Grand Rounds, vol. 2, no. 25

Grand Rounds, vol. 2, no. 25 has been posted over at GeekNurse. It’s time once again to enjoy the best medical blogging from the last few weeks.

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The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons: Medical “science” as dubious as it gets

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons appears to be a legitimate medical professional group. It’s not. It’s a far right wing group of doctors masquerading as a professional society. Its journal reflects that by being packed with pseudoscience and antivaccine misinformation.


The Carnival of Bad History

The Carnival of Bad History #5 has been hosted at Ahistoricality. Of course, the carnival features a number of posts about ultimate in bad history, Holocaust denial. How could it not, with the recent trial of Holocaust denier David Irving in Austria?

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David Bowie lyric of the day

He’ll build a glass asylum With just a hint of mayhem He’ll build a better whirlpool We’ll be living from sin, then we can really begin Please savior, saviour, show us Hear me, I’m graphically yours Someone to claim us, someone to follow Someone to shame us, some brave Apollo Someone to fool us, someone […]


RINO Sightings

A new RINO Sightings: Monday the 13th Horror Edition is up at Searchlight Crusade.