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The Brownstone Institute vs. “vaccine fanatics” in The Epoch Times

Brownstone Institute flacks Martin Kulldorff and Jay Bhattacharya swear they are “not antivaccine.” Why, then, are they echoing a very old antivax trope by claiming “vaccine fanatics” are making people antivaccine? In The Epoch Times, yet?!

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John Ioannidis vs. the “science Kardashian” and critics of the Great Barrington Declaration

John Ioannidis’ “science Kardashian” article is the bad science that keeps demonstrating why we should have no superheroes in science. Ideology can warp any of us.

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“Science Kardashians” versus the Great Barrington Declaration?

John Ioannidis has used a satirical bibliometrics index to portray Great Barrington Declaration signatories, who argue for a “natural herd immunity” approach to the COVID-19 pandemic, as the underdogs mobbed by “science Kardashians.” Why?

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The Guardian: “Explaining” vaccine hesitancy by amplifying antivax disinformation

Writing in The Guardian, Musa al-Gharbi tries to explain vaccine hesitancy to “the left.” Unfortunately, he parrots antivax conspiracy theories to do it.

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The Brownstone Institute: Promoting antivaccine misinformation in Africa

The signatories of the Great Barrington Declaration and its “spiritual child” the Brownstone Institute, swear up and down that they are not anttivaccine. If that’s so, why are Brownstone-affiliated academics spreading antivaccine misinformation in Uganda (and everywhere else)?