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Antivaccination lunacy invades Oklahoma City…

…and ERV has the scoop, along with pictures.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about April Renée, the former President of The Autism Autoimmunity Project and a frequent speaker for Vaccine Injured Children, who was scheduled to speak in Oklahoma City on Saturday; so I’m not surprised at ERV’s observation:

As for April Renée’s presentation, I was shaking I was so angry. It was a hate speech against scientists that would make any Creationist proud. After ranting about how scientists and physicians get pleasure from killing children she said ‘I dont mean to degrade any of the pediatricians in the audience, if there are any, lol.’ Then she promptly returned to slandering scientists and physicians.

ERV has learned a valuable lesson about many antivaccinationists: They really believe this stuff. They really seem to believe that physicians, little Dr. Mengeles all apparently, somehow like to cause autism or other conditions or diseases with mass vaccination programs. She did, however, come up with some real antivax doozies that I had never heard before:

You know how I always make fun of Creationists for speaking in ‘coagulated word salads’? Renee took this to the extreme. She declared something called ‘stealth viruses‘ were contaminating all vaccines. The fellow who invented that phrase wrote the introduction to Horowitz‘s book.

‘Severe monkey viruses’ also contaminated all vaccines– CMV, EBV, HPV, HSV-1, were all ‘severe monkey viruses’. Renee insisted that she got herpes from vaccines. She insisted her daughter died from EBV in her vaccinations, and blamed the physician who vaccinated her for the toddlers death. She scared every woman in the audience by insisting that if THEY were vaccinated, they could transfer these ‘severe monkey viruses’ to their babies, who would also die.

That’s right, mothers. According to Renée, if you vaccinate yourself you’re endangering your children with these “stealth viruses.” Never mind that there’s no good evidence that “severe monkey viruses” (which would be a good name for a rock band, by the way) exist or cause disease. Hearing ERV’s account, it occurs to me that I really need to come up with a phrase that conveys even more stupidity than my favorite old standby “The stupid, it burns.” Even my other favorite phrase of “turning the Stupid-O-Meter up to 11” doesn’t capture the mind-boggling mass of misinformation, scientific ignorance, and gross stupidity that is April Renée.

I’m open to suggestions for a new descriptive phrase for idiocy this stupendous.

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