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Oh the shame!

I’ve lamented numerous times (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) about the sometimes painful ignorance of biology and evolutionary theory that’s all too common among my fellow physicians, an ignorance that leads to truly embarrassing forays into the “debate” over the pseudoscience of “intelligent design” versus the real science of evolution, an example of which includes the Physicians and Surgeons for Scientific Integrity‘s idiotic petition expressing “skepticism” about evolution.

Here we go again. This time, I learn of a pro-“intelligent design” book for children written by….a physician!


Note the author: Geoffrey Simmons, M.D., who is now a Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute. Note how Dembski‘s sycophants faun over it.

Oh, the shame, the shame for my profession! It looks as though it’s chock full of easily debunked ID canards, just like the last book he wrote, What Darwin Didn’t Know: A Doctor Dissects the Theory of Evolution.

I mean, get a load of this crap:

Dr. Geoffrey Simmons focuses on the millions of structures and systems on the Earth that came about all at once, entire…with no preceding links, no subsequent links, no “sideways” links.

To illustrate, he surveys examples like…

the hummingbird and its circulatory system
insects and insect-eating plants
the role of the thousands of species of viruses
chemical signals and the sensory apparatus that detects them
the self-regulating capacity of the Earth’s ocean/air/soil system

It’s clear: Nature contains only leaps, not links. Only the intelligence and purpose of an all-powerful Designer can explain the intricate creatures, connections, and “coincidences” everywhere.

Excellent for students and parents, especially homeschoolers, and for educators who want to present the “full picture.”

Of course they market this crap to homeschoolers. Any school worth half a glance wouldn’t even consider this tripe. Of course, none of these examples cast doubt upon evolutionary theory. Also, Dr. Simmons is well known for spewing easily debunked IDiocy.

Once again I must hang my head in shame over the proud ignorance of a fellow physician.

By Orac

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