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“Green Our Vaccines”: Serendipity and schadenfreude as antivaccinationists go to war

I know I’ve been whining a lot about how blogging about antivaccinationists has taken over here of late. The reason, of course, is the “Green Our Vaccines” rally taking place in Washington, D.C. as this post first appears in your newsfeed. Yesterday, I wrote about how “Green Our Vaccines” is a sham and nothing more than an anti-vaccine rally as well as about how its organizers were causing a bit of a rift in the antivaccinationist movement by trying to adopt a kinder, gentler, crunchier, media- and (seemingly) eco-friendly message. Unfortunately, stuff keeps happening. So I’ve decided that, at least for now, resistance is futile. I might as well embrace my inner ranter for the moment and just go with the flow to do what needs to be done this week. Hopefully, next week I can take a long break from writing (or even thinking) about antivaccinationist cranks, but today, at least, there’s still work to be done.

My motivation was also helped by a heaping helping of schadenfreude at a serendipitous discovery of a Yahoo! group that drives the point home at just how unhappy some antivaccinationists are because the new “Green Our Vaccines” strategy. This discovery comes in the form of a group called NO GREEN VACCINE. Here’s the group manifesto:

This group was started to counter the idea that their is such a thing as a GREEN VACCINE. A rally by Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey is in June 08. Their message is to reduce the schedule and take the toxins out. Where does that leave viruses? Where does that leave numerous ability for the vial to have contaminations. Is their a safe vaccine?

This is not a group that will bash the rally, however, it is a group that will question the next step on what is really a GREEN vaccine. No vaccine, is a safe vaccine. Should we be workable parents? Should we trust the vaccine industry EVER?

We will allow both topics of discussion on this list, for those who feel vaccines can be made safer, however, you must show us the science why you feel so. And likewise, for those “crazy” moms/doctors/researchers out there, who believe vaccines are inheridtely unsafe, we ask you also show the science. Please tell us your stories, tell us what you have investigated in this conundrum. Tell us of the varying illnesses that have hurt your family from a vaccine. Why are our kids so vulnerable?

The list is also a list to let it out. I want you to show me the anger of why you are so hurt by those vaccines, and let the truth be known about how you feel about them? Is Autism a TRUST disease?

Show us why you believe, why childhood illnesses are important for the life long immunity of your children. How do you strategize the contraindiations, the exemptions? How are you going to avoid this vaccinated nation? Are we that dangerous to them?

Vaccine viruses, the last fronteir, what do they do to the brain? Show us your science? Molecular mimicry, immune disturbances, methylation problems, glutathione, etc. Show us why a METABOLIC poison like vaccine is allowed in our kids?

I know it’s a cheap shot, but I can’t help mentioning that whoever started this group should learn the difference between “their” and “there,” how to spell Jim Carrey’s name, and other bits of grammar and spelling. Now that I’ve purged myself of an admittedly petty urge to make fun of another’s spelling and grammar, I can go on to point out that it really, truly is not about any ingredient or “toxin” in vaccines but rather about the vaccines themselves, as I have argued time and time again. The questions (“Where does that leave the viruses?” for example) drive that point home very clearly.

In another stroke of luck, here’s another e-mail that was forwarded to me overnight after having been posted on the Evidence of Harm Yahoo! list. It takes the form of a message forwarded to the list by a woman named Sheri Nakken of the antivaccinationist website “Vaccine Information and Choice Network,” who describes herself as a “former R.N., MA and Hahnemannian Homeopath.” The message itself was written by a woman named Barbara H Labrecque, who is President of the Vaccine Autoimmune Project (VAP), another antivaccinationist website. Ms. Labrecque makes no bones about it, when she rants that there is no such thing as a “green vaccine”:

From: Sheri Nakken
Date: Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 6:50 AM
Subject: [EOHarm] Green Vaccines? A HALF-TRUTH IS STILL A LIE!
To: list suppressed

Posted originally on

and posted with permission of Barbara – it is OK to share this elsewhere as long as you show the info Posted originally on

There is NO way there will ever be a GREEN vaccine – I know that its a start, but I also know that unless the whole truth is told, more children will be injured. Its a hard thing.

No vaccine gives immunity No vaccine is safe The whole concept of vaccines is in error and will never be able to be safe no matter what ingredients are in thm


Written by Barbara H Labrecque “Labrecque Family”

Kathy and Ray ~ as you know, we completely agree with you.

Our family just returned from a Greenpeace rally and what a breath of fresh air compared to the “safe vaccine” nonsense continually promoted by this community. I used to work for Greenpeace almost 20 years ago and have since continued my green activism from NY to DC to CA. And man, do I miss the HONESTY!

