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Who should play David Irving? Part 2

I like the way some people think, Clive Davis, for instance.

Remember how, two or three weeks ago, I speculated about who would play arch-Holocaust denier David Irving in a movie that’s been optioned based on his libel suit against Holocaust historian Professor Deborah Lipstadt? Well, Clive Davis has a better idea:

Cinematical suggests Emma Thompson should portray Lipstadt. As for the other lead role, I’m tempted to go for Denzel Washington, just to give the world’s most famous Holocaust denier another reason to go to court.

Heh. I’d love to see that. Of course, if we want to match viewpoints, though, I wonder if David Duke can act. Of course, he really wouldn’t need to act. If he can do a convincingly pompous British accent, that should be enough.

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11 replies on “Who should play David Irving? Part 2”

I know he’s a fictional character, but there’s something fitting about Eric Cartman playing Irving – both are antisemitic selfcentered bigots and Cartman is about Irvings’ level in emotional immaturity! ūüėČ

It’s a shame Sammy Davis Jnr is no longer with us.

I’m sure Sammy would agree with that ūüėČ

For that matter, George Burns would be an interesting candidate, but in place of him I suppose we could vote for Mel Brooks.

Nyaaah. I’m still looking for John Cleese.

Sacha Cohen could probably do something interesting with the role. And since he’s an observant Jew, it would probably piss Irving off considerably too.

If possible, how about you string together footage from various appearances and let him play as himself?

Part of the script was leaked. Turns out they decided to add a sappy romantic sideplot to keep things interesting. I don’t know if it will make it to the final cut, but here’s a scene from the movie:

It was a dark and cold night, but it was warm and sensual inside David’s humble home. Weary from the stress of court, he talks with his new fianc√ɬ©e. He caresses and undresses his lover’s body, and and talks about the worldwide conspiracy of Jewish historians who have obviously fabricated all the evidence or something. His fianc√ɬ©e agrees. They embrace, and David whispers sweet words into his lover’s ear. ‘I love you,’ says he. ‘Brains!’ replies Hitler Zombie, but he shall get no brains here. David grabs his lovers rotting body, and they make passionate romance in the night.

Chris Burke, the tremendously talented star of “Life Goes On.”

A little thing like Burke having Down Syndrome can only serve to make Irving a sympathetic character. Because who would want to see a movie about a totally awful, completely unlovable asshole?

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