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Who perpetrated the “Holohoax”? Tell us!

Holocaust deniers sometimes refer to the Holocaust as the “Holohoax,” as if the whole thing were one huge hoax perpetrated on the world by Jews. Indeed, if you have the stomach to dive into the deepest, darkest, most disgusting parts of the Internet, where Holocaust deniers freely spew their lies, you will even find explicit assertions that the Holocaust is nothing but a hoax that the Jews used to justify the formation of the State of Israel and to collect reparation money. Indeed, do a Google search for the term “Holohoax” and you will find well over 43,000 entries. That the Holocaust was a “hoax” is almost religion among a significant number of deniers.

Years ago, I used to have a bit of fun with pinheaded Holocaust deniers on alt.revisionism by asking them explicitly in as innocent a tone as I could manage: If the Holocaust was indeed a hoax, who, specifically, was responsible for it? I would qualify my question by adding that just saying “the Jews” is not an adequate answer. I wanted to know which Jews. Just saying “Zionists” was not adequate. I wanted to know which Zionists. I wanted names! I wanted dates! I wanted the who, what, when, where, and why! But, above all, I wanted evidence to show that these people actually perpetrated this “hoax.”

Are such questions all that unreasonable? After all, it’s the deniers who are arguing for a conspiracy that would have to be so massive and secretive that nothing like it had ever been seen before or has ever been seen since.

Oddly enough, no Holocaust denier was able to answer my simple, direct question.

Of course, I certainly didn’t originate this question, but I like to think that I used it with some panache as one of my favorite tools, along with a related question asking about the logistics of how such a massive “hoax” could possibly be pulled off, much less kept secret for over 60 years, human nature being what it is (to talk, that is). And it appears that the tradition continues, as Nick Terry over at Holocaust Controversies looks at Holocaust deniers struggling to answer the very question that I used to taunt them with. Not surprisingly, now, as then, they aren’t doing a very good job:

Over at The Phora, playground of demented young pseudo-intellectual racialist fruitloops the world over, one of the few sane people still in possession of their marbles asks a salient question of the assembled horde of ‘Revisionists’:

Who created the ‘Holohoax’ they like talking about so much?

Cue much earnest rumination and cud-chewing from the bovine herd of deniers, much passing of gas and very little enlightenment.

Since discussing these things with internet Nazis is like talking to a brick wall, I’ll give you Sulla the Dictator’s questions and responses and you can fill in the blanks. Believe me, it makes much more sense that way…

Here is how Sulla began:

What shadowy group is responsible for creating this ‘myth’, and then KEEPING IT IN PLACE like Opus Dei in the Da Vinci Code, “Revisionists” of the Phora? I would like to discuss this specific issue, gentlemen. Now that you have a forum dedicated to this…business…we can afford to discuss these subjects individually rather than the whole topic in single threads.

Cue the first shambling jellymonster attack, and the rest is internet history, in both senses of the term.

Heh. “Shambling jellymonster attack” is right. Things haven’t changed at all since I asked the same question of deniers. The responses, as described by Nick, border on downright hysterically funny. If you read the entire thread, it’s hard not to chuckle heartily every other post. There are references to a Jewish reporter, the lawyers of “several Jewish organizations,” the house of Rothschild, the Illuminati (of course–who else?), and the Middle Temple of London. There were also some mentions of the Israeli lobby. Finally, there was an exasperated comment from Sulla, who just couldn’t take any more:

In the middle of your bizzare rant, why didn’t you take any time to discuss the issue of this thread? This thread isn’t about your silly theories on the Holocaust. This is about who faked it. And it isn’t about laughable (Insane) broad strokes, either, such as “The Jews” or “England”. Its about hard tacks. Organizations or government officials who ordered it, individuals or units who forged documents, and then organizations, individuals, or units which are forcing people to teach it now.

I’ve noticed that you folks seem utterly incapable of answering these questions, with the exception of Illusion, who fingers the Illuminati.

And so the thread continues (edited by Nick, fortunately).

If you want evidence of the utter ludicrousness of the whole “Holohoax” claim by Holocaust deniers, plunge in. If you have a really strong stomach for racist conspiracy-monger (and tolerance for self-abuse), you could even read the entire original, unedited thread for yourself. There’s some unintentionally hilarious stuff there, but there’s also some really idiotic pontificating. (Come to think of it, a lot of the idiotic pontificating and hand waving is pretty funny, too. Funny and pathetic.) And, of course, deniers whose off-topic or unresponsive answers were removed whine and cry about “censorship.”

Par for the course for Holocaust deniers.

Come to think of it, the whole thread me of the old days back in alt.revisionism, if it had been a moderated newsgroup. Deniers haven’t changed a bit. So, the next time you hear anyone use the term “Holohoax,” try to pin them down. Ask them who perpetrated the “hoax” and how. Don’t let them get away with saying just “the Jews” or the “Allies.” Make them be specific. Make them name names. It’s great fun to make deniers squirm that way.

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