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Why I still have no Internet access, or why I really, really hate Comcast right now

I hate you, Comcast.

I really do.

My hatred of Comcast also explains the paucity of activity on this blog over the last few days. You see, over the weekend, I moved to a larger house, and I’ve had no Internet access other than Panera’s or Starbucks for the last three days. Before that, I had lined up a couple of brief posts over the weekend, as well as a rerun for this morning in anticipation of being back up and running this afternoon. Instead, here I am in Panera’s having a tasty lunch but also posting a brief rant and explanation composed right after my encounter with Comcast.

I went from an Optimum Online (Cablevision) area to a Comcast area. Say what you will about Cablevision, but my experiences with the company have been generally good, and Optimum Online provided reliable, blazing fast Internet access. In any case, we were all scheduled and ready to have the Comcast Triple Play (cable, Internet, and phone) installed this morning between 9:30 AM and 12:30 PM. Around 11:30, the cable guy finally showed up. You’ll never guess what he told me.

Comcast was out of remote controls, and he couldn’t do my installation. I kid you not. No phone, no Internet, and no cable. This is why I haven’t moderated some comments until now and why I haven’t been responding to e-mails.

I had never heard of such a thing before as a cable company doing something as lame as letting its supply of remote controls run out, but suffice it to say I was not pleased. Since it wasn’t the cable guy’s fault (and he also agreed with me that it was truly lame), I only did a brief and minimal rant in his presence and unwillingly agreed to reschedule for tomorrow. I’ll have to rearrange other business that I had planned to take care then, but what else could I do? I don’t really have much choice. After the cable installer left, I tried calling Comcast. Guess what? I couldn’t get through to anyone. I’m seriously tempted to head down to the local Comcast office in person to register my extreme displeasure.

After all, I have nothing better left to do today, and this is the sort of thing for which they should give me free installation at least. On the other hand, doing it might raise my blood pressure to dangerous levels, and I’m not a youngster anymore.

I’m supposed to get hooked up tomorrow, and I do have one last post in the pipeline for the AM tomorrow. After that, I’m tapped out. Assuming Comcast doesn’t next run out of cable, cable modems, or cable boxes and can actually manage to get me hooked up, I’ll be back to see the comments you leave here. Feel free to vent about Comcast or any other cable company. Alternatively, you could tell me what a bonehead I’m being for signing up with Comcast and then give me alternate suggestions. Either way, it’s sure to entertain me or infuriate me tomorrow when I check in again.

By Orac

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