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The return of Dana Ullman, homeopathic apologist, 2010 edition

I tell ya, I go away for a few days, let the blogging slow down, decrease the usual logorrhea. Heck, I even go for the lazy blogger trick of an open thread. In the meantime, while I was busy learning about real science at the 2010 AACR Meeting, the forces of pseudoscience have not been […]

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Cancer research: Is now our time?

The following is a rather curious promotional video that was shown at the plenary sessions of the AACR 2010 meeting. I first saw it yesterday, and thought my readers might be interested in it while I’m winding my way home: It’s basically a compendium of various facts about cancer and cancer research with a rather […]

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AACR lazy blogging open thread

Day 3 of the 2010 AACR meeting dawns, and, sadly, I still have no posts. On the other hand, the reason I have no post yet today is because I’ve been attending the meeting and hanging out with old friends to the point where, when I got back to the hotel last night, I was […]

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What cigarette do you smoke, doctor?

I’ve pivoted immediately from attending NECSS and participating in a panel on the infiltration of quackery into academia to heading down to Washington, DC for the AACR meeting. Then, after a packed day of meetings yesterday followed by spending yesterday evening with a friend whom I haven’t seen for a long time, there’s–gasp!–no new material […]

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On the road again: In the meantime…Satan

After having a great time at NECSS participating in a panel about science-based medicine (although I hate to have to say that I was disappointed that the science-based medicine panel was cut short to get the conference back on schedule, which meant that we didn’t get to answer nearly as many questions as we would […]

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