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Antivaxxers invade San Diego Comic-Con

This weekend, antivaxers descended upon San Diego Comic-Con wearing Guy Fawkes masks and holding signs with antivaccine talking points. Less than two months earlier, they had descended upon Disneyland dressed as Star Wars characters. What’s up with antivaxers trying to influence geek culture?

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False balance about vaccines rises from the grave…again

Imagine, if you will, a time machine capsule going all the way back to the earliest days of this blog, back in 2005 and 2006. Now consider the antivaccine movement, which somehow I became very interested in very early, an interest that continues to this day. Do you remember one theme that I kept hitting […]

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Quoth Katie Tietje: Stop being mean to non-vaccinators!

Here we are, into a new week, and the Disneyland measles outbreak continues to grow, the total number of cases now having topped 100 and the disease attributed to someone visiting Disneyland now having reached my state. More than ever, given the high proportion of victims who weren’t vaccinated, antivaccinationists are feeling the heat. Rober, […]

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The past and present rebuke antivaccinationists who claim measles is “benign”

In the wake of antivaccine-pandering pediatrician “Dr. Bob” Sears’ attempt to paint the measles as no big deal, so much so that it totally escaped his notice that it might not be a bad idea to recommend that the unvaccinated get the MMR vaccine in the midst of an outbreak, the bad news about the […]

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Quoth “Dr. Bob” Sears: Poor, poor pitiful me, you stupid people

Poor, poor, pitiful Dr. Bob. For those of you not familiar with him, I’m referring, of course, to Robert “Dr. Bob” Sears, MD, the antivaccine-sympathetic (or, more appropriately, antivaccine-pandering) pediatrician in Capistrano Beach, CA (between Los Angeles and San Diego in Orange County) known for his Vaccine Book, a veritable font of antivaccine misinformation gussied […]