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If you want to create your own pareidolia

All you need is this. Yes, it’s the Jesus Pan. Who needs to wait for miracles to produce things like the Jesus grilled cheese sandwich? Now you can make them yourself! Prediction: Coming soon….The Virgin Mary Pan! Maybe you can think of other great products along these lines? Lenin, anyone?

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The 35th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle: An imposter breaks in

It’s been an interesting week for this week’s host of the Skeptics’ Circle, Skeptico. He had a creationist appropriate his name, create a Blogspot blog, and actually post comments on other people’s blogs under the name “Skeptico.” Not good. Fortunately, no one was fooled, and it was the False Skeptico’s posting creationist tripe on other […]

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Accept no substitutes for Skeptico

Yikes. Grant crunch time or no grant crunch time, I couldn’t let this pass. This week’s host of the Skeptics’ Circle, Skeptico, has been one of my favorite skeptical bloggers for a long time now. As a measure of how good he is, he now has a doppleganger blog. Damn, I’m a bit envious. No […]

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Intelligent design activists make hay out of the Larry Darby case

Geez, who could have seen this one coming? Straight from the Discovery Institute’s blog regarding atheist and Holocaust denier Larry Darby in reference to his activities against ID in Alabama, Casey Luskin bloviates: An outspoken opponent of the bill has been activist Larry Darby. Mr. Darby’s vehement opposition to the Alabama Academic Freedom Bill was […]

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Everybody wants to get in on the act

Enough, already! Over the last couple of days, we’ve had Signs You Might Be an Intelligent Design Critic. Next, we had You May Be an Intelligent Design Supporter If… Just remember who got the ball rolling with these silly Jeff Foxworthy-inspired lists way back in January 2005 and updated it shortly after landing here at […]