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Operating system flamewars

As a longtime Mac head, I’m always rather amused by just how emotionally invested people become over a mere tool like an operating system for a computer. A reminder of this popped up over at Pharyngula today, when in the course of echoing a call from the Mothership for reminiscences of the primitive computers we old farts of ScienceBlogs, P.Z. mentioned how excited he was that the new Macintosh OS (OS X 10.5, a.k.a. Leopard) is being released tomorrow, finishing with an off-handed comment about how Leopard is going to haul Windows up a tree and eat it for lunch.

As is typical whenever the topic comes up, a rather–shall we say?–heated discussion broke out in the comments between Mac heads and Ubuntu and Linux geeks. Oddly enough, there was almost nary a supporter of Windows Vista to be found (although the Mac bashers did make an appearance).

So, at the risk of having the same thing happening here (first abortion, now mentioning how much I like the Mac OS–I’m asking for trouble today, aren’t I?), I echo some of P.Z.’s anticipation. However, I do plan on waiting at least a couple of weeks to see how things shake out and make sure there aren’t any major bugs or major applications that I use that break. Then, you can bet that I’ll be upgrading both my Mac Pro and my MacBook.

Oh, and the only way they’ll get me to stop using my Mac is if they pry it from my cold, dead hands.

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