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Followup on the Iranian cartoon contest

Yesterday, I posted about a story indicating that a Danish newspaper had published some of the cartoons from the Iranian Holocaust Cartoon contest, pointing out how, when the original Danish cartoons poking fun at Islam were published, we saw riots, death threats, and demands for punishment. When Iran, supposedly to make fun of the Holocaust and the West’s supposed “double standard” with respect to the Holocaust, holds a contest and publishes a bunch of anti-Semitic cartoons, the reaction is largely a worldwide shrug of the shoulders and some fairly minor protests. Some of the collective yawn from even rabbis could be because of the realization that the President of Iran is well known to be a Holocaust denier. Indeed, an Israeli even responded to the Iranian contest with a contest asking for anti-Semitic cartoons from Jews and even announced a winner this week.

Yesterday, for some reason, the direct link to the gallery containing the Iranian cartoons wasn’t working. Consequently, in the comments of my original post, a commenter provided a link that worked. The problem is, it wasn’t the right link. Rather, it was a link to a different cartoon show, the Occupation Cartoon Festival. I should have realized the mistake at first and didn’t until I had gone through lots of the cartoons and failed to find ones that I had seen before in this story‘s slideshow and on the front page of the Iranian Cartoon website.

Well, i turns out that the original link that I posted was indeed the correct link. Let’s now look at some of the cartoons and see if you don’t agree that they are indeed the typical anti-Semitic tripe that equates Israel with Nazis:

Try taking a look at these cartoons and tell me they aren’t anti-Semitic. It’s all there, the hook nose, the “greedy Jew,” the Jew as vampire:


And here are a few conflating Israel with Nazis, as does the advertisement for the show in which the cartoons are displayed (above):

As for the claim that this contest was designed to make fun of the West’s double standards, I can’t help but find it odd that only around four of the 228 cartoons actually appear to do this:

Or maybe it’s not so odd at all.

It’s certainly legitimate to criticize Israel for its recent actions in Gaza and Lebanon and question whether the response has been proportional to Hamas’ and Hezbollah’s incursions and launching of rockets, but this is more than that. It’s mainly an excuse to trot out all the old anti-Semitic venom to which Jews have been subjected for hundreds of years.

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