We would have supported attending Jenny’s rally in DC on June 4. However, it was made quite clear by some rally attendees that anti- vaccine activists and/or those promoting a message different from “safe vaccines” are NOT welcome. I will not conceal my true beliefs in shame – I will not weaken my morals – I will not be discriminated – I will not participate in any form of dictatorship – I will not ridicule my children’s vaccine-injuries – I will not lie to parents and the public just to promote a political-message. I am anti-vaccine, pro-choice and proud of it.

We are surrounded by chemical-havoc… from the TOXIC air we breath – land we walk on – water we drink – foods we consume – products we use on our skin/bodies – including countless infection / bacteria factors – damaged DNA/genes – and the poisons medicine puts into our bodies.

As a long time “GREEN” and organic environmentalist for nearly 2 decades, I am insulted by the “green vaccine” slogan as I know many environmentalists and green groups are. It is an insult to the “green” profession b/c greening a chemical-virus-cocktail is NOT possible. In comparison, that would be like Earth Firsters asking a big-business corporation to “green their cancer-causing toxic sludge”. Not possible, not gonna happen. Last year Bush passed Bills allowing numerous chemicals into organic products. So are most of the “organic / herbal” products you now see on the grocery store shelves safe? Kelloggs and Kraft, the pioneers of genetically engineered FRANKEN-FOODS can now call their foods “natural”. And thanks to the “chemical-organic” products, Clorox can now label their cleansing products as “green”. Investigate the real TOXIC ingredients, not listed on the “label”.

Sure, “green” is the popular flavor-of-the-month, its hip and happening, right? But the REAL green activists and hard-hitting environmental groups are ruthless and NOT buying into the greening of vaccines slogan b/c it is a misleading untruthful public promotion. MORE children will get wasted and sacrificed during yet another savvy campaign strategy…

Let us compare it to the “mercury-free vaccines are safe” campaigns. Parents read the “headlines” therefore, moved on without mercury in shots b/c that was “SAFER”. Here we are years later, after the mercury-free campaigns were supposedly “genius and beneficial to all”. Heck, I even bought into it for a while b/c I was duped into believing it would “save some”. As a child advocate, parent after parent after parent contacted me after giving their child a mercury- free shot (MMR, chickenpox, etc) and that child STILL had a negative reaction. Confused parents wanted to know WHY our community was promoting lies such as “mercury-free shots are safer” and “demand mercury-free shots”. Like my own family, they weren’t informed and didn’t have the resources or know-how to research everything before it was too late. All I could do was cry with them b/c my children were sacrificed too.

So, how many MILLIONS of children have received those lethal “mercury- free” jabs loaded with other disgusting, poisonous ingredients and DANGEROUS contaminated viruses? And how many more children will receive “safer” vaccines due to the “green vaccine” message? Which ingredient is the next target on the list and how many years will it take to wake people up to that bad one? How many years of catchy campaign slogans, addressing one-ingredient-at-a-time, before humanity realizes they’ve been poisoned by ALL of it?

When people do finally catch on, don’t you think they’ll be angry that they weren’t informed about the entire chemical soup mix, especially the dangerous VIRUSES?

For those who don’t know our story, in 2001 we were ‘advised’ to vaccinate our second child with mercury-free shots – after our first child was already vaccine-injured. Back then we didn’t have the contacts, time, or resources to research the entire vaccine issue. We addressed it with the local peds but were conveniently persuaded to vaccinate with the mercury-free jabs. So what happened? Our daughter reacted the very night of her last vaccinations and almost died as a result. She spent one long horrific month fighting for her life in ER and was diagnosed terminal. She surprised everyone and lived, surviving on a feeding machine for 3 years (we were told indefinitely). You can read about our children’s vaccine-injuries here:

Jonny&Sierra – Vaccine Induced Autism:

Baby-steps have not been / are not effective when every single child is facing a damaging or death reaction to a vaccine today, right NOW. Baby-step marketing strategies do not reach the larger population therefore, too many parents are left out of the loop and as a result their children and babies are SACRIFICED by misleading mixed messages. There’s NO such thing as a “safe” vaccine – “green” vaccine – “safe” single-dose vaccines – or a “safer” vaccine schedule. We need to completely expose the truths b/c the ONLY way to prevent vaccine-damage is to avoid vaccinating altogether. Money- driven medicine, doctors, and government agencies are NOT doing the job we pay them to do. They are not protecting our best interests.

WE need to protect ourselves and future generations of children. In our polluted, contaminated world we need to focus on SURVIVAL skills. People are wasting too much precious time trying to wake up just a few when we do not have any more time – time no longer exists. People need truth and reality – truth is power and the truth is the only reality that remains.

