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No, redefining cancer doesn’t mean death panels

Blogging is a rather immediate endeavor. Over the last nine years (nearly), I’ve lost track of how many times I saw something that I wanted to blog about but but by the time I got around to it was no longer topical. Usually what happens is that my Dug the Dog tendencies take over, as […]

Antivaccine nonsense Pseudoscience Skepticism/critical thinking

Antivaccine fear mongering? What antivaccine fear mongering? I don’t see any antivaccine fear mongering.

Here we go again. Every so often, criticism of the antivaccine movement builds to the point where it extends beyond the blogosphere to enter the national zeitgeist in a way in which people other than blogging geeks like myself start to take notice. It happened a few years ago, when washed up actress Jenny McCarthy […]

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