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The conspiracy is revealed, as the smoking gun is discovered!

Oh, no.

I don’t know how they got it. I don’t know where they got it. But somehow, they got it. Somehow, those advocates of the idea that mercury in vaccines causes autism have gotten a hold of the white paper telling how big pharma fooled everyone about the real mercury content of vaccines!

It’s a veritable smoking gun! How could our Big Pharma and CDC paymasters have allowed this to happen? Even worse, our plans for using D2O to stabilize vaccines have been exposed! Someone will pay for this. The super-secret vaccine police are now questioning every operative, threatening to pump them up with thimerosal-, formaldehyde-, and antifreeze-laden vaccines if they do not talk. The mole will be discovered. His or her penalty will be to be dipped in the vat of toxic chemicals used to make vaccines, reducing him or her to looking like the toxic waste dude near the end of Robocop.

Alas, there appears to be a German contingent to this conspiracy, and I cannot understand a further explanation of the paper linked to above. Can anyone help me out?

ADDENDUM: I find it amazing that apparently my modest blog has caused bandwith issues for the link to the evidence above. Fortunately, a source with greater bandwith has been provided.

By Orac

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