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A Trifecta of Bonus Friday Woo: The SCIO woomeister, L. Vincent Poupard, and a fundamentalist Christian have appeared in my comments

Remember the SCIO? It was featured in Your Friday Dose of Woo two weeks ago. It’s an amazingly woo-ey piece of woo that was just perfect for my little weekly feature.

Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates my having a little fun with it. For example, one of the woomeisters responsible for the SCIO has appeared on my blog to complain and defend Professor William Nelson, the luminary of woo who’s had a hand in not one, but two pieces of woo featured in YFDoW. This woomeister, who signed his comments “Dr. D,” is displeased and showed up in the comments to tell me so:

ill Nelson hasn’t yet won the Nobel Prize, but has been nominated the past 17 years for his work on energetic medicine and quantum theory.

I would love to have any of you actually try quantum biofeedback and then try to break out the quackometer.

I am sorry the language is a bit too technical for most of you, but quantum theory is not easily explained. Enjoy your narrow mindedness and the incessant joy and happiness this myopic attitude must bring to you and your families. Yours in Quantum health,
Dr. D

I don’t know if this is Bill Nelson himself or Gregory or Diane Damato, but it never ceases to amuse me to see defenders of woo use the “don’t knock woo until you’ve tried it” doggerel, with an insinuation of closed-mindedness and the claim that I’m too stupid or ignorant to “understand” the “quantumness” of this woo.

In the meantime, L. Vincent Poupard, he of the “there’ll never be a cure for cancer because it would be a disaster for the economy” conspiracy-mongering objects to my characterizing his rant as the ignorant conspiracy-mongering that it is.

Finally, we have someone named Dayana, who seems upset about my pointing out that having Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron argue that science proves the existence of God ought to be unintentionally hilarious and that the crank always has the advantage in such staged “debates.” Fortunately, Jesus forgives me and God will never reject me. At least that’s what Dayana says:

People just do not understand that we are nothing without God. God has always existed and He always will. He is the Alpha and the Omega and whoever does not believe in him is condemn for the eternity, because whoever does not have him is empty from the inside out. I just pray for He to have mercy on all those who dont believe in him and i just hope that when you realize that He Is God, is not too late. And how stupid is that when tragedies occur then is all of you who say and ask yourself in the deepest of your heart where is God and why he let this happend and why dont you ask yourself this… why you push him away from you?

(This was a straight cut-and-paste of an excerpt, by the way.)

Imagine my relief. Really, I don’t see how pointing out that Cameron and Comfort are idiots who wouldn’t understand good science if it bit them on the nether regions has anything to do with my going to hell. Heck, I bet there are some pretty devout Christians out there who think these two clowns are idiots and embarrassments to their religion.

The do appear to be coming out of the woodwork today.

By Orac

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