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It’s that day once again!

Oh, glorious day!

As hard as it is to believe, it’s here once again, and freedom lovers everywhere should rejoice! Yes, indeed, it’s the day that everyone who detests fascism should celebrate:

Fuehrerstodestag! (Otherwise known as “Dead Hitler Day.”)

Sixty-three years ago today, Adolf Hitler, Führer of the Reich, finally cornered in his rathole, his nation and glorious capital of what he thought would be a “thousand year Reich” in ruins, rather than face his enemies, decided instead to blow his brains out in his bunker as the Red Army was relentlessly advancing on him. After over 12 years in power, he had plunged the world into the largest war ever fought, resulting in the horrific deaths of millions upon millions of people, and his exterminationist anti-Semitism had resulted in the deaths of approximately 6 million Jews and millions of non-Jews in the Holocaust.

My favorite way to celebrate this great day is to make fun of particularly stupid Holocaust deniers or neo-Nazis. True, I just did it the other day when I had a good laugh at the expense of hapless Republican candidate and Nazi sympathizer Tony Zirkle, but that’s not enough (although I do note approvingly that Jesus’ General and Sadly, No! had some fun with Zirkle today–maybe they celebrate Fuehrerstodestag too). Here’s another neo-Nazi who’s so stupid that it’s hard to figure out how he manages to continue to breathe. Obviously when he puts both hands on the keyboard he must have to let go of his tenuous grasp on reality to do it. Yes, anyone who can write something as mind-numbingly stupid as a blog post called Jews Created Global Warming: (Lack Of Free Speech Identical To The Jewish “Holocaust” Scam), which contains this incredible bit of hysterically unhinged bit of illogic that’s stupid even by Holocaust denier standards, deserves all the contempt and mockery Orac and his readers can deliver:

According to Jews, the words of the “deniers” are so wicked, so dangerous, that they must be silenced, or better yet, criminalized.

Recently, there has been a wave of intolerance and hatred aimed at any scientist or expert studying the issue of global climate change whose findings do not agree with the leftists and Jewish supremacists.

The very term “climate change denier” is pinned on these people. Deja vu all over again, a la “Holocaust denier.”

The Jews define “denier” as – A person who refuses to accept the existence, truth, or validity of something.

But as we have learned from the “Holocaust” scam, what is truth to a Jew is a lie to us.

The anti-free speech and intolerance for debate on this global warming issue is absolutely identical to the Jewish tactic used to promote their Holocaust lies.


Such is Jewish science, which basically says that if a Jew says something, by nature it is automatically true for that reason alone.

I’m telling you, folks, you just can’t make stuff like this up. It’s so over-the-top that ridicule and mockery are the only appropriate responses, and there’s lot’s more of the same in the rest of the article at the link. Heck, even creationists have a hard time reaching these depths. Although creationists can certainly plumb the same depths of scientific ignorance and willful stupidity, they lose major crank points in comparison to Holocaust deniers because no one–and I mean no one–can combine scientific ignorance and stupidity with flaming bigotry and hatred the way Holocaust deniers can. I also can’t help but wonder how global climate change “skeptics” like having a neo-Nazi, white supremacist Holocaust denier tell them that they’re just like he is and that it’s the “Jews” who are keeping them down.

Comedy gold!

Now, folks, feel free to go out and celebrate Fuehrerstodestag yourselves! Find a neo-Nazi blog and mock something from it ruthlessly! In fact, I think I’ll do it again with Tony Zirkle. I mean, just look what he’s posted on his campaign website since his ill-fated speech to neo-Nazis at their celebration of Hitler’s 119th birthday:

Last week, MSNBC’s Keith Olberman on his Countdown show called me the world’s 2nd worst person after Bill O’Reilly and ahead of John McCain. What cracks me up is that he showed the picture of me presenting the Gospel book, “The Desire of Ages” to the National Socialists. You know that America and its liberal dominated media have become morally bankrupt when you are called the second worst person in the world for trying to present Jesus to a group the media claims is filled with hate. So, let me get this straight. The liberal media believes that evangelizing Nazis is more evil than suicide bombers, child rapists, drug dealers, murders, torturers and yes even porn-pimps. Maybe those national socialists have a point that WWII was really about liberalism and communism dominating the world and that it was an assault on Christian civilization. Was the bipolar Churchhill possibly deceived? Was America? Didn’t General Patton say that we should have been fighting the Russian communists instead? How many people died after WWII because of the new communist threat that Patton said we should not have tolerated. On the other hand, communism gave us Russian brides and capitalism gave us porn stars. Oh, that’s tmi (too much info). Maybe asking these qustions will get me ranked #1.

Yep, Tony’s trying to persuade everyone that he isn’t a neo-Nazi at heart and that all he was doing was trying to bring the Word of Jesus to the Nazis. How about you? Are you convinced?

I didn’t think so.

By Orac

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