It was 50 years ago today…

…that my parents tied the knot.

All I can say on such an occasion is that my parents, though their example, have taught me what marriage can be at its best. This evening a few dozen of our closest family and friends will gather together to pay tribute and celebrate 50 amazing years together. There will even be a video tribute. (And, no, it won’t be posted on YouTube.)

Happy 50th Anniversary, Mom and Dad. I’ll be seeing you later today.

By Orac

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18 replies on “It was 50 years ago today…”

Wow, congratulations to them–an impressive feat indeed. Having no examples of 50 year unions within my own family (due as much to death as to divorce), I’ve always read the golden anniversary announcements in the paper with a mixture of wonder and incredulity. It’s nice to know that such long and successful marriages are possible. Enjoy the celebration.

(And, no, it won’t be posted on YouTube.)

Thank fucking god! This entire trend of people publicly aggrandizing their personal life events on Youtube makes me wanna puke.

I hope you and your family have a great time!

A very happy anniversary to your parents! Certainly something to be very proud of, even if it’s NOT posted on Youtube (and can I just say thank goodness for that?) You and your wife have a great example to follow.

Mine celebrated 50 last year; this year will be inlaws 55th and husband’s aunt/uncle’s 50th. It’s been a busy year (and 25 years for us, in December)

Congratulations to your parents. My grandparents were married for 62 years and still in love until the day my grandfather passed away. With divorce so common now those couple that can stick it out for decades are very special indeed.

Congratulations to them for raising you as well! Now here’s a hint: Now that you yourself are happily married, where are the kiddies to follow in the wonderful family footsteps that you and your parents have established–it would be a shame if it all ends in a genetic dead end! (A wonderful dog doesn’t count).

Congratulations to your parents Orac! I hope the festivities are er…festive. 🙂

Please remember that not all childlessness is by choice. Also, a wonderful dog certainly does count.

Please send my congratulations and best wishes to your parents. Fifty years is a mighty long time, and I’m sure they’ve got lots of stories to tell!

My parents had their 50th a couple of years ago, and they took all of the offspring for a cruise. My daughters are still talking about how nice it was to have a relaxed week with the grandparents, hearing their stories.

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