Supporting the families of our soldiers

Mike Dunford, whose wife is currently serving in Iraq, tells of a a worthy effort to provide aid to the families of soldiers who were killed while serving overseas:

As I mentioned recently, a number of soldiers in Iraq will be running the Honolulu Marathon this weekend. The course goes around a base several times, mostly over dirt roads. In part, running the Honolulu Marathon lets folks maintain a connection with home, but that’s not the only reason that they are running. They’re also running to support TAPS – an organization that provides support to the families of people who die while on active duty in the armed forces.

That’s tomorrow, folks.

TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) does amazing work in providing services to the families of the fallen, including grief counseling, crisis intervention, peer support, and help navigating the government bureaucracy. You can help by either sponsoring a runner or making a general donation here.

Afarensis, Revere, Ed, Abel, and Janet have also weighed in.

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