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Two great woos that taste great together

I love it when advocates of “alternative” medicine start combining their therapies. Well, I don’t “love” it because they are combining two wildly improbable therapies so much as I love it for the entertainment value. Here’s one that didn’t quite reach the level of craziness needed for Your Friday Dose of Woo but that I can’t resist mentioning. It’s the combination of the ultimate woo with one of the most popular forms of woo. I have two words for you:

Homeopathy and acupuncture.

What an excellent combination! They call it “acupoint injection therapy” because they inject homeopathic remedies into acupuncture meridian points:

Dr. Rowe is pleased to announce her certification in Acu-point injection therapy. Homeopathic injection therapy is an effective non-toxic therapy used for pain management, natural facial rejuvenation and mesotherapy. Acu-point injections can also be used for the delivery of nutritional supplements like vitamin C and B12.

What makes this system of medicine so remarkably effective is that it is one of the few therapies that is administered directly into the matrix of the body. Medicines that are delivered at this level have a profound effect on the body’s regulatory systems. For patients with pain management issues it can provide long term pain relief without the use of steroids or opiates.

Wow! The “matrix” of the body! Funny, but they never taught me anything about the body’s “matrix” when I was in medical school other than the extracellular matrix, which is basically connective tissue proteins surrounding the body’s various structures and organs. Damn that Western thinking and insistence on science! No wonder I don’t understand this:

If the tissue matrix is filled with toxins, the transfer of these necessary components becomes impaired. The goal of homeopathic detoxification therapy is to clean and detoxify the tissue matrix to protect and optimize our systemic functions.

German researchers theorize that acupuncture points are areas on the body that have direct access into the matrix. With this in mind, toxicity in the matrix can be detoxified through acupuncture treatments but also the effectiveness of the acupuncture treatment can be affected by the tissue’s toxicity.

I think it’d be really cool to hook into the body’s matrix. Maybe it would be like the computer matrix in the Matrix movies, only without Keanu Reeves. It’d be nice to keep Carrie-Anne Moss, though. Hey, I have an idea for taking this “medicine by analogy” even further: “Dis-ease” could be likened to Agent Smith.

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