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Dr. Lorraine Day: Purveyor of woo, homophobia, and Holocaust denial

Those of you who’ve been around this blog for a long time probably remember Dr. Lorraine Day. In fact, I mentioned her in one of the very first substantive posts that I ever did regarding why breast cancer testimonials for alternative medicines are inherently misleading, presenting her as an example of a once respected academic orthopedic surgeon who had fallen deeply into woo. I had also been aware of her association with infamous Holocaust denier Ernst Zündel, but I had mainly thought that this was more because of Zündel’s love of woo (he claimed that he had cancer and had called Dr. Day in to provide him with all sorts of “alternative” treatments for this), rather than her sympathy for his right-wing, anti-Semitic, Holocaust denying beliefs.

Boy was I wrong, as fellow traveler in the fight against Holocaust denial Andrew Mathis has revealed to me in his detailed debunking of an interview that Dr. Day gave on a conspiracy-mongering website. I listened to this interview, and it shocked even me. To get a hint of what’s in the interview, check out the introduction:

Dr. Lorraine Day discusses the control over the medical industry by a small group of Jews and Goyim who consider us pawns in their game of world conquest. However, the Jews who follow the Talmud are actually using their Goyim “friends” also.

As Andrew puts it:

How do you use a keyboard while wearing a straightjacket?

But it’s even worse than that even that, as I found out when I foolishly tried to listen to the interview. My ears are still burning, and I’m sure I lost thousands of neurons from it. What I do in the name of skepticism and critical thinking!

After having heard part of the interview, I just had to check out Dr. Day’s other website, and, not surprisingly, I found signs of a deeply disturbed individual who is also deeply into woo, both medical and historical. I probably shouldn’t call the historical misinformation “woo,” though. In comparison to what Dr. Day lays down, “woo” seems like a happy word, used to describe harmless flights from reason. Dr. Day’s New World Order conspiracy-mongering and anti-Semitism are anything but harmless. Some excerpts:

Anti-Semitism: Here is the definition of Anti-Semitism from the lips of a Jew: “Anti-Semitism does NOT signify opposition to Semitism. THERE IS NO SUCH THING. It is an expression we use effectively as a SMEARWORD, used to brand anyone who brings criticism against us.” Harold W. Rosenthal (Jewish), administrative assistant for then-U.S. Senator Jacob K. Javits (Jewish) of New York, in an interview with American Christian magazine editor, Walter White.

“A man is considered an anti-Semite if he calls a Jew a Jew.” Hillaire Belloc, quoted in Culture Wars (Sept 2000).

“My unpardonable crime,” said Boris Lunachev, a former leader of the Communist Youth in Russia, “was to call a Jew a Jew.”

Eighty to ninety percent of all the “Jews” in the world have NO Semitic ancestry, they are Khazars – – of “Gentile” origin, barbarian Mongol Turks, from the area of Khazaria (now the Caucasus portion of Western Russia), people who, in about 740 A.D., accepted the religion and/or culture of Judaism. Very few, if any, “Jews” in the world today, have any Semitic blood (Semite, from the word Shemite. Shem was one of the sons of Noah). See The Thirteenth Tribe, by Jewish author, Arthur Koestler.

This term, anti-Semitism, is often incorrectly used by “Jews” to smear and discredit non-Jews who are looking for truth in history.

If one tells the truth about the Jews, such as “The Jews own Hollywood” (something they admit to each other), or “The Jews own the media” (something they brag about among themselves), one is considered an “anti-Semite.”

This is a clever subterfuge to eliminate any criticism of any Jew for any thing. If any Jews happen to be involved in any under-handed or even illegal activities, and someone exposes that activity, that person is branded an “anti-Semite.”


Holocaust: A term that for years was defined as any devastating event. It was specifically used to describe World Wars I and II, in general.

More recently this term has been “hi-jacked” by the Jews who use it, incorrectly, to describe the purported treatment of the Jews at the hands of the Germans during World War II. Actually, it better describes the Post-World War II treatment of the German citizens by the Allies (the U.S., U.K and USSR), who were taking their orders from International Jewry, including then-U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower, a Swedish Jew, according to his West Point graduation yearbook.

Very few people realize that the Zionist Jewish version of the “Holocaust”, what the revisionists refer to as the Holocaust Hoax, is the CENTERPIECE of the Zionist Jews’ Plan to destroy all nations, control the entire world, slaughter most of the population of the earth, and reduce the rest to slaves. Without the belief in the Zionist Jewish version of the “Holocaust” by the average Jews, and everyone else as well, NONE of these things could occur! Their plans would be foiled!

For decades, America has been pummeled non-stop with “Holocaust” propaganda. On almost every corner, in every city in America, a “Holocaust” museum is rising, paid for by U.S. taxpayers. Propaganda about the “Holocaust” is filling the school textbooks and indoctrinating the minds of our children.

What is the reason behind this incessant indoctrination?

It is absolutely essential that all Jews, in particular, and everyone else, in general, believe the Zionist Jews’ version of the “Holocaust”, for the following reasons.

1. The rank and file Jews must be made to believe that non-Jews want them dead, and that millions of Jews were killed because Hitler, apparently for NO REASON except blatant bigotry, ordered their death.

