon has chosen his nom de blog based on a rather cranky and arrogant computer shaped like a clear box of blinking lights that he originally encountered when he became a fan of a 35 year old British SF television show whose special effects were renowned for their BBC/Doctor Who-style low budget look, but whose stories nonetheless resulted in some of the best, most innovative science fiction ever televised, should tell you nearly all that you need to know about Orac. (That, and the length of the preceding sentence.)

DISCLAIMER:: The various written meanderings here are the opinions of Orac and Orac alone, written on his own time. They should never be construed as representing the opinions of any other person or entity, especially Orac's cancer center, department of surgery, medical school, or university. Also note that Orac is nonpartisan; he is more than willing to criticize the statements of anyone, regardless of of political leanings, if that anyone advocates pseudoscience or quackery. Finally, medical commentary is not to be construed in any way as medical advice.

To contact Orac: [email protected]

4 replies on “Welcome back, PalMD!”

Cool. You guys should get Novella over here. Don’t let him stop his other blogs, though … I just want more content from him. My understanding is that you get paid per click, so if he does it right he ought to be able to quit his job. ūüėõ

I doubt Steve would ever come over here. He has his own agenda and wants to build something his own way. It’d be cool if I were wrong, though.

Congrats to PalMD. Although I’m sure he will missed by the Hoofnagles, I hope they step in to fill the large void.

I was wondering if both of you have seen the “Health Proposal” being voted on at It is high on the popularity list and includes “freedom” from vaccinations and chemtrails:

Health Freedom IS Our First Freedom
Health Freedom – Our First Freedom!

Health Freedom means the right to control what happens to your body, choosing your own health path, making our own health choices as you see fit.

Please vote for health freedom so we can have:
Access to high potency nutrients and supplements
Protection from Codex
Absolute medical privacy
Meaningful organic standards
Access to raw milk, bitter almonds and other health aides
Irradiation-free foods

Freedom from:
– Unlabelled GMO foods
– Coercedor mandatory vaccinations and other medical treatments including psychiatric or other drugging
– Involuntary experimentation on foster children, prisoners and civilian populations
– Chemtrail spraying
– C√ʬĬ¶

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