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Marc Neumann or Dr Rolando Arafiles? You be the judge!

The silliness about Morgellons and Marc Neumann continues. This time around, it’s someone sending me e-mail from Dr. Rolando Arafile’s website. In my e-mail last night I found this gem: From: “Health2Fit” [email protected] Subject: Violation Date: February 12, 2010 3:54:59 PM EST To: “Orac” [email protected] Please remove our videos that you have on your blog. […]

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Answering the Friday mailbag: Morgellons disease “expert” Marc Neumann is very unhappy with Orac

It’s been a busy week between blogging about Andrew Wakefield and covering the Winkler County Nurse trial, which ended with the jury’s acquitting Anne Mitchell, RN after less than an hour of deliberation. Consequently, I’m a bit tired today. Fortunately, there’s the mail bag, the perfect lazy blogging tool that will allow me to generate […]