2. The rank and file Jews must be terrified into believing that this “same thing” will happen again – – if any one says any thing bad (even if it’s true) about any Jew. That is why the Hate Crimes legislation is taking place in America. That is why the Zionist Jews are kidnapping and illegally imprisoning anyone who questions the Zionist Jews’ version of the “Holocaust”, including Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolph, David Irving, Siegfried Verbeke, and others. They have committed no “crime” other than to question history!

3. The forensic evidence regarding the “Holocaust”, hard facts painstakingly collected by the Holocaust Revisionists, will stand up in any impartial court of law completely refuting the supposed “eye witness” accounts of survivors, and the Zionist Jews know that! These “eyewitness” survivors, when placed under oath in a Court of Law, have withered on the stand under cross-examination, admitting they lied, including one of the top Jewish supporters of the Holocaust, Raul Hilberg.

Instead of countering this forensic evidence that refutes the Zionist Jewish version of the “Holocaust” with hard evidence supporting their views, the Zionist Jews respond with insults, smears, more arrests, assassinations, non-stop propaganda campaigns, and rapidly multiplying “Holocaust” museums. Never once do they sit down with the Revisionists to discuss the issues!

All of these are denier canards, and not even very good ones. They’re all debunked at The Holocaust History Project, Holocaust Controversies, and Nizkor. If I were in the mood, I could tear all of them apart without even breaking a sweat, intellectually speaking.

Besides her claims that Jews control research funding by the NIH and that the head of the NIH has almost always been a Jew, she takes the case of a Jewish colleague of hers who always managed to obtain NIH funding. She asked him how he did it, and he told her that he went to the NIH every year and asked them what sort of broad areas of research the NIH considered a priority for the next year and then tailored his research to NIH priorities. Actually, as long as you’re interested in those areas of research, too, this is a very smart strategy. Not to Dr. Day, who views it as evidence that the “Jew-controlled” NIH dictates the kind of research that will be done and that the medical profession all must buckle under. (Oh, and they were also behind Salk’s research, which is as part of “population extermination.”) Never mind the fact that American scientists are trying very hard to bypass the ban on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research (that’s the NIH in particular, Dr. Day) by looking for alternate sources of funding. The ban may have slowed down stem cell research, but it has by no means prevented it.

Perhaps Dr. Day’s most bizarre claim dates back to the 1980’s. During the early part of the AIDS epidemic, according to Dr. Day, attending physicians didn’t draw blood or have much physical contact with AIDS patients. Instead, the interns and residents did. This may well have been very true, but ask yourself: How often do attending surgeons draw the blood of any patient? Not very. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I drew blood; it was probably at least three or four years ago. In any case, she says that she was “floating around in AIDS blood all the time” (not surprising, given that she made her name by claiming, on the basis of poor evidence, that aerosolized blood was an enormous risk and could transmit HIV easily, conveniently ignoring the fact that the only way any health care workers every contracted HIV was from needlesticks or accidents with sharp objects that resulted in blood-to-blood contact. While ranting about this story, Dr. Day accused Dr. Julie Gerberding, who was at San Francisco General Hospital then and is head of the CDC now, of lying to the public about AIDS and then claimed that Dr. Gerberding was “rewarded” for this lying by being appointed head of the CDC. She then stated that AIDS is a man-made virus made at Fort Detrick and claimed that homosexuality would be promoted as a lifestyle that would “destroy family cohesion,” “introduce degeneracy,” and “spread disease,” implying that it was part of the same Jewish plot. She then linked this to Hitler, stating that Hitler wanted the Jews out of Germany because they were promoting the “same kind of degeneracy,” while she spewed the usual denier lie that Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews but only kick them out of the Reich (something that may have been largely true in 1934 but most definitely was not true in 1944, when the Holocaust was under full steam).

Great. Not only is Dr. Day a woo-meister, but she’s a homophobe, a religious loon, an anti-Semite, a racist, and a Holocaust denier. After about 15 minutes, I couldn’t stand listening anymore, but I encourage you to listen to as much as you can stomach. It’s rare to see such an amazing degree of utter wingnuttery on display, and I admire Andrew for listening to it all and debunking the stuff he is knowledgeable about.

Dr. Lorraine Day is exhibit one in the case that a lack of critical thinking skills in one area is frequently associated with a lack of critical thinking skills in other areas. In her case, even while she was the Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital in the 1980’s, her lack of critical thinking became apparent in her hysterical warnings about aerosolized blood as a huge danger for AIDS. This could be somewhat understandable, given her profession, location, and the time period in which she developed these views, but even then it was known that aerosolized blood wasn’t much of a threat to health care personnel and is pretty easy to protect against with simple barrier methods. However, after developing breast cancer, something happened, and Dr. Day apparently lost her remaining critical thinking abilities, leading to her selling various altie treatments, claiming that there is a conspiracy to hide these “cures” (predating Kevin Trudeau by at least a decade), and, now, apparently, delving deeply into Holocaust denial.

Woo breeds woo, and, all too often, conspiracy-mongering of the worst sort as well. Much of the time, the additional woo that is bred is not as vile and harmful as Holocaust denial (more like UFOs or New Age woo), but it’s not infrequent that susceptibility to seemingly benign woo is an indicator of susceptibility to more malignant forms of pseudoscience, crankery, or pseudohistory. After reading Dr. Day’s sites, I almost wish that she had simply decided that creationism is correct; it would have been less disgusting than what she does believe. (My guess: Give her time; she’ll start spewing creationism as well.) From my perspective, though, it’s very sad indeed to see a once talented academic surgeon sink to these depths.

By Orac

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