The general population needs to be informed of the fact that ALL- natural births without any medical interventions are safest for mom and baby. People need to know that UNVACCINATED babies and children are indeed healthier. I know a holistic OB (DO) who is ‘allowed’ to continue all-natural birthing practices in his hospital b/c the last 30 years he has a proven 100% success rate record. Whereas the OB down the street from him who pushes pharma-induced labors and pregnancies has a 100% complication rate. People need to know THAT information.

Currently in NY, midwives cannot perform homebirths in certain counties and they are being banned from hospitals. In accordance with enforced mandated dept of health laws, police are taking away newborn babies from mom’s arms and handing them over to CPS b/c the parents refuse to shoot up their baby with poisonous toxins at birth. Another dept of health public policy Bill is preparing to pass here in NY mandating vaccines for ALL children, teens, toddlers, and infants ( ). I have NEVER seen anything so disastrous before in ANY “state”.

Meanwhile, activists are focusing on “safe-vaccine” lies? Where are the priorities?

Many activists in this community want “unity”, something that I too have been wanting for years. United we stand – divided we fall, right? However, if you don’t participate in someone’s “organized control”, also known as dictatorship, you are slammed, ruthlessly discriminated, discredited, and called names. WHY can’t there be “unity” concerning our views? Why is it always one-way or the highway? Why are we always wrong if we’re voicing a different opinion? Why are we always accused of messing things up just b/c we are trying to help bring light to a situation? Why do people always have to resort to name calling such as referring to “us people” as lunatics / extremists / quacks while telling us to “shut up” when we speak with honesty?

I loved Jenny and her radical voice. In the beginning she sounded like an extremist, if you will, but you know what?… people were listening to her. Sadly, since she started this “green” DC march, she’s been forced to tone-it down. WHY do people have to CONTROL everyone’s voice? Her powerful, honest voice could have saved many- many more.

Where’s “our” freedom to speak… isn’t it bad enough the system has slowly taken away our freedom and constitutional rights? “People like us” also work ourselves to the bone, sacrificing, so as to help children and families while also trying to save our own damaged children. We deserve a voice just as much as everyone else involved. Is our pain less equally important – don’t our children matter? Why do people feel the need to silence us, lashing out at us while creating so much negativity when really we should be supporting and respecting everyone’s opinion on some common ground level?

It’s the “differences” which make a community strong. Together our truths can give us strength and power. Until people realize that every single cause is equally important justice will never prevail.

In my opinion, the “green vaccine rally” will not wake up America in enough time to deal with the REAL crisis we face. People only read the headlines and hear the corrupt corporate media spin. Most of the population is too consumed with their own problems and they don’t have the time to fully listen, let alone the resources to investigate and research everything in detail. Citizens are surrounded by a contaminated world and they have been slapped in the face by it so the general population can indeed handle the TRUTH. It’s the lies, misleading campaigns, and half-truths they will not tolerate.

It’s time we give people the benefit of the doubt and stop treating the general population as though they are stupid. These campaigns are creating static and noise which is drowning the REAL dangers associated with vaccinating. We cannot just “hope or expect” that parents will figure it out on their own. Parents need ammo and FACTS to support their concerns. Greening a vaccine, using only a single- shot method, and changing the schedule – promoted by people who are “pro-vaccine” – will only add confusion to innocent and sincere parental concerns. And let’s face it, NONE of those options are “safe” and it is NOT possible to “green” a vaccine. That is a lie. Don’t “the people” get fed enough lies by a system we’ve been brainwashed to believe?

Are any green-vacciners WILLING to give their child a “green vaccine”… can you explain the scientific logic behind making a green vaccine? (It’s not possible) Are you willing to give your child a single-shot? Are you willing to vaccinate your child so long the schedule is slower or improved? If your answer is NO, then why give this ADVICE to helpless parents? Although the green-vaccine message might shake up some parents, there are still countless parents (especially the underclass with absolutely no resources) who will not GET IT.

Is it OK to sacrifice their child during this campaign process? Isn’t that similar to the system’s method to this madness?… It’s acceptable to sacrifice some so as to save others.

Did Jesus speak partial truths, giving mixed messages to man in an attempt to save “some”? No. Jesus spoke the truth with dignity and without shame so as to save ALL of humanity.

Be guaranteed that when a parent confronts their child’s ped about a “green vaccine”, without knowing how DANGEROUS this chemical-virus- cocktail really is, they will leave the docs office with another vaccinated child. MD’s are trained to handle parents that question the Holy Grail of medicine known as the vaccine-regime. If a parent is not completely informed with the FACTS, the ped will indeed have the ability to persuade the parent to vaccinate. And it could be THAT vaccine round doing the child in.

So here we’ll have it again folks, another generation of children doomed – GONE.

My daughter was a sacrifice in the name of “mercury-free” vaccines. I am not embarrassed to admit that I was once naive and I too believed in doctors and medicine. I come from a family of traditional MD’s so I was easily influenced and mislead.

