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From AppleInsider:

But when it comes to battling for headlines, Leopard may have its work cut out for it — sources maintain that around precisely the same time, Mr. Jobs will also take the wraps off Apple’s most powerfully stunning Macintosh to date: the Mac Pro.

Aside from speculation that the Intel-based Power Mac successor would conform to Intel Corp’s “Core” architecture, there have been few reports about the machine. Until recently, Apple’s professional line of desktop computers stood at the pinnacle of its product portfolio, showcasing both the Mac’s beauty and its brawn.

In speaking with AppleInsider, people familiar with the Cupertino-based company’s plans have affirmed that the Mac Pro will indeed employ chips from Intel’s forthcoming architecture. However, it’s still unclear precisely which processors these will be. That’s because, just like the Power Mac G5 Quad, these people say Apple and Intel somehow plan to wedge two high-end dual-core chips into some Mac Pros.

The systems have been under development since last October, when Apple passed off the motherboard design to Intel’s Oregon division. With its resources already stretched thin on the transition of four other Macs, Apple turned to the world’s largest chipmaker for expertise in developing its first Intel board for professional users.

Still, many questions remain — like exactly how Apple will fashion the Pro machines aesthetically.

It looks like fall will be the time to get a new computer. I can hardly wait.

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