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Peter Bowditch commits homeopathic suicide

Australian skeptic Peter Bowditch was challenged by a homeopath to take some homeopathic 200C belladonna tablets. Ever the intrepid skeptic and critical thinker, Peter has now answered the challenge in front of 100 people and reported his experience, beginning with a description of what he should have experienced: A Modern Herbal by Mrs Maud Grieve, […]

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From the vaults: RFK, Jr. gets his first ever taste of Respectful Insolence™

Time flies when you’re having fun. Hard as it is to believe, it’s been a year since RFK, Jr. first posted his ridiculous conspiracy-mongering piece on Ever since moving to ScienceBlogs back in February, I had planned on reposting this article on the anniversary of its original appearance. Unfortunately, for some reason I misremembered […]

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R.I.P. Don Lemmon

Almost two months ago, I posted a rather light-hearted skeptical takedown of a guy by the name of Don Lemmon, who billed himself on his website as The #1 Nutritionist Online. The main gimmicks of the post were twofold. First, I poked fun at his selling of dessicated animal glands, in which he harkened back […]

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Bizarre treatments by a chiropracter in California

In Petaluma, California (the Bay area), as reported by ABC 7: June 14 – KGO – More former clients of a North Bay chiropractor are coming forward, echoing what we reported a month-and-a-half ago — that Daniel Marsh is making money off some bizarre treatments. State investigators are looking into Dr. Marsh, his treatments and […]

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The Spoof on Andrew Wakefield

Well, it didn’t take The Spoof long to comment on the Andrew Wakefield affair. Choice bits: While on holiday in the US in 1997 he was introduced to a creationist nutter called Professor Hugh Fudenberg who claimed to cure autistic children by giving them samples of his own bone marrow. And, my favorite: Wakefield was […]

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