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If you live in Chicago or will be there this weekend…

…you might want to check out this talk by a certain “friend” of this blog, as well as the reception to follow (although why anyone would want to pay any money to hang out with him, I have no idea). A little birdie tells me it’ll be pretty good.

By Orac

Orac is the nom de blog of a humble surgeon/scientist who has an ego just big enough to delude himself that someone, somewhere might actually give a rodent's posterior about his copious verbal meanderings, but just barely small enough to admit to himself that few probably will. That surgeon is otherwise known as David Gorski.

That this particular surgeon has chosen his nom de blog based on a rather cranky and arrogant computer shaped like a clear box of blinking lights that he originally encountered when he became a fan of a 35 year old British SF television show whose special effects were renowned for their BBC/Doctor Who-style low budget look, but whose stories nonetheless resulted in some of the best, most innovative science fiction ever televised, should tell you nearly all that you need to know about Orac. (That, and the length of the preceding sentence.)

DISCLAIMER:: The various written meanderings here are the opinions of Orac and Orac alone, written on his own time. They should never be construed as representing the opinions of any other person or entity, especially Orac's cancer center, department of surgery, medical school, or university. Also note that Orac is nonpartisan; he is more than willing to criticize the statements of anyone, regardless of of political leanings, if that anyone advocates pseudoscience or quackery. Finally, medical commentary is not to be construed in any way as medical advice.

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26 replies on “If you live in Chicago or will be there this weekend…”

I’m in that ‘hood, but can’t make it cuz The Wife of this certain “friend” is going to the Twin Cities for the 3 Day Walk for the Cure and I have to watch the kids. Feel free to swing by my pad after the cocktail party and we can watch The Jerk or Johnny Dangerously or something, cuz that’s what I’ll be doing.

And, if anyone wants to give to The Wife or her team:
Go hier

highnumber, can you take the kids? Is it a venue that allows children, and are they old enough to appreciate a talk?

Tonight I am going to our local Skeptics in the Pub. One person always brings her son (he is about eleven years old). He is a very bright kid, and does participate in some of the activities (like the magic demonstration).

is it just a coincidence that this Gorski fellow is going to be in Chicago the same weekend the Comic Con is being held?

Bummer. But they are fun at that age. Enjoy them because all too soon they turn into teenagers!

I’m on the mailing lists for those skeptics clubs (I live on the north side) but never went to one. Maybe I should go to this one?

I have a bunch of comics I need to get rid of too 🙂

Unfortunately, I will be out of town this weekend, else I would try to make it. Maybe Orac could give us more advance notice the next time Dr. Gorski is scheduled to speak.


I’d like to go, but if I get any farther from Chicago I’ll be in Mexico.
oh well.

hmpf, do you know what plane tickets cost at such short notice? Have your friend post his appearances 14 days in advance, preferable when there’s a football game in town the same weekend 😉

My friend never imagined that anyone would even consider flying to Chicago to see him speak. It just plain never occurred to him.

I’m going! Might try to make The Shat! event as well. Oh boy, this will be fun–I’m preparing a dose of long-winded insolence (cleverly disguised as a question) that will make ORAC proud to know his “friend”.

How much is this event? I live there and would attend if it doesn’t cost a lot. (I am a poor bohemian.)

I’ve flown cross country to have a beer. In college, we used to drive 4 h to go to the Hamburg fish market, usually Sunday 1 am – 5 am. A three hour non-stop to Chicago to hear DG wouldn’t make my “top ten stupidest reasons I went somewhere”.

If it were you, it would be worth seeing.

But that Gorski pharma-shill guy … he’s dead boring!

if it had been last weekend I might have gone for it, although it would be borderline nuts to drive from Cincinnati to Chicago just to have a beer with a box of blinking lights…but alas, I leave for home on Friday.

Now, if you come to Vancouver, I’ll be there!

(hoping to go to Chicago in the spring…)

I’d be there, but we have plans for later that day, and I don’t think that would sit well with my husband. Maybe next time. Have lots of fun.

All these excuses! Am I the only loyal reader? I live in Milwaukee and I hate driving to Chicago, but I’m definitely going and my husband, who has been wondering for some time why I am devoted to a box of blinking lights, is coming along. Not sure about the cocktail party. I have to drive home and not sure I can spare $35 for a club soda. But it’s a fundraiser, so we’ll see.

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