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The lowest of the low

Ever since the Virginia Tech shootings a week ago, there’s been a lot of playing of the blame game in the blogosphere over who or what was to blame for Cho Seung-Hui’s deadly rampage. A few days ago, I mentioned one bright spot of heroism among the carnage, where a faculty member, Professor Liviu Librescu, barred the door to his classroom to the gunman, buying his students precious time to escape. He was apparently shot multiple times through the door.

Librescu ended up giving his life so that a few more students could jump out of the windows of the classroom. As it turned out, he was also a Holocaust survivor, and, in addition, lived many years in Romania behind the Iron Curtain, unable to find an academic job because he refused to join the Communist Party.

PZ, I, and others may have identified contemptible ghouls seeking to use the tragedy of this mass murder to flog their favorite little cause, but I’ve come across something worse: Contemptible ghouls who, because of their anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial seek to defame the name of Liviu Librescu. Such vile, despicable characters, it is hard to imagine, but they exist, and they say things like “Holocaust Liar’s Death Cloaked In Lies.”

But that’s not the worst I’ve found. This is:

First off, you have to ask yourself, assuming the story is true, (See footnote) just what was this Jew protecting, that he would risk his own life for, after all, Jews aren’t exactly known for their bravery?

Answer: He was protecting the ultimate symbol of a degenerate multicultural-promoting institution, where Jewish professors like himself reign supreme, indoctrinating moldable young student minds with filthy Jew propaganda. Note that the student who credited him with saving his life was an Israeli Jewish student Asael Arad. However, the media plays up the Professor’s Jewishness, while simultaneously playing down the race of people he allegedly saved.

Also note that he claimed to be a “Holocaust Survivor,” what Jew old enough to pull it off DOESN’T these days? I think it’s a good bet that he found a way to incorporate Jew Holocaust lies into his teachings, or at the very least Jews will find a way to profit from these killings by propping up this guy in their media in order to solicit some donations for Holocaust myth perpetuating causes, or some other Jew benefit.

That’s it. The lowest of the low, as far as commentary goes about these shootings. I submit to you that it beats, hands down, even the most contemptible attempts to use this tragedy in the service of a cause. As horrible as some of the commentary has been, I submit to you that, as warped as they may be, these people probably think they are arguing for a good cause. The above commentary has no such purpose even to try to redeem it. The above commentary is nothing other than naked hate that can’t stand the fact that a member of its target group behaved in a heroic fashion and died a hero’s death.

What kind of twisted mind thinks of things like this? It must have particularly galled this disgusting puddle of slime that Librescu made his heroic sacrifice on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Because of my interest in Holocaust denial and my desire to “know what the enemy is up to,” so to speak, I routinely plumb the darker places of the Internet, sometimes finding myself in the most disgustingly racist and hate-filled sites in existence. Back in the late 1990’s, it started out with the Usenet newsgroup alt.revisionism and the white power ranger newsgroups to which material was often crossposted. Since then, it’s evolved to sophisticated Google searches saved as RSS feeds to notify me when commentary about which I might be interested appears. Occasionally, I seriously regret having such a notification system. Today is one of those days.

Maybe it’s time to delete some of the RSS feed for these searches.

Regardless, after reading that, I need a shower to wash the stench away.

By Orac

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