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WTF? No more WTF…but that's OK

A couple of years ago, I gave a talk to a bunch of Chicago skeptics that was co-sponsored by the Chicago Skeptics and the Women Thinking Free Foundation. At the time, I had no idea that the organization was that new, but I did know that I was very impressed by the turnout to my talk and the camaraderie demonstrated by the two groups, between which there was a lot of cross-pollination. In the interim between then and now, WTF distinguished itself in skeptical activism, but its members are probably best known for its Hug Me I’m Vaccinated campaign.

The other day, Elyse announced that Women Thinking Free is no more. Fortunately, it’s not that WTF has disbanded or something like that. Rather, it’s this:

But the Women Thinking Free is growing. And we’re growing up. We’re doing more work on a national level and putting ourselves out to organizations who are less or maybe totally un-familiar with skepticism and the skeptical community. We do great work, and we intend to keep on doing that great work. And while I loathe to take myself seriously, it is time to take my organization seriously. We have a hardworking core of board members and volunteers who work tirelessly, and they deserve to be taken seriously. And we need to tell those who don’t know us that we are an organization worth investing in and believing in. We’re not a dopey bunch of girls who don’t know what WTF means… and we’re not a group who doesn’t care how your organization will look being affiliated with “WTF”.

So we’re changing our name.

And so WTF became Women Thinking, Inc. It’s the same great group that’s been running vaccination drives and other skeptical outreach projects. So spread the word, and don’t forget to hit the “donate” button at their post announcing the name change. I hope to get a chance to hang with some of them at TAM next week.

By Orac

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Acronyms are a funny thing – glad to see they are still around & happy that they feel the name change will help. Originally a good way to get attention, probably not a great way now to generate “positive” attention from sponsors.

Awesomesauce. I hadn’t seen that Hug Me page, and I got a giggle out of the list of things that are not caused by vaccines.

This is the disease skeptics are afflicted with. Just substitute the word “engineer” for “skeptic.” This is Orac with his mother…

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