It’s almost here: The 95th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle!

It’s almost here yet again. (Man, how time flies!)

This Thursday (September 11), longtime skeptic extraordinaire Robert Carroll, the man behind the indispensable Skeptic’s Dictionary, will be hosting the 95th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle at Skeptimedia. That’s a mere four days from now! I can’t wait to see what Bob cooks up for this special Meeting of the Circle, especially given that it happens to coincide with a certain horrific event from seven years ago that in even that short a time period that has brought out some of the very worst conspiracy-mongering and paranoia requiring a skeptical slapdown that I’ve ever seen. (Everyone, head over to Screw Loose Change for a primer, if you’re intrested.) More importantly, if you’re a blogger who routinely likes to apply reason, science, skepticism, and critical thinking to claims both bizarre and mundane, please help Bob make this Circle a roaring success. The sorts of topics we’re looking for can be found in the guidelines here.

Come to think o fit, if you’re the sort of blogger who would be interested in reading the Circle and submitting your posts to it, you really should think about hosting one of these puppies. If you’re a new blogger, it’s a great way to get exposure (and traffic). If you’re an established blogger but have never hosted before, why not make a splash in the skeptical community? And if you’ve hosted before, don’t you remember how much fun it was? Don’t you think it’s time to do it again? Whatever the case, head on over to the archive, schedule, and instructions to see what we’re looking for, as well as the guidelines for hosts. If you’re still interested, then drop me a line. I’ll peruse your blog, just to make sure that you’re not the secret love child of Deepak Chopra and Sylvia Browne seeking to subvert the Circle, and get you on the schedule.

Speaking of Deepak Chopra, be afraid, be very afraid. See what he’s been up to lately:


Nooo! Chopra’s invading my favorite comic store!

On the other hand, perhaps writing stories to be adapted into comic books is a better thing for Chopra to be doing. Even if his stories suck, at least he’s not trying to convince anyone that his metaphysical woo actually has any validity to or relationship with the real world.

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