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Live at Five! The 121st Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle

Now here’s some tasty blogging for you to peruse and read while I’m on my way to Chicago. Hot off the presses, it’s the 121st Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle over at The Mad Skeptic.

Go. Read. Learn. Enjoy.

Orac will be back soon enough to annoy woo-meisters everywhere, and the occasional skeptic or two.

Then come back in two weeks, when The Young Australian Skeptics will be hosting. Nothing like a little skepticism from Down Under to enjoy!

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You’ll have to check out Real Time from tonight. Maher was talking crazy about vaccines to Bill Frist. Though I don’t particularly like Frist, he defended vaccination admirably and didn’t back down.

At the end of the conversation, Frist tells Maher to look at the science, and Maher responds with “I would” and then he changes the subject.

Well Mr. Maher, you would, but for…what? This was just after you were publicly admonished for your anti-scientific beliefs by Dawkins, an eminent scientist whom you yourself respect. I would think you would re-examine the issue after that, but instead you ramp up the willful ignorance unabashed.

Orac, I pray ye blog about this. I know you’re tired of Maher, but PLEASE!

The first thing I did was to come here after seeing the latest Maher show.. 🙂

Come on, guys! I’m in Chicago. I’m at a meeting. I’m not going to be blogging much. Do I have to? I need a break from Maher’s burning stupid.

In any case, Maher’s not just an idiot, but he’s clearly a wimp. He backs down right away whenever anyone who knows what they’re talking about regarding vaccines shows even a hint of laying the slapdown on him.

Come on, guys! I’m in Chicago. I’m at a meeting. I’m not going to be blogging much. Do I have to? I need a break from Maher’s burning stupid.

You’ve clearly done Maher to death lately. I know that’s your style, but there’s a lot of nice stuff in that city to enjoy. Like some really great restaurants. If you’re into coffee, a trip to Intelligentsia is worthwhile.

It was a good thing that Belzer reminded people of Frist’s history; by the end of the segment I found myself actually liking that ratbag.

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