It’s time we enlighten parents with the truth and prove to them that unvaccinated children are HEALTHY! Let us stop clouding their minds with deceiving, confusing information and popular promotional messages. My third child has not received any vaccines and he has not been exposed to any medical interventions whatsoever. He is breastfed and we cautiously control everything we’re exposed to, as much as possible. He is 100% perfect, healthy, and thriving – a true gift of life. We never knew what it was like to have a HEALTHY baby until now. This is what the public needs to know. Lives need to change – people need to sacrifice – everything we’re exposed to needs to be organic and pure. Vaccinating is the tip of the iceberg, the cherry on top of an environmentally polluted body.

Rest assured, I will get ridiculed and flamed for speaking my mind and not marching to the beat of the popular drum. Fine. I’m walking away from this ‘political mess’. My years of trying to rationalize with the devil’s-advocate politicians and a corrupt system which will NEVER change are over. I refuse to bargain and negotiate with the very criminals who are murdering and sacrificing our children and humanity. In honor of my children’s ruthless damages I will speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God. I will never be ashamed to do so. I can sleep at night knowing that the truth is on my side and in the end He will judge those who are not honest with themselves and others.

I swore that I would never deceive another parent for the sake of waking up a few. NO child or human being deserves to be sacrificed for the benefit of the ‘greater good’.

As I’ve been saying for years… FORCED VACCINATION – coming to a child near you!

A half-truth is still a LIE!

With light, TRUTH, and positive energy ~ Barbara

“The scarcest resource is not oil, metals, clean air, capital, labor, or technology. It is our willingness to listen to each other and learn from each other and to seek the truth rather than seek to be right.” — Donella Meadows, environmental scientist, teacher, and writer (1941-2001)

“Will you teach your children what we have taught our children? That the Earth is our mother? What befalls the Earth befalls all the sons of the Earth. This we know: the Earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the Earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.” — Words attributed to Chief Seattle – speech surrendering to the US government in 1854.

“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls who live under tyranny.” — Thomas Jefferson

“When People fear their government, there is tyranny. When government fears the People, there is liberty.” — Thomas Jefferson


Barbara H Labrecque Child Advocate [email protected]
607-734-0036 President, Vaccine Autoimmune Project (VAP): Founder, Recovering Autism Founder, TOXIC
HUMANS RecoveringAutism meetup: 1
in 6 children suffer from a developmental disorder ~ 1 in 67 have
Autism… There’s NO such thing as a safe vaccine!


Sheri Nakken, former R.N., MA, Hahnemannian Homeopath
Vaccination Information & Choice Network, Nevada City CA & Wales UK
Vaccines –
Vaccine Dangers & Homeopathy Online/email courses

There’s so much wild crankery in Barbara’s message that it speaks for itself without much need for any Respectfully Insolent commentary. I will say, however, that there is a huge contrast between Sheri and Barbara when compared to the “Green Our Vaccine” organizers. At least Sheri and Barbara are completely honest in stating clearly that they are anti-vaccine. They make no bones about it and don’t try to hide or sugar-coat their true beliefs. Not so Jenny McCarthy, J. B. Handley, the organizers of the “Green Our Vaccines” rally, all of whom assiduously (and disingenuously) repeat over and over their mantra that they are “not anti-vaccine” but “pro-safe vaccine,” while their actions, rhetoric, and constant shifting of the goalposts for what would constitute a “safe vaccines” acceptable enough to them that they would allow their children to be vaccinated unambiguously indicate otherwise. The problem, of course, is that McCarthy’s more political approach, which hides the true antivaccinationist agenda behind the “Green Our Vaccines” movement, is more insidious than that of Nakken and Labrecque. Worse, it’s more likely to be successful, because pure antivaccinationist rhetoric like that of Ms. Nakken and Ms. Labrecque is so completely over-the-top batshit crazy that even parents who are somewhat worried about whether vaccines cause autism or other neurodevelopmental disorders are likely to recoil in reaction to its sheer lunacy, assuming they are reasonable people who haven’t fully drunk of the Kool Aid yet. In contrast, the “Green Our Vaccines” message is designed to be a lot more palatable, and because most people don’t know enough chemistry and biology to know that it’s a crock based on misinformation and lies about science that cynically capitalizes on people’s ignorance of what constitutes a “chemical” or “toxin,” more likely to persuade fence-sitters who don’t want to be seen as “anti-vaccine.”

In a way, I have more respect for women like Nakken and Labrecque than for vaccine poseurs like Jenny McCarthy. As completely wrong as they are on every level (scientific, logical, and medical) and as easy to demolish as their “arguments” are, at least they are honest enough to say exactly what they mean and mean what they say.


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