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Drug rep toys reviewed, but one big one’s missing!

Here’s a blog that Shelley discovered and that I’ve been meaning to mention for a week now: Drug Rep Toys.

Yep, it’s a blog whose purpose is to review and rate the various bits of swag that drug reps hand out to us doctors in the hopes that (I guess) we’ll prescribe or use their products. It’s mostly pens and lights, though. He’s missing some of the–shall we say?–over the top toys. For example, remember this post from long ago?

Yes! It’s the very first time our intrepid blog mascot appeared, way back in December 2004, when I posted a picture of the stuffed EneMan doll and the multiple EneMan Christmas ornaments. One has to wonder what Nathan would think of the various EneMan chotchkies that exist, and perhaps I should e-mail him a few pictures.

However, I might have to be careful. The latest EneMan photo is, I’m afraid, rather disturbing. No, it’s very disturbing. In fact, I’d have to say that it probably isn’t work-safe, which is why I’m posting it on the weekend. Really. You’ve been warned.

Don’t click on the link to see what’s below the fold if you’re easily offended or have a weak constitution.


I’m not joking.

I won’t be responsible for any heart attacks or strokes that occur as a result of viewing the image below.

Why are you still reading this?

I’m warning you: Don’t click on the link (or, if you accessed this article directly from a newsfeed or other source, don’t scroll down)!

Why are you still scrolling?


I warned you the image is highly disturbing!

I won’t be held responsible for any emotional trauma you may have suffered from viewing EneMan in the buff.

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