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While I’m otherwise indisposed…

…take a gander at this post by Steve Novella about Gary Kompothecras and Charlie Crist and how they are endangering children’s health in Florida by promoting the father-son team of antivaccine pseudoscientists Mark and David Geier, the very same issue I wrote about yesterday.

Fear not. The end is in sight. The logorrheic insolence you know and love (or hate) will soon return. In the meantime, I really need some coffee.

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4 replies on “While I’m otherwise indisposed…”

A major league woo-slinger has just launched a new vaccine “information” site intriguingly url’ed, “”….. I *wonder* why he called it that? (actually, I *know* why**). It gathers together examples of anti-vax ephemera like a misguided scavanger hunt. **( diversionary tactics: it sounds like several legitimate sites)

Instead of studying chemical castration, I recommend that they conduct studies to see if sex is better than Prozac. At least there’s a possible basis for the hypothesis. See “An ode to the many evolved virtues of human semen”, Scientific American, by Jesse Bering (Sep 22, 2010), Further, it wouldn’t endanger kids’ health. And, it would a whole lot easier to recruit willing volunteers as test subjects for it.

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