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While I’m on the topic of the Holocaust again…

Since I’ve been on the topic of the Holocaust again today in giving a victim of the Hitler Zombie a well and truly deserved taste of not-so-Respectful Insolence, before I get back to medicine and science tomorrow I can’t help but note that it’s been brought to my attention that a brand, spankin’ new Jack Chick tract has made an appearance to darken the Internet for critical thinkers and skeptics everywhere. Heck, Chick’s fundamentalist religious craziness is so toxic that rational believers (and even many not-so-rational believers) undergo a wave of neuronal apoptosis any time he appears.

This time around, God is back, and He’s pissed! He’s so pissed that he’s sending a huge hurricane against the Gulf Coast and a bunch of tornadoes elsewhere. Why? Because we’re not nice enough to Israel and are “dividing His Land.” Of course, it’s a bit inconsistent in that apparently the Holocaust occurred because the Jews rejected Jesus as the Son of God:


If you want an amazingly overwrought example of confusing correlation with causation taken to hypernova levels of stupidity, click on the preview above and read this latest Chick tract. Just be careful. Your brain might explode. I’ve become inured to Chick tracts to the point where they now cause me extreme amusement (yes, they are a guilty pleasure of mine), but not everyone is as warped (or immune) as I am.

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