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More ammunition against the anti-vaccine movement

Time and time again, I’ve had requests from readers for good resources for countering the nonsense emanating from the anti-vaccine movement. Time and time again, I’ve pointed out sites like Every Child By Two and The Vaccine Education Center.

Now, thanks to the efforts of some friends of mine, especially Steve Novella, there is another handy dandy resource that was just announced today:

Vaccines and Autism on Science-Based Medicine

It includes a list of SBM posts about vaccines, an overview of the question, and a list of key studies. This page is a work in progress; so we appreciate any input. Hopefully it can be added to as time goes on.

By Orac

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11 replies on “More ammunition against the anti-vaccine movement”

Orac, You are planning to write a piece on HPV vaccine right including how the media and public don’t understand VAERS?

Since we are in the mood for “Open letters,” let me add mine:

To Novella, Crislip, Snyder, Gorski, Hall, Jones, and all the others at SBM:

I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you all. It’s your fault, and the fault of this new website that I am not getting any work done because I am wasting all my time catching up on the articles that I have missed (and re-reading some of my favorites). Life was a lot easier when I had to dig for it. Now it is all in one place and too conveniently available.

I really need to get some work done but, because of your contributions, I am unable to stop spending my time reading them.

Did I mention I hate you all?

Thank you heaps for this. We’ve had measles outbreaks in NZ (Christchurch & Auckland) & some burning stupid comments in the press to do with the evils of vaccines & also (argh) homeopathic ‘vaccines’ for measles – it is great to have this SBM resource available to use in countering this nonsense.

To follow up on the MM comment, the Gardasil vaccine is under attack, based on an editoral and 2 papers in JAMA. I found no evidence for the sudden fear of this vaccine. Dr. Timothy Johnson for ABC has created a state of fear, recommending that parents not give the vaccine, evidently based only on his reading of the JAMA editorial.

Stoking the already rampant anti-vaccination fear, the comments on the ABC web site range from the normal (“the injection made me pass out” to “I am afraid my baby will have birth defects”.

Does anyone have an idea for a motive behind this?

The motive is basic anti-vax fear (“baby will have birth defects” for a vaccine given only after age eleven?), and because they think that once the girls get the vaccine they will go and have wild sex because they are protected from one sexually transmitted virus!

I saw the ABC article by Radha Chitale about Gardasil, and the first person I thought of was you. It seems the other commenters have already mentioned it, but I’d like you to see your input.

Looks really great. With health care reform in the news, maybe studies looking at the effectiveness/efficiency of various forms of health care would be an appropriate topic as well?

Chris –

You miss my point. The hysteria is being raised by JAMA and some practicing ob/gyn’s. What is JAMA’s motive for the terribly misleading editorial they wrote?

The medical community is not part of the anti-vax community, so why is it feeding it?

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