The ethics mansion

A bit of a reconfiguration and “clarification” of the ethics rules and rules regarding accepting honoraria for faculty at my institution makes me particularly appreciate this piece in–where else?–The Onion: Senate Ethics Committee To Meet In New Ethics Committee Mansion WASHINGTON, DC–In the wake of several major lobbying scandals, the Senate Select Committee on Ethics […]


Orac knows a lot of other things too

Continuing my series of posts designed to categorize and archive essential insolence from the old blog, I now continue with some miscellaneous tidbits: The EneMan files (Dedicated to the very strange character who is this weblog’s de facto mascot) Orac’s encounter with Derek Jeter I never realized “Zero tolerance”=”Zero common sense” Kentucky Zombie update Inauguration […]

Complementary and alternative medicine

What is an “altie”? (2006 edition)

About a year ago, I introduced the blogosphere to a term that had become common on certain Usenet newsgroups. I can’t take credit for coining the term, but I think I can take some degree of credit for disseminating it to a wider audience. That term is “altie,” and has a meaning similar to the […]

Science fiction/fantasy Television

The wit and wisdom of G’Kar

Since the death of Andreas Katsulas, I’ve been thinking just how many great lines he had as G’Kar in the series and how well he delivered them. Here, culled from the web, is but a sampling of some of them. Some are very serious; some are humorous, but all are quintessential G’Kar. I can’t think […]


Orac knows World War II and Holocaust history

In a continuing series of posts, for the benefit of new readers (and a trip down memory lane for old readers), I now present: Orac knows World War II and Holocaust history: 60 years ago today: The evacuation of Auschwitz and start of the death march The 60th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz: How […]

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