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Join a live web chat with Chicago Tribune reporter Trine Tsouderos

I wish it were otherwise, but not all that many reporters “get it” when it comes to science and quackery. Fortunately, Chicago Tribune reporter Trine Tsouderos does. She’s shown it multiple times over the last year with stories about the autism “biomed” movement and Boyd Haley’s trying to pass off an industrial chelator as a dietary supplement.

It just so happens that she’s going to be taking part in a live web chat Thursday, July 1, at noon CDT (that’s Chicago time). The topic is going to be alternative treatments for autism, pegged to her story last week about OSR#1 and Haley. The chat will be at On Thursday, just before noon, anybody who wants to join will find a link to the chat at the Trib Nation site, and the chat will last about an hour.

Unfortunately I can’t join in because I’ll be in clinic then, but I hope my readers will check in. Reporters who are willing to investigate the anti-vaccine movement ought to be encouraged. After all, as you might expect from certain recent attacks I’ve suffered, if you take on the anti-vaccine movement, you pay a price.

By Orac

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9 replies on “Join a live web chat with Chicago Tribune reporter Trine Tsouderos”

Ah, but Orac, you’re just an arrogant doctor! Your in the pockets of big pharma, and you just believe in the philosophy of mass vaccination that’s promoted by bad science and big medicine! We shouldknt just be ridiculing those brave maverick parents who have the courage to stand up to big pharma’s conspiracy and ask the hard questions, we should be taking them at face value, and stop ridiculing those poor, poor parents that are trying to find a cure for that condition/death sentence that is worse than Parkinsons, HIV, Alzheimers, and other things that are just as nasty – Vaccine induced Autism (Or is it Chronic fatigue, rectal leakage, or what is the new condition attributed to vaccines at this time?)

Oh, I’m sorry, I’m just imitating what other posters say without being ridiculed for it! It all just a Social Experiment to prove your all just philosophers, not scientists!

/yes, this is sarcasm!

This ought to be interesting indeed! Trine has raised the ire of so many. I will try to join in support but assume the internet police at work will not allow it.

I would like to join to support her, but I will be in a seminar. Those who can should show up so it is more than just irate anti-vaxers in the discussion.

… “Trib Nation”? Forgive me for saying so, but they need a new name. Trib Nation sounds like some kind of sapphic fetish site.

Perhaps what you need is a stand up philosopher.

Orac: thanks for the note, look out for the zombies

You might think the age of autism would have blogged about this, but nope.

It just ended a few minutes ago and was very tame. The only anti-vaxxer to show up was TannersDad (an AoA regular), came out guns a blazing but dialed it down quickly. Ms. Tsouderos was congenial, accommodating and not even remotely combative. I’m surprised that AoA’ers didn’t seize the opportunity to go on the attack but even better that they didn’t.

I would like to join to support her, but I will be in a seminar. Those who can should show up so it is more than just irate anti-vaxers in the discussion.

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