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Comic books and rubber bands…

I don’t know why, but I’m tired, lazy, and in a bit of nostalgic frame of mind this morning, which makes coming across this ad dangerous:

Not only that, but Faygo is a Detroit company. At least it was when I was a kid. At least it’s still bottled in Detroit. Ah, yes, Faygo red pop. Pure chemically goodness that no child under around 10 can resist–particularly because it would produce that lovely red pop mustache after drinking.

You may now thank me for having injected that unbelievably infectious (and annoying) jingle into the deepest recesses of your mind, where it will dwell for at least the rest of the day. I figure if I’m now humming it today, everyone else might as well be too.

By Orac

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18 replies on “Comic books and rubber bands…”

Not related to the article but are you aware that their are anti-universal healthcare adverts on your page in the Better Health widget?

So was it the Plaid Sans-a-belt Facebook pants that got you all nostalgic? 🙂

I love how the flavor of the pop is “red”–as if the taste doesn’t actually resemble any identifiable food for which it could be named.

I used to drink Faygo, and DO still drink “Red pop” (where I live, that is the only way cream soda comes, unless it’s “imported”) but I don’t remember this commercial at all.
Although, I DO recognize Harold Peary, from the Great Gildersleeve.

I remember that commercial! Isn’t that the now defunct Bob-Lo boat? Recent photos shown on show the boats slowly rotting away somewhere in Detroit right now. At one time, Taking the boats (there were two) from the foot of Woodward Ave. up the Detroit River to Bob-Lo Island an amusement park in the straits of Detroit. Great memories. And yes, Faygo was the pop to drink – not only red pop, but Faygo’s “rock and rye” pop too.

@Orac: You know, I didn’t really need to have that commercial running through my head for the rest of the day. Or is this your punishment for those of us not updated to Snow Leopard at the moment?

@perterkwf: Ah, yes. The Bob-Lo boat. Only went there once or twice in my life; for some reason my parents just didn’t take us. I was an adult and engaged before I went there for the first time. My parents preferred to take us to Cedar Point every few years.

Ah, yes…I remember Herkimer the bottle blower, do you?

I go for Faygo!

Never hear of Faygo here in East Texas, but we used to could get Vernor’s at the Kroger store. Haven’t seen it lately though.

You do know that Faygo has gained a second life as the soft drink of choice of Juggalos and Jugalettes, afficionados of the Insane Clown Posse…

Faygo, even more than Vernor’s, is a sort of secret handshake for Detroit expats.

I haven’t looked lately because I’ve stopped drinking “pop” but I fondly remember Faygo and it’s been 35 years since I lived more than 20 miles from East Texas, but Brookshire’s used to carry Faygo.

You have Vernor’s, we have Vernor Vinge. I think we win. 🙂

As for that Faygo earworm, this is one time my Asperger’s gives me an advantage; it didn’t latch on. Don’t remember the lyrics, don’t remember the tune, and unless I’m a dang fool I don’t think it ever will.

Oh, thank goodness I don’t remember that saccharine tune. Around the time that came out, I was stationed in K-town, Germany, watching commercials with real boobage! For the most part, you didn’t need a translation to get the message, and their ads were just as goofy as the ones in the US, but with breasteses.

Haha! I remember that stuff. We had it now and again.
“Red” was definitely the flavor. I can’t really describe it.
it was just Faygo Red Pop.

The Bob-Lo Boat and that stupid commercial — what a blast from the past, especially now that I’m in Michigan visiting family. My favorite Faygo was Rock n Rye — have no clue what flavors that is supposed to be. And we took the Bob-Lo Boat from the dock in Wyandotte at Bishop Park, at least once a summer (AND we went to Cedar Point about once per year, usually as a school outing).

Vernors disappoints — too much high fructose corn syrup and no ginger any more. It tasted better long ago (still like it though).

Spent most of 1976 in Detroit (Warren actually) working at the US Army Tank Command (since closed).

Thanks for replacing the Brady Bunch “Sha-na-na-na-nah, It’s Time To Change” song that has been repeating in my head with something much more appealing.

I remember the ad when I lived in MI, but I never was turned into a red pop swilling machine.

The legacy continues. I have introduced two friends who are in grad school here in the mitten to Faygo. They also now swear by Koegel Viennas, Better Made chips and want to open a Quality Dairy store in California when they return.

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